Post No Spend June Beauty Shopping

I guess it will come as no surprise that I love buying beauty products, I mean I write a whole blog dedicated to it, but it is always important to take a break every now and again. Despite telling myself I would never buy a product just to write about it, I most definitely have and I think at some point every blogger is guilty of this. However I would never buy a product just to try it and get rid of it; everything I buy stays in my collection for a long time and is given a good test run. I always buy products that I want to try in the first place but sometimes I buy them a little quicker than I actually need them. I never wanted to be wasteful and that something I am very conscious of when it comes to the blog.

It is not that I have lost sight of this mindset but I have definitely stopped considering how much I spend on beauty because I can use the blog to justify it. My thought process goes a little something like this, 'Oh well, I can write about it for the blog!' Sometimes I do need a break from constantly buying products, not only for my bank balance but it begins to take away from the reason I started this blog in the first place, which was the joy of talking about everything beauty. This sums up why, I take part in beauty spending detoxes and last month was one of them. I have taken part in, what I have now dubbed, No Spend June for the past couple of years and every time I finish it, I feel revived and ready to take on new beauty products.

No Spend June was really successful for me this year, I spent less than £30 in total on beauty which is amazing for me. That is less than one bottle of Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation to put it into perspective. Throughout June I didn't really need anything and my goal was to use up products I already own. It is great because I do use products I have forgotten about but at the same time, one big problem is that I use up the products that I use regularly and I am reluctant to buy new ones until that month is over. In case you hadn't noticed we are in July which of course, means No Spend June is finished!! How do you celebrate not buying beauty products for a month? Well you buy yourself some new beauty products of course and as a Beauty Blogger what am I going to do? Write all about my haul so take a seat, possibly with a brew because this is a long one.

This whole shopping trip happened the Saturday after payday. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself after a successful June and I was looking to put No Spend June behind me. I had a thousand products running through my head as potential ones to buy because if you are a beauty addict, which I'm willing to assume you are if you are reading this, your beauty wishlist probably grows 10x quicker than you can actually buy the products. When I'm feeling overwhelmed and I want to look at beauty, I head to John Lewis. John Lewis easily have the best beauty selection within Cribbs Causeway so it is my beauty destination of choice when I am there. I already knew I didn't want to go crazy and treat myself to something I didn't need so I went in with the intention of getting something I would use in the future. A lot of counters had 10% off but surprise surprise I ended up at the MAC Counter.

As I always do when I am at MAC, I considered starting my empty MAC palette which has been sat in my draw for a good number of years now. I think the task of completing my first palette took so long that I am reluctant to start all over again. Instead I decided to get something much more simple and something I would need in the not too distant future, a pot of the Studio Finish Concealer in NC20. I am close to finishing my current pot and this has been my concealer of choice for a good year now. It does absolutely everything I want a concealer to do and with the chance to get 10% off I decided now was the perfect opportunity to get one. Saving 10% isn't a lot but it makes it that little bit less painful; instead of being £16.50 it was £14.85. If you want to read more about the concealer, I wrote a comparison post using another pot concealer: Estee Lauder Vs. MAC Concealer

Of course I couldn't go into MAC and only pick up one thing, it would have been rude! MAC have done literally everyone a favour by launching Little MAC which is one of the cutest collections ever. P.s. if you are travelling it is rather handy. Mini products are the downfall of every beauty lover and these mini's sit next to the till waiting for you to pick one of them up. I love the mini MAC lipsticks but I have most of the shades, just in the full size and I never find normal lipsticks to be too much of a burden. However I do love the MAC mini pigments. I prefer the mini size to the normal size as I can't even get through a small pigment let alone one of the big ones. These pigments are £10 but with 10% off it was £9. I picked up the shade Melon because it was one I had been thinking about getting for a while. A few years ago I saw a video where someone mixed the Vanilla, Melon and Tan MAC pigments into a bottle of Fix + and the outcome was beautiful. I know MAC now sell the pre-made glitter Fix + bottles now but they don't look the same so finally I am going to be able to create my own. Plus I love the pigments as eye shadows, they are very glittery and bold so they are perfect for Summer. This was not an item I needed but it was most certainly one I wanted.

After my trip to John Lewis, I had a bit of a moosh around. I had a coffee so I was in my happy place. In the end I found myself in Boots. There was a particular item I was after, the St. Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Mousse. After the success of the small bottle I had been testing and had received in the ASOS Summer Skin Box I have decided to fully commit myself to it. I do want to finish the bottle of the Classic Bronzing Mousse that I already have open but I just had to get a bottle of the Purity Mousse whilst it was on offer. If you've used or ever looked at using St. Tropez, you will know it is not a cheap brand. St. Tropez was on offer with a 1/3 off and I couldn't pass up this opportunity to get some more tan. The Purity Bronzing Water Mousse only comes in a massive bottle which is normally £31 but with 1/3 off it was £20.66. A £10 saving was enough for me to buy a bottle even though I don't need it at the moment. If you want to know more about this tan, I have written a full post on it which I will link here: St Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Mousse. Not only did I buy the body tan but for the first time ever I bought the matching face mist. I am not one to tan my face, I just add a bit more bronzer but I love this tan so much that I am willing to give it a go! I haven't tried it yet and I will keep you posted on the results. If the face mist hadn't have been 1/3 off I would not have picked this up but at £14 I thought I'd give it a go. Whilst I was there I also picked up two of the Velvet Mitt Applicators which were also a 1/3 off. They are super boujee but they are very necessary for applying all of the tan I had purchased.

