Travel Skincare: Travel Beauty Part One

I am a home body, I love to have my luxuries around me and I also like to feel safe in the knowledge that I have everything I need. All of this makes packing very difficult. I like to know that I am covered for any eventuality but clearly airlines do not have the same concerns as me as they limit your luggage. I understand it is a safety thing but I need my whole life in my luggage.

As you read this, the likelihood is I will have already been away but I am pre-writing so that I can have a genuine break whilst I am out of the country. I am going to France on a Hen Party so as you can imagine, I need quite a bit of stuff. As with any Hen party, there is going to be a lot of drinking. partying and hanging out at the beach. We are also doing some activities. All of this requires separate outfits, shoes and so on. Despite my desperation to buy additional luggage space, no one else in the party agreed with me and I don't want to be the sole reason that everyone else has to wait for my luggage for a long time. This means I am going to have to travel light for the first time in my entire life. I've actually written a blog post about my suitcase and what I have managed to fit into it but today I thought I would take you through my skincare essentials. Travelling is a real test and shows you the products that you love enough to take with you. If I had unlimited luggage I would potentially take an entire bag of beauty items with me but alas that is not the case. In fact it couldn't be more of the opposite. As I am braving taking hand luggage I am very limited as to what I can take on the plane with me. The rules are super strict after an incident which means liquids have to be in a clear bag and separated from your normal bag. Now this sounds simple enough but it is?

After looking up the rules, trying to find out the max allowance, I have been left wondering how on Earth I am going to look my best on this hen party and also what is the definition of a product being a liquid? For example, I wear contact lenses, they are in a solution, does every single lense packet count as one liquid? Additionally where does a cream sit within the liquid allowance, or a gel? They aren't necessarily a liquid but they move? So many questions that I will only find out at the airport. Normally I don't worry about my liquids as I would just put them in the hold but I can't do that this time. I've really had to narrow down the products I use so I am only taking the things I truly need. Today I would like to take you through all the skincare items I deemed worthy of coming with me whilst I had such limited luggage space.

I figured I would start with skincare as there will be a slightly smaller amount of it, in comparison to make up, and you apply skincare before make up so it seemed logical. Whilst I am in the comfort of my own home I use different products for my day and night routines however for this holiday I am going to have to settle on a very minimal and basic routine. I have been saving samples/miniatures of products to take away with me as I knew I would be going away for a couple of days and there would be absolutely no point in taking my full sizes with me. Some of these are products I know and love, and some I will be testing.

The first item is a cleanser. Most people would settle for face wipes as an alternative to a cleanser but I will not take face wipes with me as they absolutely destroy my skin, so a cleanser is the only way I will remove my make up. I wanted a cleanser: I have had used before, which I know can remove both my face makeup and my eye makeup, without leaving my skin feeling stripped. At Christmas I treated myself to my first ever Beauty Advent Calendar and I have been saving some of the products from that to take with me. Advent Calendars give you the perfect travel size products which end up being really useful. I actually used the cleanser as I couldn't wait to test it out, it was the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. I loved it so much that I bought a new mini to take away with me. This balm isn't a liquid so it won't count towards my liquid allowance, plus it does everything I said I wanted my cleanser to do. I was really impressed when I used this so I couldn't think of a better cleanser to take with me. If you want to try this balm or you are going on your holidays and want a mini, they sell them in Marks and Spencer for £10. Not the cheapest mini but it is certainly effective.

On a normal day, I would usually use a spritz of MAC Fix + just to refresh my face however that is most certainly not necessary so the Fix + stays at home. Skipping that step leads me straight to my eye cream. I have been saving this little eye cream for a while. Do you know how hard it is to come across a travel friendly eye cream? I literally have not found one for sale anywhere. So when I received a sample size of the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream I kept it knowing I would need it for this trip. This sample came as part of a gift with purchase and I have kept it for quite a while. I've always wanted to try this cream as Advanced Night Repair is a must have product for me so I've always wanted to test more from the range. As I am writing this before I go away I really can't tell you about my experience with the eye cream but I have only ever heard good things about it. Currently I am still using the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment so I'm hoping the Advanced Night Repair eye cream is going to be just as good.

Speaking of Advanced Night Repair, my next item is the Serum. I literally cannot be without this serum. I use it every single day and when I don't use it, I do see a difference. Even though it is called Advanced Night Repair, there is no reason you can't use it throughout the day as well. Usually I use The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid in the morning but for this trip I am treating myself to ANR, all day, every day. I actually have two of the mini size ANR serums: I got one as part of the Gift With Purchase that I got the mini eye cream in and one from Alessandra Steinherr, who was giving away a certain amount of free samples. I will only need one whilst I am away but this is such a handy size for travelling. ANR helps with skin renewal which mostly helps to fight the signs of ageing but it also helps with your skins radiance and hydration. All in all, ANR is a hero product which is a must try for any beauty lover. Previously I have always had to go on holiday without it, so I am thrilled to be able to take this away with me.

The final product for my holiday routine is a moisturiser and I have to admit this is where I struggled as I like different products for day and night. For day, I like something light and hydrating but for night I like something thicker and more restorative. As it is only 3 days I didn't think I could go wrong by taking any moisturiser as I will be back to my normal routine in no time. In the end I went for a lighter gel so it would be good to use in both the morning and night. Recently I received a sample of the L'Occitane Aqua Reotier Gel from the Glamour Beauty Club. I have been loving this gel and the general effect it has had on my skin. My skin looks refreshed and more hydrated after I have used this. When I wrote my review I said that this is a perfect travel size and as I wrote that it dawned on me that I should have saved this for my trip so I stopped using it and put it aside with the intention of finishing it whilst I am away. You really don't need much and I have about half the tub left so this should keep me going whilst I am away.

I was going to do an overall beauty packing post but it turns out, even writing about skincare alone, is too long for just one post so I have split it into two. If you want to see the make up bits I am taking with me then come back on Monday and there will be a dedicated post. In an ideal world I would have taken a second mosituriser but oh well. The key for this was minimisation whilst taking as few liquids as I can. I will give a little review of how this routine works out for me over on my Intsagram so go give it a follow to see if these products work together, my Instagram is SophaaRambles.

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