Tom Ford Vs. Charlotte Tilbury

Tom Ford will forever be one of my absolute favourite beauty brands, it just gives off luxury whenever you use one of the products and the brand is the epitome of sexy. One thing I do not like so much is the price tag but I think everyone can understand that. You might be wondering why I am giving such an intro to Tom Ford and what this has to do with Charlotte Tilbury, well let me tell you a story.

A couple of months ago Charlotte Tilbury were selling a Cream Eye Shadow called Rose Gold and I unfortunately missed out on it. I loved it so much I included it in my Beauty Wishlist for 2018 update post, I try not to include limited editions but in this case I had to. I came to it too late but I was desperate to get my hands on it. I had seen it on Really Ree first who wrote a great blog post about it. Then I saw a picture on Alessandra Steinherr's Instagram where she used this cream and the Exagger-eyes Palette and the eye look was incredible so I wanted to recreate it. Both products had sold out but I managed to find alternatives. Instead of the Exagger-eyes palette I treated myself to the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Quad as it had a slightly more pinky tone which was really what I wanted. 

As an alternative to the Rose Gold Eyes to Mesmerise, I bought Tom Ford Golden Peach. This was definitely a more extravagant alternative but I had seen swatches online and they seemed pretty similar. I will admit I was reluctant to buy it and it took a couple of cocktails for me to make my way to the Tom Ford counter to make my purchase but I did it and £48 later my bank balance was not thanking me. However I was thrilled with my purchase.

I did buy the Tom Ford shadow with the assumption that the Charlotte Tilbury one would not be available again. However as the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show came around, it was announced Charlotte Tilbury would be doing the makeup. Following that, it was announced that the brand would be bringing back a few products that would be used for the show and the Rose Gold Eyes to Mesmerise would be one of them. At first I didn't know whether to get it, as I already had the Tom Ford one, but in the end I thought fuck it and ordered myself one. It was the one I had originally wanted so I wanted to see how the two compare.

The immediate difference is the price point. I've mentioned that the Tom Ford one was £48 but I must say it is not a single product; it is a duo. There is a pressed glitter within the lid of the pot so I guess if you consider that it isn't just a cream for that money, it seems a tiny bit more reasonable. In comparison the Charlotte Tilbury cream is £22 but it is only available online so unless you spend over £49 you do have to pay shipping which is £2.95 so my total was £24.95. Realistically I guess the cream shadows would be a similar price but the Tom Ford one has the pressed glitter which makes it so expensive. Plus it is Tom Ford which automatically elevates any price point. 

As you can probably imagine I have read a couple of comparison reviews of these two creams as that is how I found out Golden Peach was a good alternative but now I have them both I can tell there is definitely a difference between the two products. I'll start with the most obvious which is the colour. Rose Gold is definitely more of a light baby pink especially in comparison to Golden Peach. They both have a gold undertone but I would definitely say it is a lot stronger within Golden Peach, I would even say there is a silver presence within Rose Gold. 

In my opinion the Charlotte Tilbury cream comes across as slightly more feminine, a girly pink whereas Golden Peach is a lot richer and warmer - perfect for Summer time. If you were to have both, like me, they are different but I wouldn't say you needed both. I have to say in terms of the colour the Charlotte Tilbury Rose Gold was exactly what I wanted. I wanted a more baby pink shade with a subtle warmth to it and the Charlotte Tilbury cream is basically the dream shade. In comparison I would say the Tom Ford cream is a deeper pink with a stronger gold which makes the overall shade richer. 

Not only is the colour quite different but so is the formula of the two cream shadows. I mean I would hope so considering the price difference but there is quite a difference. The Tom Ford cream is very thick so you only need a tiny amount of the product. It is incredibly pigmented and does not lose that pigmentation as you blend it in whereas the Charlotte Tilbury one is basically the opposite. On the Charlotte Tilbury website they say this product is, 'The ultimate foolproof product & forms part of my 1-minute No-Mirror Makeup.' (Charlotte Tilbury) That is probably because all of the pigment fades away so you don't have to worry about blending because it practically blends away to nothing. The pigmentation of the Charlotte Tilbury cream is actually really good when you swatch it and first apply it but the more you work it, the more it disappears. It really does not take much working to make this disappear either.

