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It seems weird to say that I look up to people at 25 years old but I do and I think there is nothing wrong with someone inspiring you to have ambition. When I was younger I didn't know the difference between idolising someone and believing in everything they said, with the fact that someone can inspire you but you are entitled to your own views as well. Personally, now that I am older I follow people who inspire me to be better and to become the person I want to be and one person who I enjoy following is Alessandra Steinherr. She has inspired to me to pursue beauty writing. I would love to be a beauty editor one day so I follow her for that reason but I also follow her because I trust her opinion. I am not naive enough to buy everything she suggests, I have my own mind and certainly know what types of products work for me. What I value about Alex is her honesty, she is knowledgeable and she shares that knowledge in an easy to follow way. I love her Instalives and I like to watch them as I write my blog posts as you don't particularly have to watch them, sort of like a podcast.

As you will know, if you have read my blog this year, I am on a journey of mascara discovery. Mascara is a product I have always struggled with due to my leaky eyes and the fact that I am a contact lense wearer. Pretty much every mascara I have tried, always end up leaving large black smudges around my eyes and it can never stay in place. I think I can count the mascaras which have worked for me on one hand, that is how real the struggle is. For a long time I used the Tom Ford Extreme Mascara as I knew it worked but last year I wanted to find something cheaper. I actually lucked out May last year when L'Oreal launched the Miss Baby Roll Mascara. Somehow the Miss Baby Roll mascara did not leave smudges, it is cheap and it gave me long, voluminous lashes. After I discovered it I gave up on my mascara adventures last year and stayed loyal to the L'Oreal mascara. This year I have made it one of my beauty goals to try as many classic mascaras as I can to see how they work for me. So far this hasn't been overly successful, the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara really let me down and I liked the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara but it did flake. I recently finished my tube of the Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara and that quick summary brings us up to date to my mascara journey of 2018. Since using up the Marc Jacobs mascara, I have been using a sample of the IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara.

You might be wondering why I declared my admiration for Alessandra Steinherr at the start of this post, well she is the one who made me aware this mascara existed and Alessandra is the reason I have a sample of this mascara. Alessandra gave away some samples of this mascara for people to try and I managed to get one. When I saw she was giving them away I was eager to get one. I had never tried anything from IT Cosmetics but it has recently crossed the pond and become available in the UK. Prior to IT Cosmetics finally being stocked in the UK, it a was staple brand featured in beauty bloggers Sephora hauls when they had visited the US. Currently there are no counters near me in little old Bristol but they now have a counter in Selfridges and they are stocked online through Boots so it is now relatively easy to access.

IT Cosmetics is one of those brands that you hear a lot about but at the same time you have no idea which products are actually worth trying from the brand, sort of like how I feel about Fresh Beauty. I've always heard about their CC Cream but as a pale lady I always struggle with colour matching and trying to buy foundation or any form of base product online is a big no no for me. I would never buy the CC Cream without seeing it in person so instantly I won't be buying that until I can make a trip to London. Other than the CC Cream I have no idea what the brand is known for. The only other product I had heard of was the mascara and that was through Alessandra.

I actually received this sample at the beginning of May, it arrived whilst I was away on a hen party and it was lovely to come home to a sample rather than just the standard pile of bills that typically awaits me when I get back from being away. I wanted to open it immediately but I was already using the Marc Jacobs mascara and I only like to have one mascara open at a time as they go off quickly. As soon as my Marc Jacobs mascara looked like it was on its last legs I knew this was going to be my next mascara.

This is a tiny sample which did last a couple of weeks but that is long enough for me to have tested it out for the blog. Other than Alex saying this is the mascara she uses, I really didn't know too much about this mascara. I was quite surprised by the wand when I first opened this, it is rather small. What I mean by this is that the brissles on the wand aren't that long which is not what I am used to. The wand is thicker at the base and gets thinner as it works towards the tip. (That sounds wrong but it is the best way to describe it.) I don't know why but this was not what I was expecting, I thought this was going to be slightly bigger but oh well, it really does the job. With the wand it is easy to get to the root of each lash and really work it so that your lashes hold a good curl, whilst building up the volume and length of the lashes at the same time. I have quite long lashes and I have quite a lot of lashes, #blessed, but it does mean that I struggle to keep mascara on the tips of my lashes and I struggle to apply mascara to the tips of my lashes in the first place but this mascara works beautifully.

Not only does this give my lashes the look like I like: big, bold and thick but it is also jet black. There is nothing worse than a wishy washy black mascara which does not make your lashes look bold. If I didn't want bold lashes I would go for a black/brown mascara like my mother. This is a jet black mascara and it works to frame your eyes without looking over the top. I will be the first to admit I like bold lashes as they make my eyes look big and I am all about the bardot lashes. This mascara does that for me. If you want something more natural, you can achieve that with this mascara, as long as you use one coat. I use about 3 coats which isn't unusual for me.

Anyone who is reading this and had leaky eyes, this is the part of the review you have been waiting for, did it create those annoying smudges all around my eyes? No, it didn't, it is a miracle! Now I have about 4 mascaras I can use which do not create shadows around my eyes like I have been in a fight. I even cried the other day and this mascara stayed in place (for the most part. ) There was a tiny bit of black around the corner of my eyes but that is amazing considering with some mascaras I don't need to be crying for this smudge to be created. This mascara really sticks to your lashes and the best part is, it isn't even that hard to remove. I have been using either my Garnier 2-in-1 Eye Makeup Remover or if I am feeling lazy, whatever cleanser I am using that night to remove it and I have had no problems taking it off. Normally if you have a hardy mascara you will struggle to take it off but that isn't the case with this mascara.

This mascara is full of claims, on the packaging for the sample it says, 'Elastic Stretch Technology wraps each individual lash in a volume boosting, lengthening and ultra-conditioning super black cape of power and color, for your strongest, longest, thickest, and most defined lashes.' I mean it literally claims to basically perfect your lashes and you know what I don't even think it is an exaggeration, this mascara literally does all of those things.

For the past 6 months, the word I would use to describe my lashes would be dodgy, they have not been looking their best but they are back on top with this mascara. All I can do is thank Alessandra for recommending such a wonderful product that actually works. I will definitely be buying this in the future and I will be taking a closer look at the IT Cosmetics range, if you have any recommendations, please let me know in the comments or via my social media @SophaaRambles.

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