ASOS: Most Wanted Box

Previously I have spoken about the ASOS Beauty Boxes rather frequently but two months ago I gave it a miss, it was filled with ASOS Design products which wasn't something I would use. This sums up why I do not subscribe to a Beauty Box as you don't always like them every month. However last month ASOS redeemed themselves and from the moment I saw this box I wanted it so it is very apt that it is called the Most Wanted Box.

I have to say ASOS are killing it in terms of beauty. Recently they have added so many amazing brands that can be slightly more difficult to find such as Dr Jart. I have been left so impressed by ASOS that I actually committed myself to the ASOS Advent Calendar this year as I thought it had the best mix of products for the price. If you are still looking for an Advent Calendar it is worth checking out. I will eventually be writing a post on the advent calendar and why I picked it but that will be part of Blogmas. If you haven't checked out the Face + Body section on ASOS you should seriously take a look because they have some incredible brands.

Anyway for those of you who don't know ASOS curate a beauty box every month. There is no subscription required but you usually need to be quick to get one. Typically they contain between 5-6 products which for the most part are slightly more high end and they are typically miniature/deluxe sample sizes. This is the type of box I had been looking for, for a long time. I always liked the idea of receiving a beauty box but I didn't like the idea of being committed to it in case I didn't like any of the products. I also found beauty boxes normally contain a lot of cheaper brands which I would just buy if I wanted to try them whereas high end products I am less likely to buy without trying them first. I find the ASOS boxes to be a great way of testing products and they always seem to have a good selection and this month is no different. I have had this box for a few weeks and it has taken me a while to get around to testing each product. Mainly the hair care has slowed me down, because as I've mentioned on my blog 1000x I'm not very good with hair care. I'm going to get into it because this post could be quite long.

Laura Mercier - Radiance Primer

I'm going to start with the product that has impressed me the most, so much so, I would buy it which is the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer. The primers from Laura Mercier have to be one of the brands most spoken about products. Everyone seems to love these primers but I've never really got on with primers too well so I never thought about buying one from Laura Mercier. There are only a select few primers I like, I love the Fenty Beauty Instant Retouch Primer and I did also like the Becca Backlight Priming Filter but most of the others I've used don't seem to have made much of a difference. However I have to say I can now see what all the fuss is about with the Laura Mercier primers, they are bloody good.

ASOS did say that in the box there would be some variations, some would have the regular primer and some would receive the Radiance one, I was lucky enough to receive the Radiance version. I am always scared to add anything that gives a glow to my T-Zone as I am oily in those areas however this adds a glow which looks healthy rather than oily. The colour/shimmer within the primer sort of reminds me of the shade of the highlight in the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow Palette. It is a pale golden shimmer which gives the most beautiful glow to the skin. When you apply foundation on top it just looks like you have used some bloody good skincare the night before. I really love the finish this gives, it provides that naturally glowy skin which I don't naturally have.

Not only does this make me look like a glowing goddess but it also helps to perfect my skin. I wouldn't say I have big pores but they can have a presence, this primer helps to cover them up and helps my foundation to sit just that little bit more even. Unlike other primers this does not have that silicone feeling in fact it actually feels a little bit more like a cream. It applies very smooth and you can't really feel it on your skin. If you are looking for a primer I can highly recommend the ones from Laura Mercier, especially the Radiance version.

Dr Jart - Vital Hydra Solution

Alongside the Laura Mercier primer, one of my favourite items in this box is the Dr Jart Vital Hydra Solution Sheet Mask. I actually already own two of the Dr Jart sheet masks which I purchased in Selfridges back in February and I am still yet to try them. After using this one I can't believe it has taken me so long to try them. When I used this mask, I had already used a Charcoal cleansing mask so I wanted something that was really going to add the hydration back into my skin.

The first thing I noticed when I opened this mask was how fresh it smells. The scent reminded me of another product I've used but I have no idea which one. When I opened the packet, I did worry about the amount of serum that seemed to be coming out but there actually wasn't too much on the mask which is one of the three things I look for in a good sheet mask. The second thing I look for is the size of the mask, this is quite a big mask but the fibre it is made of is super soft which makes the mask really easy to shape to your face. The mask is quite thin but there is a plastic sheet which makes it easy to separate and to apply to your face.

