Pretty Little Thing x Maya Jama

Fast fashion has quickly become big business with the rise of E-commerce. As businesses have started to operate solely online rather than having bricks and mortar, it has completely changed the way we shop. For most people, gone are the days of traipsing around high streets looking for an outfit for the weekend, now everything is done online. Personally I still prefer shopping in store, as a petite lady, sizes are impossible to judge online and with the variation of sizes between different brands, it can be a real struggle. However that has not stopped me from shopping on these sorts of websites every now and again.

Brands like Boohoo, Missguided and Pretty Little Thing all buy in vasts amount of clothing, at cheap prices so that they have a wide appeal. Basically anyone can find at least one item of clothing they like on each of these websites. As they are not confined to a tiny store, instead they can stock out massive warehouses, they are not defined by seasons nor typical fashion trends. With these online retailers, trends come and go very quickly. They are great for: when you need to put an outfit together quickly, you have no idea of what you want and you want it to be more trend lead. I always shop from these stores for a night out because I know I can get something I like, which doesn't cost too much and it doesn't matter if it gets ruined. Despite this, it is quite rare for me to buy clothes that I would wear everyday but I can see the appeal, if you shopped exclusively on these stores you could literally change your wardrobe every month. Unfortunately the prices do seem to be steadily increasing as they realise the sort of money they are making and the quality doesn't always match this increase but I guess that is how inflation works.

I have shopped on both Missguided and Boohoo regularly, picking out bits and pieces I want to incorporate and test out but not necessarily invest in. I have to say I have liked pretty much everything I have purchased, I believe I've only ever sent items back because of sizing rather than quality or disliking an item. This could be because I do not do massive hauls like other bloggers, I am very picky when I shop on these websites as I know I would rather invest in clothes that I wear regularly so they will last longer, instead of a more trend lead piece which I will only wear a couple of times.

Pretty Little Thing x Collaborations

One website I had never shopped on before was Pretty Little Thing. I know a lot of people who have and I've seen a couple of haul videos on Youtube but I had never seen anything that was truly unique to the website and that I couldn't buy from one of the websites I had already purchased from. Half of these websites are owned by the same company and therefore they stock very similar products. If you are looking for a specific item, for example a bandeau top, all of these online retailers are going to have a very similar range. It wasn't until Pretty Little Thing did a collaboration with Maya Jama that my head was fully turned to Pretty Little Thing. These Celeb/Influncer collabs with fast fashion brands have become increasingly popular. Missguided launch a new one practically every month and Boohoo currently have one with Paris Hilton. When I saw the Paris Hilton one, the part of me that still loves The Simple Life was thrilled to see this collection. In the end I didn't like any of it but that's not the point, I mean they worked with Paris Hilton! Pretty Little Thing have previously worked with Kourtney Kardashian and now it is Maya Jama's turn. Really it is about time someone recognised Maya for her fashion sense.

I've always been aware of who Maya is through reading the Daily Mail, trashy I know but really I just love a bit of gossip. Trust me I do not read it for it's journalist integrity. Plus I've seen her in magazines, but I knew very little about her other than the fact she is dating Stormzy. When I eventually found out she was from Bristol, I was pleased to see someone who hails from my home city, as there really aren't that many famous people who come from my home ground. I mean really it is probably down to our horrendous accent but luckily for Maya she doesn't even have a Bristolian twang, very lucky considering she is now a Radio 1 DJ. It just so happens that for the past couple of weekends I have been out in my car with the radio on and she is the one who has been presenting on Radio 1 at the time. I love a good throwback classic so her show is right up my street! Somehow it seems like Maya has been everywhere and her collection with Pretty Little Thing has reinforced this feeling.

To be honest I did not think I would have the slightest interest in the collection, then I saw a couple of the interviews she did for the collaboration and that was when I decided I needed to pick up some of the items. Maya was wearing the pink co-ord from the collection and I absolutely loved the look of it. It looked great for Summer, adding a bit of colour to my wardrobe and it is the Elle Woods outfit I had been waiting for all my life. After making the decision to buy it, I didn't realise how tricky this task was going to be.

After I had set my sights on this co-ord, it had sold out in my size. I usually go for a 4 or a 6 on these sorts of websites, but a size 4 if it is available. That is the one good thing about these fast fashion websites, for the most part, they stock sizes small enough to fit me. If I try shopping in River Island usually a 6 is too big for me. A size 4 is hard to come by, so it can sell out quite quickly. After a couple of days of watching the website, a size 4 in the crop top came back in stock so I immediately placed my order for top in hope that the skirt would come back. Annoyingly the skirt came back in stock in literally every size other than a size 4. I message Pretty Little Thing on Twitter to ask if they thought it would come back anytime soon and they said no so I ordered a 6. I was sort of happy because at least I could have the set but I was disappointed that it wouldn't fit how I wanted it to. As I had this feeling of resentment, I kept an eye on the stock level of the size 4 just to see if it would come back. Well they must have had a return or something because a couple of days later, there was stock. I instantly bought one and after that, the skirt was sold out. That is why I think it may have been a return because they clearly only had one left and I had been watching that website like a hawk so I highly doubt 10 other size 4s were sat there watching to see if this skirt came back in. After buying the 4, I had both a size 4 and 6 skirt on the way so I decided I would try them both and see which was the best fit.

