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Christmas parties are a staple of work life. It is the only time you get to see the people you work with and their normal persona. Let's face it when we are in work, we aren't our true selves. I know I certainly am not my full hilarious self in work and I am certainly more grumpy than I am outside of work but that is not something that is exclusive to me. It is quite a common thing that people do not let their life problems affect their work so when you take someone out of a work environment it puts everyone at ease. I mean if the fact your not in work doesn't do that then the booze certainly will. Not only that but your managers are there and people who are in more senior positions so you do not want your Christmas party antics to effect your work life but I've never found that to be a problem. More the fact that if you do something you will be the subject of office gossip for the next couple of weeks or for an entire year in my case.

Last year I wrote about my Christmas Party Look and I mentioned that I had a little bit too much wine but that was an understatement, I had way too much wine! This year I was hoping to be a little bit more restrained and I certainly was, I only had a mild hangover the following day which was an achievement. Christmas parties not only allow you to show a glimpse of your true personality but they also allow everyone to dress up and show of their individuality. Where I work we have a uniform so you have no idea how the people you work with dress in real life but something like a party gives you a glimpse into how people style themselves. 

Last year I wanted to go for quite a demure look, I had a full length dress with a low neckline which was covered in stars. It was from Topshop and I had seen it on Claudia Winkleman on Strictly Come Dancing and I hunted it down knowing it would be perfect for a black tie event. Around the dress I created a whole look which I felt was very elegant but this year I wanted to go for a slightly different vibe. 

Throughout my life I have always been described as cute or adorable but never sexy and this year I want to go with something a little bit more sexy and bold. Last year there were multiple dresses in the running which I was going to potentially buy but this year there was only one dress I wanted. I had seen this dress last year, it was part of a Christmas Party Dresses video In The Frow created and when I saw this dress, I loved it but I had no real reason to buy it. So when my work Christmas party was announced I instantly thought of this dress and bought it. I had wanted it for a long time and as I bought it early on, I had something to base the whole look around. 

My Christmas Party was quite late so I understand that this might not be the most helpful if you have already had your Christmas party but for those of you who are yet to have your party I hope this might give you an idea of the sort of look you could go for. As I had picked the dress/look early I knew exactly what type of vibe I was going for which made it so much easier when it came to doing my makeup. When it came to my hair, I literally did not do anything different to it. I'm not very good at doing my hair so all I ever do is straighten it which is nice and easy, and it also tames the frizz a little bit. With my outfit and hair planned it just came to the makeup, the difficult part.

Before I sat down to think about my makeup I did also think about my tan. As you may have seen from either pictures on my blog or on my Instagram (SophaaRambles) I am a pale gal so I do like to tan for events. My tan of choice is the St. Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Mousse which gives a beautiful golden colour and it isn't too strong if you use one coat. I use two so I have to make sure I start my tan a couple of days before. My tan can end up one of two ways: even and golden or patchy and orange but that is down to user error rather than the tan itself. On the night I used the sample of the Vita Liberata Body Blur that I had received in the ASOS: Most Wanted Box. It just gave me that little bit of a colour boost and it helped to perfect my legs which was exactly what I needed. As well as the Body Blur, I also used some of the Fenty Beauty How Many Carats?! Diamond Veil all over my body to give me a bit of a shimmer but I certainly focused lots of it on my collarbone and my shoulders. I love how this highlight looked and I was certainly shimmering around at my Christmas party.

After I had sorted out my body, I really needed to start thinking about my makeup. I didn't have a massive amount of time to completely redo my makeup as I got home from work at 5:15pm and I had to be back at work for 6:30pm to get the mini bus to the Christmas party. I did decide to be slightly brave and have a shower as I had been at work all day and did not smell like a daisy. Not only that but I decided to remove my face makeup, I removed everything other than my mascara because if I remove my mascara it makes my eyes water. As I had removed my face makeup, I did do a little bit of skincare before reapplying my makeup. I used the Primark x Alessandra Steinherr Sleep Eye Mask as it is quite a thin formula so it sinks in really quickly but it creates a nice base for eye makeup and for the rest of my face I used the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base to hydrate and prime and I followed it with the Laura Mercier Radiance Foundation Primer. The Laura Mercier Primer gives a golden glow to the skin and it gives your skin the most beautiful luminosity which shines through any foundation you apply on top.

