Real Techniques: Everyday Essentials Set

Good makeup brushes are essential for anyone who does make up; whether it is your own or if you are a MUA, using bad brushes can really effect the way makeup applies. I have tried quite a few brushes in my time with some staying with me for years whilst others see the bin not too soon after I have purchased them. Now that I have gone through this stage of trial and error, I now know some brands that I will instantly look to for brushes and they are MAC and Real Techniques.

If I am looking to be a little bit spendy that is when I will go to MAC but for the most part I use Real Techniques: their brushes are cheap, good quality and most importantly they get the job done. Over the years I have bought some duff brushes from Real Techniques which I do not use, the Duo Fibre Eye Shadow blending brush being a good example of this, but for the most part I use everything I own. Recently I have been feeling a little bit stifled by my brush collection so I have been looking for new brushes to help make my makeup a little bit easier. I have bought various brushes over the past month all of which I will be doing a post on but for now I wanted to talk to you about a specific set I bought as it is currently on offer in Boots and if you can manage to get your hands on one, this is an amazing set.

The set is called the Everyday Essentials Set and that practically sums it up. You have everything you need. There is a Foundation brush, a Powder brush, a smaller Setting Brush, a brush they claim is for Eyeshadow and one of the Miracle Complexion Sponges which are super hyped. Personally I wouldn't actually use the sponge, I really do not like sponges as a method of makeup application. It's not even just the Real Techniques sponge, I have tried the actual Beauty Blender and I wasn't fussed on that either. One of my friends loves the Real Techniques sponges so she will be the recipient of yet another sponge that I have somehow ended up with. For someone who doesn't like beauty sponges, I end up buying them a lot. Despite the fact that the sponge is completely useless to me, the rest of the brushes in this set are ones that I will use every day. There is only one brush that I don't already own and the other 3 I use regularly.

The Presentation

Prior to brands like Real Techniques and Spectrum Brushes, traditionally brushes have been more functional than pretty and I don't think there were any major brands that really sold them. Now makeup brushes are big business. Over the years Real Techniques brushes have changed colour and size but the handles in this set have to be some of my favourites. Previously they have always been more of an hourglass shape which does make it slightly easier to hold but I prefer the way these look. Also instead of having a black base with a coloured handle, the colour from the handle is now continued to the base. This doesn't make a massive difference but personally it is something I noticed and liked. These are easily some of the prettiest brushes as they all go together but you have the subtle variation of hues. If you are starting your makeup brush collection, this would be an incredibly cute set to start with, or even if you are looking to expand, these will look pretty alongside other brushes.

The Brushes

I guess I should probably take a look at the brushes individually and how I personally like to use them. As I said most of these are back ups as I already own them either from a different collection I've purchased or from when I have purchased them individually. I'll start with the brush that really caught my attention and it was basically the reason I bought this set.

400 - Blush Brush

I have had the Blush Brush for a good number of years now and I use it for literally everything. I use it for my bronzer, my blush and my powder. As you can imagine that means one version of this brush just simply isn't enough. It's no good using this for Bronzer and then trying to use it for powder the next day, it just doesn't work. I have to clean this brush pretty much everyday which is good for hygiene but ain't nobody got time for that. For a while I had been thinking that it would probably be a good idea to get a second blush brush so this set seemed like the perfect opportunity. The set was £9.99 and the brush itself is £9.99, so I got an extra 3 brushes for no additional cost.

The blush brush is so good as it doesn't pick up too much product which makes it easy to blend and the product looks more natural. It is rather large so it can cover quite a large area and I find it diffuses product really well. I really love this for bronzer as it gives a wash of golden colour all around the parameters of my face without making it too harsh. If I use it for blush, I used the more pointed end just to get a touch of the blush and apply it to the apples of my cheeks and blend it out. The slightly pointed end means you can be more direct if you want. Overall this is a great brush to apply colour to a larger area and I am thrilled to add a second one to my collection. I've just bought a new powder brush so this one is actually going to be a blush brush and my other one will be a bronzer brush. Finally I do not have to clean my brush everyday!