The Fit

Obviously the top was the first product to arrive as I had picked Saver delivery (3-5 days) and it was the first one I ordered. When I ordered this, there was no Super Saver (7-10 working days) which seemed odd but I didn't question it. When I originally opened the top, I didn't even want to try it on. It did not look like something I would wear. It looked cheap. I also didn't like the colour at all but I will talk about that in greater detail later on. I wasn't even going to show my mother my purchase as it just did not look like me. However I did try it on and I couldn't believe how it completely changed when it was on. It was actually a great fit. I have little to no boobs so it is hard for me to get tops to fit but this sits just snug under my boobs. The straps are a good length, slightly annoying that they can't be adjusted but that's ok as they aren't too big on me. This is slightly tight around the bottom band of the top but it helps to create shape so I am not too bitter. It is quite cropped but with something high-waisted it brings a good balance and doesn't show too much skin. In terms of the fit, it is as close to perfect as a small person like me is going to find. As the size 4 top fit so well, I was very pleased that I managed to get the size 4 in the skirt as I knew that was going to be the better fit.

For some unknown reason, Pretty Little Thing do not seem to ever have all the delivery options available. I don't know if I was ordering during a particularly busy time but as an online retailer you would think they would be better equipped for deliveries. When I was ordering the skirts (on different days) the only delivery option available was Super Saver which I didn't have to pay for, but I had to wait a long old time for the clothes to arrive. I also didn't receive a single email about my orders: no confirmation email, no dispatched email and no delivery emails until Hermes emailed me to say that my parcel would be arriving that day. I have to say as a customer this did not fill me with a massive amount of confidence that the skirts were even going to arrive. They did eventually but some communication would have been nice. After both skirts arrived, I tried them both on and the size 4 was the obvious choice. The skirt fit just snug on my waist and it is a tulip shape which is great for someone like me who doesn't have a whole lot of shape and will probably never have any. I have to say I do appreciate when clothes make me look like I have a bit of shape as it is something I have always wanted.

Things to Consider with the Co-Ord

One thing I did notice when I was trying on the top and skirt together was that the top was a different colour to the skirt. After a quick think, I realised I had just washed the top which was why it was a pale pink without the strong coral tone. This does mean that the colour runs so that is something to consider as you are washing this co-ord. This brings me nicely onto the colour of the set. As I said, when the top first arrived I thought this looked cheap and the colour played into this. On the website this looked like a stunning baby pink that any Elle Woods fan would love to be seen in but what arrived at my doorstep was quite different. The clothing that arrived was quite a bright pink with a strong coral undertone which actually made the clothes look cheap. As I said, I was dead sure I was going to send this back when I initially opened this. However once you've washed it once, I feel like the colour looks like it did on the website. It is much more of a muted baby pink which was exactly what I had hoped it would be.

The colour wasn't even something I had considered could be a problem as I was ordering this set, I was more concerned with the texture of the garment. On the website I could see that it was textured but I couldn't tell whether it was that disgustingly cheap waffle scuba texture or if it was that faux Chanel tweed type texture. Luckily, this is the faux Chanel tweed texture. It is quite a thick material which is something to consider as this is definitely a Summer outfit but is quite a thick material. If you get a bit hot and sweaty, this is not going to help during the Summer heatwave we have had going on in the UK. Sorry to go off on another tangent but that really is the main problem with shopping online, you never know what the quality is going to be like. All of the clothes look amazing on the models which is not an accurate portrayal of what clothes look like on my skinny twig bod but also you never know what the material is like. Even though I rarely buy extraordinarily expensive clothes, I do like to present myself well and a lot of that comes down to the material. I don't always buy the most expensive clothes but if I am buying something cheaper I want it to be finished properly and preferably I want it to look more expensive than it was. When the top first arrived I really wasn't sure about the texture but it was the same as the colour problem, once I had this on, it looked completely different. Now I'm not saying I am a model, nor that my hot bod can add value to an outfit but I certainly think this doesn't look like shit until it is on.

If you aren't down for a co-ord then you can buy these items separately and wear them separately. I was looking for a co-ord so that people can use the 'I like your co-ord' chat up line Samira used on Sam whilst they were 'flirting' on Love Island. Personally I think the co-ord is cute but could possibly be a bit much for every day. For me, I think the skirt would be easier to wear with something else, you could wear it with a plain black or white top and let the skirt provide the colour. My issue with the top is that it is quite cropped and I personally don't like to have my belly out all of the time. I don't mind it but it is a lot of belly to be showing. In my mind this top would look great with a pair of white or light wash high-waisted jeans or just a plain skirt. I think it would need to be high-waisted just for the comfort level of not having your entire belly out.

Overall I have to say I am impressed by the overall quality of the outfit. The general service from Pretty Little Thing might need to be looked at but their customer service account on twitter was very helpful. I did send back the Size 6 and just over a week later I received an email telling me that the money would be in my account in 3-5 days so at least I got a bit of communication about that. I do really like this set though and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it, whether that is together or separately. The entire Maya Jama range with Pretty Little Thing is an easy to wear, co-ord heaven so if that is your sort of style you need to check it out.

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