I did not read the instruction as I kept the plastic backing on the mask to help guide me when applying the mask but it turns out this was completely wrong. You are actually supposed to apply the side that is protected by the plastic sheet, who knew! I have no idea if this makes any difference but I can't see why it would. The first thing I noticed when the mask was on my face was that it had an instant cooling effect, similar to the Garnier Eye Masks if you've tried them. This cooling effect remains for the entire time you have this mask on so it will be amazing for the summer.

Normally when I use a sheet mask I will watch a movie or I will have a lie down. On this particular evening, I had tonnes of blogging I needed to get done so I had to sit up and look down at my laptop. Normally I would be worried that the mask would just end up sliding down my face if I attempted to do this but this mask sat comfortable on my face, it did not move around. Don't get me wrong there was still plenty of serum on this mask. It said to leave it on for 10-20 minutes but I left it for 30 minutes so I could take in as much of the serum as I could and even then there was still some left. I did use some of the excess down my neck so I didn't feel as wasteful. Once I had taken the mask off I left the serum to sink in at first it did feel slightly sticky but once I had applied my moisturiser it was fine. The next morning when I woke up my skin looked incredibly fresh, I was really impressed. After using this mask I'm glad Dr Jart is now on ASOS as I will easily be able to buy more.

Origins - GinZing Energy Boosting Gel Moisturiser

Origins is a brand that I always like the products from but I really haven't tried too much from the brand and when I saw that one of the products in this box was from Origins it was certainly one of the reasons I wanted to get this box. In my Christmas Picks post for 2018 I included an Origins set which had a full size of this moisturiser and trying this mini version has only made me want to treat myself to this set even more. I have actually used a product from the GinZing range, it was the Refreshing Face Mask which I do not believe they sell anymore. I really liked it but at the time I had no real concept of what it did but now I've learnt about skincare, this would have been the Origins equivalent of the Glamglow Thrisymud.

The GinZing range in general is really refreshing and rejuvenating. As I knew this would be refreshing and boost radiance, I thought this would be amazing for the morning. When I researched this moisturiser it says it contains coffee which is vital for my morning routine: both to drink and in my skincare. Coffee helps to promote blood circulation which in turn helps the renewal of skin cells. This must also contain something citrusy as it smells super refreshing and basically like a Summer cocktail. The scent reminds me of the Rodial Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel, if you've used it.

On the Origins website it describes the product as a 'lightweight, oil-free, energising moisturiser [which] instantly hydrates and revs up radiance. It's fortified with legendary skin-boosters like Panox Ginseng and Coffee Bean. Lackluster-looking skin is rapidly refreshed and revitalised to create a healthy, vibrant glow.' (Origins Website) This sums up why I use this in the morning as that is when I want my skin to glow. As Origins say, this is super lightweight so it sinks in quickly and doesn't effect your makeup but it does an amazing job of hydrating. I know the GinZing range is incredibly hyped but it turns out it is for a reason. I would definitely buy this to use as my morning moisturiser, especially during Summer as it is so refreshing due to it's gel texture.

Vita Liberata - Body Blue Skin Finish

Whenever bloggers go to a fancy event, they always seem to use one of two products: either the Sally Hansen Air Brushed Legs or the Vita Liberata Body Blur. Previously I hadn't felt compelled to try either as I typically fake tan before any event which tends to cover most of the things I hate about my legs but I had always been curious to try the Vita Liberata Body Blur so I was excited to see I would be able to do just that when I purchased this box.

The Vita Liberata Body Blur is basically like make up for your legs and essentially works as a one time wear type of product which makes it much easier to use than fake tan. I have no idea if you are supposed to use this instead of fake tan or as a form of makeup but this shade would definitely work as a tan on me. This is literally about 20 shades darker than my skin colour but I imagine it would work better if I had a tan. I have to say I've only tested this out on my arm so far as I haven't had an event I could test it out for yet so I can't comment on the lasting power nor if it transfers. However this is a really nice colour and it does act like a primer just for the rest of your body. I do quite like this and I'm sure it will be amazing for Christmas but I don't think I would get a whole lot of use out of it and I think I would just prefer a longer lasting effect of a tan. If you are intrigued by the Body Blur, I would say it is as good as everyone says but really consider how much you would use it and if you have a genuine need for it because I don't think I do.

