Fenty Beauty: Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer

Everybody has a different morning routine and everyone applies their make up differently. It is a small sense of individually that most people don't even consider. Your makeup is a way of presenting yourself to the world, in the same way that an outfit does. My make up routine is relatively laid back on an every day basis, I go for the same look as I know what works for me. One step that I usually miss out is Primer. Lots of people cannot start their makeup without using a primer but I've never found one that has made it worth my time. Primers are always talked about as these wonder products that make your make up apply better and last longer. Well, I've never seen these results from a primer. For a while I used to use Porefessional by Benefit which did smooth out my skin but my make up didn't last any longer and I was never sure about its silicone texture. I always fell in and out of love with it and eventually I just gave up on it, and primers in general.

I've given primers a good go and just none of them wowed me. I've tried classics like the Maybelline Baby Skin to the Smashbox Primers but none of them have stayed in my collection very long. However one primer has really changed my opinion on primers and it is the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer. When Fenty Beauty was first launched, everyone was talking about the brand and the primer was a big part of this hype. No one had a bad thing to say about the Fenty primer but I was hesitant to try it. I knew I hadn't got on with primers before so what would be different about this one?

Your first question is probably how on Earth did I end up buying the Fenty primer in the first place? Especially if I don't like primers? Well good question. I was in Harvey Nichols Bristol buying another bottle of the Fenty foundation. I was feeling a bit spendy and I knew I needed to be careful shopping in this mood. I simply requested the foundation I wanted and hoped that would be it but within the next 30 seconds I was convinced to try the primer. When I am in the spendy mood, it doesn't take a lot for me to part with my cash but to convince me to get a product I'm not even sure I am going to like, that is pure skill. However not only did the girl convince me to try it by telling me it would stop my foundation from going patchy but I had seen so many reviews online raving about it. You will struggle to find someone on the internet who does not like the primer. Knowing people loved this primer and armed with the knowledge that the sales assistant had given me, I made the snap decision to give it a go.

I have been using it alongside the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation which is currently my foundation of choice. Of course these are designed to go together so technically they should bring out the best qualities of each product and they most certainly do that. The primer is quite a thick formula, surprisingly thick for a primer. Usually they tend to remind me of a gel formula but this feels thicker, more like a cream. The reason I say this feels like a cream is because it sinks in really quickly and it doesn't leave your skin feeling tacky, nor feeling like there is a film on the skin. That is quite unusual for a primer. Usually they feel tacky due to Glycerin or they feel slimy due to silicone, you don't get that feeling from the Fenty Primer. I take half a pump on the back of my hand and apply it using my fingers.

With primers it is key not to use too much or they can have an opposite effect. Instead of helping your makeup last longer, it can actually make it come off quicker. If you just have primer on your face (especially a silicone based primer) there is nothing for the make up to hold on to so it just comes off. Your make up needs to be able to hold on to your skin as well as the primer. With Primers, only use the tiniest amount. As this is a creamy primer, it doesn't spread as well as other primers. That is something to bare in mind. When I first used this I automatically did a whole pump but it really isn't necessary and I wasted a lot of the product.

I tend to only use a primer on my T-Zone as that is the main place I get oily, making it my problem area. The main problem I have with my cheeks is that I touch them which removes my makeup. So it isn't a skin problem, it is user error. Usually primers don't really help this and, to be honest, it is my fault but the Fenty primer has improved the longevity of my makeup and the best part is, I can use it all over my face. As this is a matte primer, it works wonders on my oily T-Zone and I can also apply it to my cheeks without it looking too dry or cakey. I have no idea how but Fenty seem to have managed to create a formula that blurs and mattifies without being drying. Usually I can't use primers for oily skin all over my face as they are too much and take luminosity away from my cheeks. My cheeks are pretty normal but this primer does not exaggerate any texture and it helps my make up last longer. Throughout the day I used to see my bronzer getting slightly patchy but the primer has stopped that.

The only place I do not use this primer is my forehead. This may seem a bit odd but I don't like what this primer does to my frown lines. If I use the primer, it makes my foundation sink further into them and make them more prominent. Yes, I have frown lines at 25 but people displease me so often that I spend most of my time in disbelief which causes frown lines. Surprisingly my lines are not something I like to draw attention to but this primer builds up my foundation more in this area so I don't like to use it too close to my lines. As with any products, this is not going to cure lines. My lines are so deep so they are hard to work with. If you have fine lines you should be good with this primer but if they are deep set, I would avoid using it in these areas.

It has also stopped my oily areas ruining my makeup, especially on my nose and chin. My makeup lasts so much longer. Anyone who also suffers from oily patches will feel the same sense of relief that it is an oil-free primer so it is not going to exaggerate any problem areas. On the Harvey Nichols website under the description of the product it says, 'This oil-free primer smooths away the look of pores, visibly evens skin tone and texture, and instantly absorbs shine without feeling dry or chalky.' This is the best summary of the product and basically the primer does exactly what it says on the tin.

Not only does the Fenty primer have a great formula but it also looks great, the packaging and the actual product really taps into the millennial market. The product itself is a pale pink but don't be fooled, it blends out into nothing and it is undetectable on the skin so anyone can use it. Not only does it make for a very pretty product but it all ties in with the lid and the general theme of Fenty packaging. Even though it is a new brand and the packaging is nothing out of this world, it is very sleek and easily identifiable. I have to say I can't really notice a strong smell about this product which isn't a bad thing. I wouldn't want to put anything overly fragranced on my skin so this is literally perfect for me.

After not understanding the fuss about primers for so long, I finally get it and of course it was Fenty Beauty that managed to change my mind. It went from being a product I wasn't fussed about trying, to my hero product, all after one day of using it. I have now been using it for a month and I still love it as much as the first time I tried it. It smooths your skin, blurs any pores and softens a small amount of texture. It allows your foundation to glide on your skin and most importantly for me, it mattifies my T-Zone. If oil is something you struggle with, I don't know if it would hold really oily skin but it works on my chin which usually can't hold my foundation for more than 2 hours. Not only does it work on my oily skin but it works on the rest of my face too. I must admit I have only tried this with the Fenty foundation so I don't know how it pairs with others. It is designed to work with the Fenty Beauty foundation which could be why I love it so much but only time will tell. At the moment I don't have any other foundations or I would have tested it but I will keep you updated.  This is a universal primer which fits the whole theme of Fenty as a brand. If you are unsure if any primer can actually make a difference to your make up, you need to try the Fenty one!

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