Travel Makeup: Travel Beauty Part Two

I definitely really struggle when it comes to packing my make up for a holiday. I mean, I generally suck at packing but I always find make up/beauty packing hard. Like everyone else, I want to look my best on my holidays which requires a lot of makeup and a lot of clothes. I always have a vision of me looking like one of those Instagram models but in reality I look like a pale, skinny, Earth worm who has finally seen the sun after 10 years.

Even though I want to take everything I own with me, it just isn't possible, so I have to really consider everything I take with me. Plus this is the first time I have travelled only using hand luggage which massively limits me and the amount of beauty products I can take. Not only does my suitcase have to be a certain size but I have to be able to carry it and the liquid allowance is very strict. Considering make up is not the only products I need to bring with me, I also need: Skincare, deodorant, suncream, haircare and such, the struggle is rather real. Before I went away I thought you could only take 10 liquid items with you on the plane so whilst I was packing I was trying to avoid liquids. As I was away I found out you could take as many liquid items with you as you want, as long as the total amount is less than 1 litre and they are smaller than 100ml. Whilst I was packing, thinking I could only take 10 items, this really influenced what I took with me. I tried to take products which were really important, that I couldn't buy at the airport and that would be running out soon so I could ditch them in France and not have to bring them back. Not only did the liquid allowance affect my packing decisions but I simply did not want to take too much with me so I wanted products which were multi-use.

On Friday, I took you through the skincare items I took with me on my holiday, so this is a part two post. Now I am going to take you through the make up. I wrote the bulk of this before I went away but as you can tell there have been some revisions since I got back so I hope all of this makes sense. I wrote this before in hope that it would work as a list but in the end I actually took less with me than I originally planned. Usually as I am packing I have a massive meltdown, thinking I am taking too much, and ask myself if I need stuff and I end up taking out things that I later regret. Does anyone else do that? Well I had a wobbly so my make up was at a bare minimum whilst I was away.

Starting with my base makeup, the big one is foundation. I have two foundations I love: Estee Lauder Double Wear and Fenty Beauty Pro' Filtr but neither of these are your typical holiday foundations. Usually people opt for a light, dewy base and I would have loved to have used that type of product but not only do I not feel that confident in my skin but it was very lucky I did go for a fuller coverage as I had a massive breakout of giant spots all of my chin. Exactly what I needed, a massive breakout. There is nothing that ruins your holiday confidence like some bloody massive spots. I have completely run out of my Double Wear and I am waiting for payday to get a new bottle so I ended up taking my Fenty Beauty foundation. I actually have a new bottle waiting to be opened as my bottle is close to running out and that was the second reason I favoured it over Double Wear. I figured I could just ditch the rest of the bottle in France if I had any problems with liquids on the way back. I would have preferred Double Wear just because it does have a slightly fresher, less matte finish and it is longer wearing but I had run out so that wasn't an option. Even though Fenty was my second choice, it is still one I am very happy with. I have the shade 140 which is a perfect match for me, I love the finish, it is slightly more velvet looking than Double Wear and it lasts well. Ideally I would have liked to have taken a non-liquid foundation but I haven't really tried any so I just settled with what I had, plus I know the Fenty foundation works for me.

There was an obvious choice for concealer, Studio Finish from MAC. I've been using this concealer for over a year now and I love it. It covers everything but doesn't look too cakey. I use it to cover any redness and also my under eye circles. I'm not going to focus on the concealer as I've spoken about it a thousand times, if you want to find out more about it, I did write a review so I will link here: Concealer: MAC Vs. Estee Lauder

The rest of my base products are all powder products. At the moment I am using the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent. I have also been using the La Mer Loose Powder but that is way too big to come with me. I get quite oily in my t-zone and this powder helps to combat that. For Bronzer I will be taking Benefit Hoola. Hoola is my bronzer of choice and has been for around a year. You do have to go careful with Hoola as it can end up looking patchy but the key is to tap the brush first. The colour of Hoola is great when I have tanned the rest of my body and I need to even out my face a little bit as I don't tan my face.

