Monthly Favourites: June

June has been a rather strange month, we have actually had some sun for longer than a week which is literally unheard of in the UK. With the temperature actually reaching tropical instead of lukewarm, I have been suffering with what can only be described as the worst hayfever of my life. To the point where I have actually had to give up running because I cannot breathe after I have been outside for such a long period of time. Despite my problems with the warmer season, this month has been beautiful. I have managed to sit out in my garden, enjoying a BBQ with a jug of Pimms, and spent time with friends, what more could you want? Plus the sunshine makes everyone a little bit happier which can only be a good thing.

This month has seen me tackle, No Spend June, which is one of the only series I do regularly on my blog. I say regularly but this is the second time I have done it. No Spend June is all about spending as little as possible on beauty items. It helps me to use up items in my collection that would usually get ignored, it helps me to save a bit of money and it gives me the chance to see that I really do not need to buy as many beauty products as I do. I would say I succeeded, in total this month I spent less than £30 on beauty products. On the other hand I did go a little bit wild in the sales so the money I was supposed to save, was not saved. Instead it went on items I didn't really need but had been eyeing up for a while. As I have spent hardly any money on beauty this month, any products featured will not have been bought this month, with one exception. Let's get into it shall we as I do have quite a few favourites this month.

Fenty Beauty Primer

I can safely say I never thought I would be including a primer in a favourites. I have used them previously but I've never seen good results from them. Often primers are spoken about as the answer to all your foundation problems but all of the ones I have tried seemed to create more problems than they solved. Any primer I used never managed to change my mind until I started using the Fenty Pro Filt'r Retouch Primer over a month ago. From the moment I started using the primer, I noticed a difference in the way my foundation sat. This primer stops my foundation sinking into places I don't want it to sink (such as my pores) whilst adhering my foundation to my face so it no longer goes patchy. I have quite an oily T-Zone so it is hard to work with but this primer keeps the oils at bay. It is a mattifying primer but it doesn't have a completely horrible matte finish. This works on my oily areas but also works where I have normal skin. I have found previously that matte primers are too drying for my skin but that is not the case with this one at all! It feels more like a cream which is unusual for a primer but I rate it. If you are looking for a new primer I highly recommend giving the Fenty one a go.

Marc Jacobs Bronzer

It was a complete mission to get my hands on this bronzer. I tried to buy it last year as so many people were talking about it but I missed out. This year I wanted to find one even more because it had limited edition packaging which included rose gold accents and rose gold is my thing. I lucked out and managed to get the last one in a Sephora in Nice and even though it was expensive, it has not disappointed. I haven't been using this everyday as I am desperate to finish my Benefit Hoola Bronzer but I have been using this for special occasions and sometimes I have been using it for work but I sort of want to save it.

With no benefit to the actual product, one of my favourite things about this product is that it smells like coconuts. I would possible say that this does not smell like coconut, it isn't creamy enough but I love it anyway. The colour of this bronzer is really universal, it doesn't have a particularly warm or cool tone so basically anyone will get on with it. The powder is very finely milled so it does look natural on the skin and it adds a buildable coverage of colour. I much prefer this bronzer to Hoola and luckily the compact is massive so I won't have to try and buy another one anytime soon as this bronzer sells out quicker than they can stock it. I believe they are bringing this back permanently with the silver detailing. If you have been wanting this bronzer, it is going to be the perfect time to try and buy it. Unfortunately my local Marc Jacobs Beauty counter closed a couple of weeks ago so now Marc Jacobs is going back to an online exclusive brand for me, sad times.

MAC - Kinda Sexy

As part of No Spend June, The Lipstick Pot has been in full operation. All year round I keep my lipstick pot going but during June I limited myself to only using lipsticks from the pot. My lipstick pot contains some of my lesser used lipsticks so that in an ideal world I will use them up and get rid of them. I never realised how long it really takes for you to use up one lipstick so during June I try to get through as many as possible. One of my favourites from the pot this year was Kinda Sexy by MAC. I bought this quite a while ago and sort of forgot about it but since I put it in the pot, I have been using it more and more. It is quite a warm muted coral lipstick which is perfect for Summer. This lipstick looks great with my current go-to makeup which I detailed in my Holiday Makeup post. Kinda Sexy is a matte formula but it is creamy, much like Velvet Teddy. If you are looking for a more summer time appropriate alternative to Velvet Teddy I recommend giving Kinda Sexy a go. As you can see I am quite close to finishing this tube but I will definitely be buying another once I have used up some other lipsticks.

St. Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Mousse 

I've never been one to shy away from the fact that I use fake tan. I am a natural redhead so tanning does not come naturally to me, Plus anyone who knows me in real life can see that one day I will be mega pale and the next I will have a bit of colour. My tan of choice has always been the St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse but this year St. Tropez have launched a new version of the bronzing mousse, the Purity Bronzing Water Mousse. I received a 50ml bottle of the mousse in the ASOS Summer Box which was one of the only beauty items I bought this month! Seeing this tan in the box really pushed me to buy it and I was not disappointed in this tan at all. This tan gives a lovely golden tan which looks natural, it lasts a long time and doesn't seem to go as patchy as my usual tan. Most importantly it smells like a tropical cocktail rather than a digestive biscuit. Of course the biscuit scent does come through the more you wear this tan as the biscuit smell comes from the tanning ingredient but even still it is a much lighter biscuit scent compared to your average tanning product.

Not only is this the best smelling tan I've used but it doesn't stain your bed sheets. Gone are the days when I had to wear a full jammie set to bed in the middle of summer just so I didn't ruin my bed sheets. As soon as I finish my current bottle of the Bronzing Mousse I will definitely be swapping to the Purity Bronzing Water Mousse. I will be doing a full review on this tan so keep your eyes peeled if you are interested in finding out more.

Aspinal of London - Lottie Bag

The whole reason I had to do No Spend June this month is because I did treat myself to a new handbag last month. Prior to sale season, Harvey Nichols do a shopping party where for one day only you get discount on select products. This year the discount was 25% off with an added 10% if you are a Harvey Nichols reward member, which I am. I couldn't pass up this opportunity. I had been looking for a new bag for a wedding I am attending later in the year and I had my eye on an Aspinal Of London bag. I didn't know how much it cost but I had seen it in John Lewis and loved it from the moment I saw it. At full price this was never going to be a bag I was going to purchase but with 35 % off that was something to consider. I thought about it, had a fuck it moment late at night and bought it. This is exactly the bag I had been looking for. I wanted something small but that could hold all my essentials, I wanted it to be nude and I wanted it to be a treat without breaking the bank. This bag was perfect and even a month later, I am still completely in love with it. The craftsmanship is beautiful and it feels luxurious. If you are looking for a new handbag and you want something that not everyone has, with minimal branding, Aspinal of London are worth checking out. If you want more info on the bag, I did do a full blog post which I have linked here: Aspinal of London: Lottie Bag


Sticking to the fashion based pieces, this month I have been loving wearing earrings. For some unknown reason over the past month I have placed more ASOS orders than I have placed in the past year and every order has contained at least one pair of earrings. I am currently obsessed with a brand called Kingsley Ryan who are stocked on ASOS. It is a relatively cheap brand but they create some cute, simple earring designs. I have bought three pairs in the past month which seems excessive now that I have said it. For the past few years I haven't really worn earrings in my lobes. In one of my previous jobs we were only allowed one earring in each ear and as I have other piercings on my ears I had to sacrifice my lobes. However I left that job years ago so I have no idea why that rule has stuck with me. This month I have been making an effort to wear earrings in my lobes and I have actually had quite a few compliments. There is one pair in particular which everyone seems to love and they are a rose gold pair of cut out heart studs. These are probably my favourite as well but I also have a simple pair of silver star studs which I also wear a lot. The final pair I haven't worn yet but I loved the design, they are hoops with little stars that dangle down. I've seen quite a few influencers wearing this type of earring as I believe Charlotte Tilbury sent some as a part of a PR package which everyone seems to have received. I also really like to watch Sam from Pixiwoo on instastories and she wears similar earrings all the time so really I was inspired by Sam. I have been loving wearing earrings again and Kingsley Ryan have made it just that little bit easier with their cute designs. 