Phillip Kingsley - Elasticizer

This was the only product I had actually tried before that was in this box which is odd because as I mentioned at the start, I'm not really that into my hair care. I tried this a long time ago when I was at University. I will be the first to admit I was not one of those boujee students who could afford fancy things but my housemate was and she very kindly let me use her Elasticizer a couple of times. From what I remember I never felt compelled to go out and buy it myself which means I can't have liked it that much. However I wasn't as into beauty back then so I have wondered how my opinion would have changed over the years. This is one of the products in this years Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar and was one of the big reasons I was considering buying it, now I don't have to.

My hair type is definitely damaged as I bleach and straighten my hair and it is very fine so I do always worry that these pre-shampoo treatments will weigh down my hair. Surprisingly this doesn't leave my hair feeling heavy but I did feel that I had to wash it quicker than I normally would, However it left my hair looking and feeling a lot more smooth. I liked the effect but not how I had to get it. One of the reasons I have worked so hard to not have to wash my hair as often is because I hate washing my hair. I think it is a chore so adding another step that I have to complete outside of the shower is not for me. I don't think I would mind as much if I didn't need to wet my hair before application. I just did not like having to walk around with wet hair for 20 minutes, not getting ready because I still had to go in the shower. I don't know I guess other people probably wouldn't mind but I still don't think product is for me. It will be great to have it in my collection for when my hair looks like absolute crap but I'm not sure I need a full size tub for that.

I was really excited by the Most Wanted ASOS box when I saw the products but I guess others do not feel the same as this is still available. I guess compared to some of the other boxes they have curated the items in this box do look a whole lot smaller, the only full size is the sheet mask but I think the brands/quality of the products included within this box are better than average. I really enjoyed testing all of these products and I have found 3 new products which I would happily go out and buy which I wouldn't have done without testing them in this box. If you can't tell I highly rate the ASOS Beauty Boxes and I hope they are all as good as this one.

P.S. This months box actually looks amazing, it is another collaboration with an Estee Lauder Companies brand and this time it is the turn of Bobbi Brown. I really feel like I haven't tried enough from Bobbi Brown so I am excited to give this box a go. I just hope it is as good as the Clinique version they did a couple of months ago.

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  1. I’m yet to try anything from Laura Mercier which I’m a little surprised about but like you, I’ve heard some incredible things about their primers so I may need to add one to my wish list! I also haven’t tried the GinZing range but constantly hear people raving about it.. 🙊 This product sounds like something I would love as well, especially because it’s a gel!

    Andi | ✨

    1. This box definitely had a couple of products I was desperate to try in it so I was very happy to finally be able to do that without being committed. You should definitely try one of the Laura Mercier primers, I’m not a primer person and even I like it!

  2. I didn't know Asos did a box like this but I love the idea! I don't subscribe to beauty boxes for the exact same reason as you, why waste all your money if you don't actually like a single product in there? So this is a great alternative and it sounds like you got some fab products this month!

    Jess //

    1. I have been really enjoying buying these boxes and I love that it is completely up to me if I want them or not. I will admit that I do keep an eye out on the ASOS website at the start of the month to see what is in the box

  3. I didn’t actually know ASOS had a Beauty Box either but this one actually looks really good with good quality products. I really want to try that primer it sounds really good, will be keeping a lookout for this box next time! Xx

    1. The primer is really good so I would recommend trying it. If you go to a Laura Mercier counter they will quite often give you a sample of it. I didn’t know ASOS did these boxes until a couple of months ago and now I can’t stop buying them

  4. This looks really good to be fair! I don't shop online often so I didn't even know that ASOS did a beauty box, but it's ideal for getting all of your things in one place! xx

    1. I try not to shop online as I really do not like the risk involved, especially when it comes to clothes but quite often I will make an exception for the ASOS boxes. ASOS have made it too easy to shop and get everything so I am trying to avoid it!


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