Top 3 Products to Try for Summer

Summer is well and truly upon us in the UK. In all of my 25 years, I cannot remember having a Summer quite like the one we are having this year. Normally it is a week of warm weather and then we are back to the traditional grey skies of Britain. Usually you would only get this sort of weather on holiday but now we don't even have to leave the country to get a tan. Of course, I don't tan so mine will always be tan from a can but I can appreciate how good this weather is for other people.

With the extreme heat, I have completely changed my beauty routines: SPF has been added, my Summer perfumes have been dusted off and my skincare has changed to include cooling/hydrating products. I could probably go on for days talking about all the changes I make for the summer weather but I thought I would narrow it down to my top 3 products for this summer. I did give a sneak peak at these products over on my Instastories so you might have already seen a preview, if not go and give me a follow on Instagram, @SophaaRambles. I have a mix of products today which for me signal the start of the warmer months and they are three products I exclusively love during Summer.

Estee Lauder - Bronze Goddess 

I feel like I don't even have to justify why Bronze Goddess is in my Summer essentials, it is pretty self explanatory to anyone who has ever smelt it. Even if you think you haven't smelt this scent, you probably have. For so many people, Bronze Goddess is the epitome of summer. Estee Lauder launch the Bronze Goddess collection every Summer but it has been a staple scent for years. Bronze Goddess is the perfect Summer scent as the notes are:
  • Top note = Bergamot, Mandarin, Lemon and Orange
  • Heart note = Tiare Flower, Jasmine, Magnolia, Orange Blossom
  • Base note = Amber, Coconut Milk, Vanilla, Vetiver, Sandalwood and Myrrh
The citrus top note makes this really fresh when you initially spritz this fragrance which makes it amazing for Summer. Then slowly for the next 15 minutes the florals in the heart note start to mix with the citrus top note. The base notes are what really stand out within the fragrance for me. When I smell this perfume I really pick up on the Coconut Milk and Vanilla which gives it a softer undertone and makes it that true Summer scent. 

As this is a Skinscent, it is not very strong but I think that makes it perfect for Summer. Personally I do not want something that is going to be too overwhelming for Summer as I am already overwhelmed by the heat and I do not want to be overwhelmed by a fragrance as well. More recently they launched an Eau De Parfum but personal I prefer the traditional Eau Fraiche Skinscent as it is slightly lighter and more fruity whereas the Parfum has more of a creamy scent. 

Bronze Goddess is such a classic Summer scent that most people will know it but for those of you who are yet to smell it, you need to go to your local Estee Lauder counter to give it a smell. It is currently available but the collection does sell quickly. The bottle I have is a good couple of years old now and it is the worst bottle to take pictures of! Estee Lauder have since changed the packaging a couple of times but it has been the same for the past few years. I much prefer the currently bottle as it looks more simple and chic whereas the gold bottle I have is not my favourite. In the end I had to give up and take a picture of the body oil instead for the individual picture as my patience had gone.

St. Tropez - Purity Bronzing Water Mousse

Fake tan is always a Summer time must for me. I've always used fake tan but this year a new tan has sweeped me off my feet. For years I have been using the St Tropez Bronzing Mousse which has been my ride or die for years. This year they launched a new version of the Bronzing Mousse which is water based and I have been loving it. I was interested in trying this mousse because it has been marketed as a nice smelling tan which doesn't stain absolutely everything you touch. This does have a tropical scent as you apply it and it is a lovely smell which I do appreciate as I hate the smell of tan. There is still a biscuit scent with this product which comes out the longer you leave it on the skin. Unlike other tans it doesn't say you need to wash this off after a certain amount of time and this does seem to develop for quite a long time. I find the colour takes about a day to fully develop and once it has finished, you definitely smell like a biscuit but that biscuit scent is not as strong as other tans I have used. This is easily the least offensive smelling tan I have used.

Unlike other mousses which start out by applying a tan shade to your skin, this a clear mousse which can make it hard to apply. Normally you can see where you have already applied your tan but with this tan it doesn't leave any colour and it only leaves a shine. You have to rely on this shine to guide you in terms of where you have already put the tan. Naturally I have quite shiny legs so I can never tell where I have applied it but I haven't had any problems with streaks. This does give a very even tan. Obviously you need to be careful around problem areas like your wrists, elbows, knees and ankles and I still use a cream to make sure the tan does not settle too much in these areas.

The Bronzing Water Mousse gives a very natural golden tan colour. If you have used the St. Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse, this gives the same colour. I never used the Express Bronzing Mousse as a quick tan, I always used it overnight but I much prefer the Purity Bronzing Water Mousse as it smells better. Plus as this is a clear tan, it doesn't leave marks so I do not have to wear a full jammie set to bed in order to not ruin my bedding. Instead I can sleep in comfort not worrying about my tan ruining everything.

Honestly if you are a fake tan lover, and you like using a mousse, I highly recommend trying this new mousse. This does give quite a light colour so if you are looking for something darker, this isn't going to be for you but if you are a pale girl who just wants to give herself a little bit of colour to take the edge off of the white, this is amazing. I will be posting a full review on this tan later in the week so keep your eyes peeled.

Jo Malone London - Lip Balm

The Jo Malone London Lip Balm is not exclusively reserved for Summer, I use it all year round but I use it more often during Summer. The heat of Summer this year is making my lips resemble a piece of dried meat, they are wrinkly and lifeless which isn't really the look I am going for. I am quite lucky with my lips, my top lip matches the volume of my bottom lip and they are quite plump. A lot of people ask if I have had them done which I can only take as a compliment but this does mean I like them to look as good as they can. I wear a lot of lipstick and that can really take its toll on my lips, especially during Summer when my hydration levels are already struggling. This means I need quite a hardy lip balm.

Jo Malone London launched their lip balm at the beginning of the year and I bought it not too soon after it came out. I loved this during Winter as my lips were really chapped due to the cold, now my lips are just dry and struggling due to the heat. My lips are only happy in the usual mediocre British weather. Anything that isn't cloud or rain makes my skin go crazy. At the moment I am changing up skincare so I didn't want to include any skincare in this post but the lip balm has come back into everyday use. I apply it before I go to bed and it is still on my lips the next morning. My lips look so much better in the morning that I can actually wear a matte lipstick, if I want to. During Summer I tend to use lighter, more glossy lipsticks but I'm not always in the mood for that and if that is the case I will just put a little bit of this balm on and be done with it. I wouldn't say having the Jo Malone balm was an essential, it is just the one I have at the moment, but I do think a good lip balm in general is important for Summer. It just happens to be that the Jo Malone London one is a personal favourite.

There are so many other items I could have spoken about that I love for Summer but these are the first three that sprang to mind. I wanted to keep this short as I have been posting some lengthy posts recently so I hope you enjoyed this one. Let me know what your favourite Summer products are in the comments or on Twitter, @SophaaRambles

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  1. I definitely need to try a new tan - this one looks so good! As for other products, this summer I decided to use up all the bottles of stuff I have accumulated from free gifts - so I'm currently using body washes, scrubs, creams and all sorts from perfume sets, box sets, left overs, free gifts (just because they all seem so light and summer smells!) x

  2. The fake tan really does sound interesting! I'm keen to try that out!


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