After raiding the already struggling tanning stock, I went to look at the make up. One product I had noticed I was running low on was brow gel. The Benefit Gimme Brow is my absolute favourite brow gel but I do feel slightly cheated that such a small product is £20. Instead I have been using the Soap and Glory Volu-Boost Brow Gel. Considering I wrote my comparison post on the two brow gels back in October last year, I have had the same tube of the Soap and Glory Brow Gel since then; it has lasted a bloody long time and it is half the price of Gimme Brow. I get the shade Talk of the Brownie and I decided to pick up another whilst I thought about it as it is the type of product I forget about whilst I am shopping. As it was 3 for 2 on basically all makeup and make up accessories, I decided to get another one of the Soap and Glory 2-in-1 Brow Pencil in the shade Brownie Points as I go through them like nobody's business. I can never tell when I am about the run out of this pencil as I am too lazy to check so I always make sure there is a back up waiting in my draw for when I need it.

I was sort of stumped as to what else to get as my third item. I didn't need any more makeup and I needed to get an item that was between £8-£10 as that was how much the brow products were. I had a browse and I struck gold. I love the Real Techniques Brushes, pretty much my entire brush collection is made up of Real techniques brushes. I had seen Sam use some of the Instapop brushes on Instagram when she was doing one of her Instalives and I loved the way the brushes are shaped. They are quite flat on one side but then they are curved on the other side so they really shape to your face. I had been trying to keep an eye out for them but somehow I must have missed them being launched. I picked up the Cheek Brush as it looks perfect for blush and possibly a bit of cream contouring. In hindsight I probably should have picked up the foundation version as I would get more use out of it but I will see how I get on with this one and potentially think about getting the foundation brush. It is the same quality you expect from Real Techniques and hopefully it will improve my application of cream products.

The final item I got in Boots is really boring but very necessary. I use anti-bac every day and the Soap and Glory Hand Maid Anti-Bac has been my favourite for years. At £2.50 it is more expensive than your average anti-bac but trust me it is worth it. This smells amazing. Whenever I apply this people think it is my perfume and ask me what it is because it smells so good. Considering I like quite expensive perfume, that is quite the compliment for the anti-bac, I'm not sure what it says about my perfume but I will overlook that. After almost crying at the total price of my shopping, I paid and continued on my way. I realised as I was buying my tanning products that I was missing a vital part of my tanning routine and had to head back to John Lewis.

During June I had been tanning non-stop due to the unusually hot weather in the UK and because of that I had used up all of my body scrub which I use to prep my skin but also to keep my tan looking good for longer. Normally I would buy the Jo Malone London Geranium & Walnut Scrub but last month during one of my sample testing posts, I discovered the Kiehl's Grapefruit Body Scrub which ended up being my favourite sample of the month. The Kiehl's Scrub has a fresher, less earthy scent and it is slightly more creamy which makes it easier to use. By the end of June I had decided that the moment, No Spend June was up I was going to buy myself a tub of this scrub and that was exactly what I did. I went straight to back to John Lewis to get myself a tub as I knew they had 10% off, just like MAC. Luckily they had some in stock because whenever I have looked for this scrub online, it always seems to be out of stock.

Whilst I was there I had a look around to see if there was anything else I needed and during June I actually ran out of eye cream. I had been using the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment but ran out in the middle of last month. As I had a couple of eye cream samples I used those to tide me over but the start of July meant I could buy myself a new one. I did think about getting the Estee Lauder Daywear Eye GelCreme but as I was at the Kiehl's counter already I decided to get another Creamy Eye Treatment out of ease. I love the Creamy Eye Treatment and it really works for my eyes. I highly rate it, if you can't tell buy me buying a second tub. This time I did get the small tub as I found the bigger one lasted too long and I think it was starting to turn by the time I had finished it. Very kindly I was given two deluxe samples with my purchase. I was given a Grapefruit Body Cleanser which is a really good size for a weekend away so I will be keeping that one for a later date. I was also given a sample of the Creme De Corps Nourishing Dry Body Oil. Now I'm not a massive fan of dry body oils but I know someone who is, my mother, so I have given it to her. She has been using a leg oil from This Works which she loves so I thought I would give her the Kiehl's one to test out. See I've even got my mother on the beauty testing game.

After all of that shopping, I was done. I got some food and went home. I have to say just because I wasn't shopping for products throughout June, doesn't mean I wasn't plotting out the exact items I was going to buy once the ban had been lifted. I do want to point out that a lot of the products I bought are items I currently need or that I will need at a later date so nothing will be wasted. I went into 3 stores and that was it, the damage was done. I did get a little bit more than I had planned but it was only because there were discounts, I wouldn't have bought a lot of it with such urgency, I would have waited until I needed it but I know when I need it, there will be no discount, it is just the way the world works. There is nothing more annoying than buying something and seeing it discounted the following week so I didn't want that to happen to me. I hope you enjoyed this long haul and could see the method to madness.

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