200 - Expert Foundation Brush

The Expert Face Brush is a classic amongst any old school Youtube followers from 2013. Everyone used to talk about this brush. At the time, it was a good alternative to the Buffing Brush which was only available within the Travel Set whereas the Expert Face Brush could be purchased individually. Now that I have tried them both I can see that they are quite different but for the types of foundation I use, I much prefer the Expert Face Brush. The Expert Foundation Brush is very similar to the Expert Face Brush but the Foundation brush in this set is slightly bigger, as you can see in the picture above. However they are both very dense, tightly packed brushes which blend like a dream.

The Expert Foundation brush allows you to create a thicker coverage without being over done and patchy. The brissles are much shorter and more compact which means it doesn't soak up quite as much of the product. The Buffing Brush really blends the foundation to give a lighter coverage which is not what I am about. I really like this Expert Foundation brush for foundation but you do need to clean it regularly or it can create streaks in your foundation.

I will occasionally use this as an alternative to a Stippling brush for cream products but it does really pack it on so I wouldn't really advice it but if you are desperate, you can make it work. This is really a foundation brush and it is probably the least versatile of the whole brush collection.

 402 - Setting Brush 

I have spoken about the Setting Brush a number of times on my blog and my love affair with this brush has not ended. This can be used for the more detailed work you want to do to your face. The Setting brush can even be used for eye shadow blending, it is slightly to big but at a push it can work. I use this brush for everything, highlighting mainly but also contour, setting my under eyes, topping up my T-zone with powder and a tiny bit of eye shadow blending. At one point I used it for concealer but the concealer I'm currently using is a little bit too stiff for that, you would need to be using a liquid concealer if you want to use this brush to blend it out. This brush has a wider, flatter side and a skinny side so depending on what you are doing you can use the skinny side to get a more precise line or the flatter side cover more area. I use the skinny side for eye shadow blending and then the flatter side for highlight and contour. This is my fourth setting brush so I no longer have to clean them to use them for something else, basically I now have the lazy mans dream.

300 - Deluxe Crease Brush

The Deluxe Crease Brush is the brush I have not owned before. It is quite big for an eye shadow blending brush, for my eyes anyway, instead I have been using this as a concealer brush. Recently MAC have launched a new concealer and a new brush called the 270S Brush which I loved the look of but I didn't really want to spend too much on it. When I saw the shape of this brush it instantly reminded me of the MAC brush. This started me off using it as a concealer brush. I use a pot concealer and this brush is dense enough to pick it up but large enough to disperse the product. As this is a new one to me, I haven't tried it with eye shadow yet but I imagine it will blend well. I don't imagine this will be any good at putting product down but maybe if you have the set you can let me know your thoughts on this.

All of these brushes work together to make the perfect base, in my eyes, so for £9.99 this is a bargain. £9.99 is essentially the price of one single brush so if you are looking to expand your brush collection this is an amazing set to do it with. I know all of these brushes have names of what you should be using them for but take that as a suggestion, if you think the blush brush will be better for powder then use it for that, it is completely up to you. One of the benefits of Real Techniques over MAC is that the brushes are synthetic so these are guilt free brushes and they clean really easily. They are perfect for someone who is just getting into makeup as they are really durable as well.

In my local store this set has sold out and it is currently out of stock online. Luckily Boots have a stock finder so you can search before you go to your local store hoping they have one. If you don't think this set takes your fancy, they have a couple of other ones which are also on discount too so it is definitely worth taking a look if you want some new brushes.

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  1. This is such a useful post. I actually have spectrum brushes but hardly use them as they look to pretty to get dirty lol. I have been looking for brushes that are a lot more cheaper and I am tempted to get the real techniques brushes following your review. Thank you so much

    1. No problem, I’ve always used Real Technqiue brushes and I have to say it is rare I am disappointed. I’ve actually been looking into Spectrum brushes lately but I feel like I would be the same, they all look too pretty to actually use.

  2. I love RT brushes as well and they're also my alternative to MAC brushes. Honestly, they're amazing values. I've had some of them for years and they haven't moved.
    I have all of those included in the everyday set and I don't really know how I can use the deluxe crease brush either. I mean, it's way too big for my crease. I tend to prefer my MAC 224 for that.
    I keep the deluxe crease brush to set my eyeshadow primer.

    Kate //


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