Charlotte Tilbury: Filmstar Bronze and Glow

There are certain cult products that you look at and you wonder how on Earth they became so hyped, the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette is not one of those products. All you have to do is look at the palette to realise it is a work of art. I have wanted this palette for the longest time and finally it is in my collection!

The first time I saw this palette was actually on a train. I was still at University and I literally had no money so I could never have afforded a treat item like this palette. I was just getting into beauty in a big way and I had heard of Charlotte Tilbury but I had never seen any of the products in person. At the time I think the only Charlotte Tilbury counter that existed was in Selfridges in London, there certainly weren't any in the South West. I was on the train going back to Bristol and the only way to describe my attire was troll like. I probably had very little makeup on, my hair in a bun, some leggings on and a big baggy jumper. To sum it up, I was nothing to look at. There was a girl on the train who was using this palette, she looked super glam and was clearly getting ready to go out when the train got to Bristol. When I saw the palette I felt envious. The product looked gorgeous and I really wanted to try it but alas I would have to wait a good 4 years to get my hands on the Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette.

So here we are, back in the present and I finally have the palette for myself. I can finally be the glamorous lady I always wanted to be. If you couldn't tell I had definitely built up my expectations of this product. Not only did it look great on the girl on the train but literally every blogger raves about this palette. I have to say despite how eager I was to try this palette I have mixed feelings about Charlotte Tilbury as a brand. The products I love, I really love, but there are also some products I have been left feeling really unimpressed by. I believe I've spoken about this before in a post I wrote about one of the lipsticks, Being Sucked in by the Hype. I find there is no consistency, it is very product specific as to whether I like it or not. This made me feel rather unsure as to whether or not this palette was going to be any good.

I was praying the palette was going to be a hit, considering it is £49! Personally I think Charlotte Tilbury is a brand for a more subtle look and definitely if you want a healthy glow. I was unsure how much contouring this palette was going to do and how blinding the highlight would be. Obviously I bought the light/medium compact, the medium/dark one would clearly be no good for my deathly pale skin. I have to say I wasn't looking for a strong contour or highlight, as at the moment, that is not what I am enjoying. Luckily for me this palette completely sums up the look I have been going for.

The Formula 

Within the compact you have the sculpt side and the highlight side. The Sculpt side appears to be slightly bigger but that could just be my perception of it. You expect a shimmer/glitter within the highlight however there is quite clearly an element of shimmer within the contour as well which is rather unusual. Typically I like a matte powder contour but I can see how it works in this context. As a brand Charlotte Tilbury is all about perfecting the skin whilst giving it a soft, dewy, fresh look and that is exactly what this palette does whilst it also creates the illusion of shape. Don't get me wrong, I have cheeks but I don't necessarily have good cheekbones but this palette makes my skin look flawless whilst giving me a soft dimension to my face. There is nothing harsh about the look this palette creates. The powders in this palette are really finely milled so they blend seamlessly which also gives it that effortless finish. If you want something relatively subtle then this is worth looking into.

The Shades

For me, the shades are absolutely perfect but I have no idea how they can claim this is for medium skintones as well. I am very pale and this gives definition but not too much so I don't know how it would show up on even relatively tanned skin. Rather than being a straight up grey contour, this is quite warm so it warms up my overall complexion as well as adding shape. I actually do not find this too dark but I do only use a very small amount. In terms of the shade I think the contour is great but it is nothing out of this world, the highlight on the other hand, is truly spectacular. It is a creamy warm vanilla that just melts onto the skin. When light isn't directly on it, it provides a soft sheen but when the light hits it, you can emit a soft beam of light from the tops of your cheeks. Even though I am quite pale and usually I prefer a rose toned highlight, the golden base is actually perfect for anyone who wants to use it as the gold is not too strong. Both the contour and the highlight are blended with pearls, according to the Charlotte Tilbury Website and I would definitely say you get a pearlescent effect with the highlight, not so much the contour. Luckily with the contour, the shimmer doesn't come through quite as strongly as I wouldn't want it to. Together these shades work together perfectly, they are the dream combination for anyone with fairly pale skin.

How I Apply It/ Where I Apply It

I'll start with the highlight as that is slightly more standard. I use the highlight with a Morphe R36 brush and dust it along the high points of my cheeks and my cupids bow. I do not apply any to my nose as I think that looks stupid and highly unnatural. Plus I already have enough shine on my nose without including more. I feel like this is pretty standard but my contour might be a bit extra.

On your average day I do not contour, I am not about the level of effort it takes to get it blended but to keep the definition. Nope, none of that, so on a normal day I just bronze. At the moment I am using the Marc Jacobs Coconut Bronzer which I adore. I use the bronzer on my cheeks, sort of where I would contour just to give a bit of colour and I take it up to my temples and along the top of my forehead. I do not use it on my jawline, I feel like adding bronzer to it might make me look like I haven't blended in my foundation properly. I have been taking a Real Techniques Contour Brush, taking a small amount of the contour shade from the Charlotte Tilbury palette and applying it where I would contour (hollows of my cheeks) so far I have really been loving how this looks. Not only do the bronzer and the contour work together beautifully but the highlight blends in seamlessly as well. I'm really impressed.

The Packagaing

The packaging of the compact alone is completely stunning. As with all Charlotte Tilbury products you have the very on trend rose gold casing which makes a statement on its own. Then you have the 1920s-esque detailing. In a way this reminds me of all of the artwork for the most recent The Great Gatsby movie. The detailing of the compact is just stunning. Not only is the compact itself beautifully packaged but so is the box it comes in. Charlotte Tilbury has the whole Rose Gold/Burgundy outer packaging that all of the products come in. This packaging literally opens up like a well wrapped present to reveal the product inside. It truly made the experience of opening this product for the first time just that little bit more special.

When I use this I do feel like the ultra-glam lady I saw using this product on the train. I truly love the rose gold 1920s inspired packaging and I adore the powders inside even more. This was one of the products featured on my Beauty Wishlist for 2018. I am really ticking them off at the moment and this momentum shows no signs of stopping. I have to say this compact is a winner for me and I can definitely understand why it is so raved about. Despite not personally liking some of the products, Charlotte Tilbury has become a massive brand in a short space of time so I am sure there will be more products featured on the blog. In fact I may have just ordered a new product from the brand so keep your eyes peeled for a review in the not too distant future.

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