Top Sample of the Month - Kiehl's Grapefruit Body Scrub

Despite trying not to spend any money this month on beauty, it doesn't mean that I don't want to try new products. The whole reason I started blogging all those years ago was because I wanted to share my love of products and talk about new ones I had discovered. Not spending money on beauty makes talking about products bloody hard so during No Spend June I take the opportunity to raid my sample stash. The only time I really use them is during hard times. This month I have compiled a series called The Sample Station where I have found full routines, made up of samples and tested the products all together. This has meant that I've gone threw quite a few samples this month, so I thought I would share with you my favourite from the month. Drum roll please, it is the Kiehl's Grapefruit Body Scrub. I have been using the Jo Malone London Geranium & Walnut Body Scrub for the longest time and I've never really tried anything else but I was really impressed by the Kiehl's scrub. It feels quite gentle on the skin but it gets the job done. My skin felt really smooth after I had used this scrub. I loved the light grapefruit scent which is so much more refreshing and lively than the Jo Malone scrub. I didn't think there would be a scrub which could compare to the Geranium & Walnut Body Scrub but the Kiehl's scrub has really opened my eyes. As soon as I am out of No Spend June, I will be picking up a tub of this scrub to keep my skin ready for my fake tan.

Love Island 

I don't normally include what I am watching in my favourite but this month I have been a little bit obsessed with Love Island which you will know if you follow any of my social media. I have literally not stopped tweeting about Love Island this month. I'm one of those rare OG people who have been watching it over the past four seasons, most people only started watching it last year. My mum has been watching it even longer, she remembers when it used to be on back in like 2005, when I was way too young to be watching that sort of thing. I'm not afraid to admit I watch it and enjoy it. I went to a family BBQ the other week and they were slating it and complaining about the people who watch it which is fine. I don't watch it because I want something educational like Blue Planet, I watch it because it is mindless. I can get home from a crappy day at work and take my mind off my own problems by watching other peoples drama. It doesn't go any deeper than that. This year's Love Island is bigger than ever but it has definitely been a slow start in terms of action. We are sort of getting into some drama now but some I think some big personalities have been missing, they are all quite mellow this year. Hopefully this year will continue how it is at the moment but I would say Love Island is a firm favourite this month. Not only do I actually enjoy Love Island but I watch it with my mum and it has been nice to sit down and spend an hour with her, watching TV with a running commentary. I swear we need to be on Google Box.

I'm actually rather surprised by how easy it was to find my favourites this month. I thought it was going to be a struggle as I don't really have any new products but it turns out it was rather easy. As it is literally the last day of the month, there will be no more No Spend June posts. I'm sort of glad as it means I can go back to beauty buying but I did enjoy the challenge. I hope you have enjoyed this month of budgeting on SophaaRambles and I have no doubts that I will be doing the same thing very soon.

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  1. My hayfever has been absolutely awful too, it's so frustrating! Sounds like you've had a great month, that Aspinal bag is beautiful! I've also been addicted to Love Island!
    Hels xx

    1. The worst part about hayfever is that there is literally nothing you can do about it and everyone asks 'have you taken tablets?' that is everyone response but nothing seems to be helping my hayfever this year. Thanks for the comment :) x

  2. Great post! I’ve always wanted to try the Fenty Beauty primer as I’ve heard so many good reviews about it! Love the bag as well the colour is so nice. I have also been obsessed with Love Island!! X

    1. Honestly the Fenty Primer is amazing and I don't even like primers but it has changed my opinion, you should try! x

  3. I'm really struggling in this hot weather we're having with my hayfever and with the fact I burn after a few minutes in the sun haha! These products you've included sound great, you can't beat a good Mac lipstick! I've also been addicted to Love Island this year!

    Jess //

    1. Oh my gosh same! I can not spend any time in the sun or I turn into a lobster. Naturally I have red hair so I just was not made for the sun. x

  4. I really not buying the Fenty primer, I tried it when I was in LA and loved it but I just bought the foundation :( I’ll have to get it next time!
    I love those earrings! :)

    Lainy x

    1. I started out buy using the foundation and I've only just got round to trying the primer. How are you getting on with the foundation? Thanks for your comment x


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