Another product I will be taking is the new Gold Rush Blush from Benefit. I have been loving this blush as it adds a bit of colour and it has a soft golden shimmer running through it which gives a healthy glow but without being too much. On days when I don't want a blinding highlight but I want a healthy look, I just use this blush which makes it perfect for holiday. I have the mini blusher so it doesn't take up too much room in my makeup pouch which was also important. The final base product is highlight and I decided to go with the MAC Hyper Real Glow Palette which is relatively new. I wanted to have different highlight options for different days and also for different parts of my body. When it is a sunny day and I'm heading to the beach, I love a golden highlight but on a normal day I like something more pink toned. This palette contains both of these two shades which is the reason I packed it over any of my other highlighters. The formula of the MAC highlighters is incredible: they are super buttery and blend beautifully. This palette was well worth the investment and was perfect for my holiday.

That completes my base. The products I have included for my base are the ones I use daily but my eye make up changes a lot more than my base. The biggest problem I had whilst packing my makeup was considering which eye shadow palette I was going to pack and in the end I didn't take one. The pressure got too much. You know at the beginning when I mentioned a packing meltdown, well, the meltdown was caused by a palette. I was thinking about taking the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette as it has been my go to palette recently but then I wasn't sure how it would work for evening and then I decided I couldn't even be bothered with one. In the end I worked out I could use products I had already packed for a simple eye look. I love using highlight on my eye lids so I decided I could use the MAC palette all over and then to give depth, I would just use my bronzer. Some days I do this anyway as I love the ease of the look so I decided it would be a good way of minimising my make up and also it would stop me from taking too long labouring over eye shadow. In the end I was very happy with my decision.

For nights out (which there were definitely a few) I wanted to create a more dramatic look. With the products I had already packed it wouldn't have been possible so I decided to take an eye liner with me. My favourite liner is the Highliners from Marc Jacobs as it is a gel formula. These pencils are super creamy and they smudge easily up until when they dry but after that, they aren't moving. I find this pencil really easy to work with and it is jet black so it creates a dramatic look. I have the full size which I normally use but I also have a mini version which I received as a Gift with Purchase. It was the perfect size for a holiday and my small handbag I was using. The smaller liner enabled me to take the liner with me when we went out in case of any top ups.

One item I did not feel confident taking with me was the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I had been testing it out, ready to take with me and I just did not like it. Previously I had just finished the full size Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara so I hoped the original version would be better but I still didn't like it. I wasn't sure whether to suck it up and take it as it was open or to start testing one of the other travel size mascaras I have. In the end I decided I didn't want to take the Too Faced Mascara and as I was getting my eye liner out of my draw, I found a Marc Jacobs mascara sample so I decided to test it. It is the Velvet Noir Major Mascara. I only opened it a few days before I went away so I didn't have a full opinion on it before I left but I knew I preferred it to the Too Faced mascara. The Marc Jacobs mascara had its faults but I am pleased it was the mascara which came with me. I will be writing a review on it eventually as part of my mascara series.

I decided to only take one brow product with me. The day before we left, I had my brows threaded so they now have shape instead of looking like furry caterpillars over my eyes. As they have been tamed, it isn't as vital for me to use a brow gel to keep them in place. As I didn't need it. I didn't bring it with me and I only took a pencil. I always use the Soap and Glory 2 in 1 Brow Pencil in Brownie Talk as it is a good colour and the nib is super thin so it is easy to add shape to my brows. I pencil them in just to make them a little bit more full and to help any sprase areas.

The final product was the only lip product I took with me. Now this was very hard as lipstick is my thing. In the first instance I managed to narrow it down to three lip products: the Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Venus, the Miley Cyrus Viva Glam 2 MAC Lipstick and Chanel Coco Rouge Shine in Boy. With this selection I had everything covered: a nude, a red and a balm. However after I had decided on these three lip products, my friend told me we were only allowed to take 10 liquid items and lipsticks were included so I had to narrow it down to only one. I couldn't let lipsticks take up a third of my allowance, that would be mad. In the end I decided it had to be a nude so the Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick made the cut. I always get compliments when I wear it, it is long lasting and not overly drying so that was it, decision made.

I have to say looking at how small this list is makes me feel proud. I actually cannot believe I managed to narrow it down to such a minimal amount of products. It just shows I don't need as many products as I use on an ordinary day. Obviously this is just my travel makeup, there are still the boring items such as hair straighteners and my clothes, which I spoke about in my first packing post which was posted on Wednesday last week. That post was followed by a post all about my skincare routine on Friday. I will link both of this posts below so that if you want to check them out you can. I hope this little packing series has helped any of you who are travelling this summer and I hope it has given you a few ideas on how you can reduce the amount of items you are taking with you. Don't think that the holiday posts are over, I still have a post coming about the Hen Party experience and also a post about a little Sephora Haul I did whilst in France.

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