The more sheer aspect to the colour is not helped by the formulation. The Tom Ford cream feels thicker and remains that way as you apply it but it doesn't feel thick when it is on your eye lid. Whereas the Charlotte Tilbury version seems to feel more watery which causes it to sheer our, it simply does not contain the amount of glitter that the Tom Ford one does so it is not held together in the same way. I wouldn't mind the Charlotte Tilbury cream being a bit thinner if it still held the colour but it doesn't really. 

There is a way of getting the desired colour from the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise but it does take more work than when you use the Tom Ford one. To get the most out of the cream you can either layer it up or instead of swiping it on, use a patting motion. This means you aren't giving it the opportunity to sheer out. I have to say I think the quality of the formula is where you see the biggest difference. The Charlotte Tilbury one is fine if you are going for that barely there look and a product that is easy to use but if you are looking for quality and pigment, it has to be Tom Ford. 

The pigmentation is a massive difference in the formula but so is the texture, as I said the Tom Ford one is thick and it does not crease at all, plus it is super long wearing. Whereas the Charlotte Tilbury one does crease, when it is not set by a powder, and I don't think it is overly long wearing. I wore this to work the other day and where I had used a powder in the crease it remained and where I had built it up in the inner corner but other than that it had faded considerably just 2 hours later. This does make it quite natural which if that's what you are looking for is fine. Both of these shadows work better with a powder over the top to set them. Obviously with the Tom Ford one you have the copper glitter which is contained in the lid so they have already solved that one. With the Rose Gold cream shadow I have been using the Pillow Talk Palette over the top which is stunning but if I don't want to add too much colour I just use a bit of Benefit Hoola Lite.

Considering the price difference, I was dead sure I would be backing the Tom Ford packaging but the Charlotte Tilbury packaging is stunning and I think it actually feels better quality. The Charlotte Tilbury creams comes in a little glass jar with the classic burgundy and rose gold theme lid. I honestly think Charlotte Tilbury have killed it with their branding, it is distinctive and does make you want the products just because they look so good. Whenever I do a flatlay on Instagram using Charlotte Tilbury products, they always do well. 

The Tom Ford cream shadow has their limited edition summer packaging so it has a white lid and a gold box. I love the colour scheme and I appreciate it is slightly more difficult packaging to come up with a concept for as it is a dual product. Despite this the entire packaging is plastic so it is more lightweight but I don't quite think it has the wow factor that the Charlotte Tilbury packaging has. In comparison I think the Charlotte Tilbury creams wins the packaging war hands down. 

I have to say I do think the Tom Ford cream is better, especially if you are looking for pigmentation and a long wear time. However I can't help but fall for the Charlotte Tilbury packaging and simply the overall shade of the product, it is exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately I can't recommend the Charlotte Tilbury one unless you are looking for something to just give a subtle wash of colour. It really is only good as a base whereas you have way more options with the Tom Ford version. Yes the Tom Ford one is a massive £48 but I actually think it is justified when you compare it to other cream eye shadows. Plus you also get the pressed glitter and Tom Ford do some incredible glitters.

Unfortunately as quickly as the Charlotte Tilbury Rose Gold cream shadow came back into stock, they've already taken it away. Charlotte Tilbury brought it back as she used it for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show which was only a week ago but it is already out of stock. Sorry to disappoint anyone, if you did like the sound of the Charlotte Tilbury cream shadow, but even if I had written my review instantly you would have had to have been quick to get this one. If I had to choose between the two, I would pick the Tom Ford as overall I do think it is a better product but it should be considering it costs £20 more.

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  1. I've always been a sucker for Charlotte Tilbury and I've never tried Tom Ford, but this reeeeeally makes me want to get some! xx

  2. I have one of the Charlotte Tilbury cream eye shadows in the shade Bette! I do love it but totally get what you mean! I personally pat it one and find that works to build up the pigment, I occasionally put a pressed shadow on top to make it last. The Tom Ford one looks amazing but I can't justify the price unfortunately, maybe as a present one day 😂

  3. I've never tried anything from either of these brands but this was such a great in depth review and it just shows that sometimes you are better off paying extra for a good quality product! I'm much more of a drugstore girl myself but I do often splurge on eyeshadows because they're usually worth it!

    Jess //

  4. I've never tried both of these brands before but they sure sound good!x



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