So lets get into the actual makeup. I started off with my eyes for once. I don't usually do this as on an average day I wouldn't be using anything too glittery but for a Christmas party, surely it should be a rule that glitter is involved in your makeup somehow. Obviously I didn't start with the glitter, in fact I started with a primer so that the shadow I applied over the top would last as long as possible. To prime my lids I used a bit of my concealer, the MAC Studio Finish Concealer. It is quite thick so it neutralises any colour differences there may be on your eye lid but it also gives the powder shadow something to stick to.

For eye shadow in the end I went with a palette I would have loved to have used last year which was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. I wanted to go with something slightly more golden as it is a Christmas party and the colours in this palette are perfect for a warm smokey eye. I started with Golden Ochre as an all over wash of colour just to set the concealer and to add an element of colour to the base. Then in the crease I used Burnt Orange just to start building up the crease and then just a tiny bit lower I used Raw Sienna to give a bit of a transition. Once I felt like I had built up these two colours enough, I added a bit of Red Ochre into the outer crease/outer corner just to add a little bit of red into the eye look. Once I had finished building up the slight red tone from Red Ochre, I deepened the crease with Cyrpus Umber. I tried to pull this out to make my eyes look less round but it is really hard to with my wide bug eyes. Once I finished blending everything out and I was happy with the look, I actually decided to cut the crease.

I wasn't going to bother doing a cut crease as it seemed too much effort but in the end I decided to just go for it. I used my MAC Studio finish concealer again to do a half cut crease. Before I applied the glitter, I used a bit of Burnt Orange as a transition shade to link the deeper outer corner and the glitter I was going to apply. The glitter I used was of course the Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in the shade Kitten Karma. I wanted it to add a bit of warmth to my makeup look and I felt the slightly peach tone went well with the burgundy shade of my dress. In the end I loved the use of the glitter, even though the eye look used up a lot of my getting ready time.

To make my eyes even more bold I applied a little bit of mascara. I decided to buy a mascara I know and love for the party season so I am back using the L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara. I only applied a small amount of mascara at first as I knew I was going to use lashes. As always I used the Eylure x Fleur De Force, Fleur Loves Lashes. They are 3/4 length which makes them slightly easier to apply and I love the way they look. To meld these lashes in with my natural lashes I applied another coat of mascara and that was my eyes done.

After all of this work on my eye shadow I really did not have that much time to do my base so I started with my MAC Studio Finish concealer to cover my under eye bags and any spots that had magically appeared on my face that day knowing I had to be somewhere. After my concealer, I used my trusty Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation as it is slightly darker and more dewy than my Fenty Beauty foundation. I always need to set Double Wear but I didn't want to loose the glow that I had worked so hard to get so I used the La Mer Loose Powder which has a slight iridescent shimmer. I applied the powder to my T-Zone as really that is the only place I needed it.

After neutralising any colour in my face, I then needed to replace it so I used my Marc Jacobs Coconut Bronzer so give myself a soft contour and some colour on my forehead. I only used this quite lightly because after that I used the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow Palette to contour properly and I also used the highlight. I did add a small amount of the Gold Rush Blush from Benefit just to make me look slightly more alive and then I followed that by adding more highlight to the tops of my cheeks by topping up the Charlotte Tilbury highlight with the Nars Fort De France Highlight which I am loving at the moment.

With my base finished I then had to tackle my brows. I haven't had my brows done for a long time so they are wild. I literally never change my brow products, I have been using the Soap and Glory 2-in-1 Brow Pencil and the Soap and Glory Volu-Boost Brow Gel for the longest time. After a bit of time, between the two products I eventually tamed my brows but it certainly took a bit of work.

That basically completed my makeup, all I needed was my lipstick which I ended up applying when I was on the way to the venue as I did not have enough time to get ready at home. I used MAC Diva to try and match my dress but for some reason it looked really dark on me but it worked really well with the whole look.

I had quite a limited time to get ready as I had to go home from work, get ready and then make my way back to work only an hour later so it didn't give me the length of time I desired to get ready. However in the end I was happy with the way I looked. By the end of the night my feet were killing me but it was worth it because I think I fulfilled my mission of going for a slightly sexier vibe. If you are yet to go to your Christmas party, I hope this might have given you a little bit of inspiration for the sort of look you could go for, please bare in mind that I was attending a black tie event so I might have gone a little bit more fancy than I would if the party were at a bar or if it was a private function just for the company I work for.

I hope you enjoyed this post and as this is part of Blogmas, there will be a new post tomorrow. I know, can you believe that I have managed to make it to day 9!

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