Ted Baker: Junnie Jacket

There is nothing more satisfying than saving up for an item and when the day finally comes that you can treat yourself to it. All those really shit days at work, all the times you couldn't buy something else because you were saving; all of a suddenly, they seem worth it.  I will be the first to admit that I am quick to treat myself when there is an item I want. I work long days and my job isn't always the easiest so I regularly treat myself with the money I earn.

There is one item that has been on my wishlist for a ling time! It is rare for an item which is practical and a reasonable amount of money to make my wishlist. Since October last year I have been eyeing up the Junnie Jacket from Ted Baker. As you may know, if you've been a long time reader, I do love a cheeky bit of Ted Baker. The brand really do encompass my style. For the most part, Ted Baker has very classic shapes and styles with a modern yet sophisticated touch. There is something very elegant about each Ted Baker piece. Plus you can tell the amount of thought that has gone into even the little details of each item they create. I have to admit, some of the more patterned pieces are a little bit too much for me. However I absolutely adore their coats and jumpers. 

The Ted Baker Wrap Coat style seems to be on everyone this year and it is a coat I have treated myself to in the past, both in the camel colour and the black. I can understand why it is so popular. It is a classic style which will always remain relevant, it looks good and it instantly elevates any outfit underneath. Even though I only tend to wear jeans when I am wearing these coats, the coat stops me from looking really casual. The wrap coat has been the style I have bought for the past two years but this year I wanted something different.

If you can't tell I love coats and jackets but I felt like something was missing, I would wear my wrap coats and they are warm but not quite warm enough. As we have had a lot of snow this Winter I decided I needed a warmer Winter coat and that was how I found the Junnie jacket in the first place. I had been looking for a sort of puffer style jacket for a long time but as I am very petite lady, the struggle is real. These sorts of coats always look bulky on me, even if I do manage to find a small size and don't get me started with hoods. I literally can't have a hood on any coat as they are always way too big so not only do they blind me but the cover my entire face. Good for when I am trying to avoid people, bad for when I am trying to get around. When I was browsing the internet and saw the Junnie jacket, it seemed perfect.

The reason I wanted this jacket was because it is completely different to anything else I own. I've never had one of these quilted jackets but I know they were super popular back in the day. Everyone at my school/Uni used to have the same Jack Wills coat which I never really liked. I couldn't get on board with the trend but now I have managed to find the Ted Baker jacket which is a similar style but one I can get on board with. The quilting design is a little bit more modern than the chequer board style of the Jack Wills version and this striping reminds me more of the Moncler style. In between these little pockets of material is Duck Feathers so even though this coat is quite thin, and very lightweight, it is super warm.

On the Ted Baker website they give the description of the coat, 'sleek and stylish, Ted's Junnie quilted jacket is everything you need for colder months or mountain vacations.' This coat has been amazing for the colder weather but I'm not sure it would be a mountain holiday coat, but that's not to say it isn't, I can't imagine me on a mountain holiday. This coat does make me feel fancy though and isn't that what luxury is all about, the way it makes you feel? When I wear this coat I can imagine myself sat in a Ski hut, drinking an alcoholic beverage, watching everyone else ski. When I met up with my friends recently we were talking about skiing. I've never been and I said to them if they see a picture of me skiing, know it is all a lie. I will probably have been sat in the bar all day doing nothing. However now I have my coat so that I can look good in my fake pictures, so I am ready. Nope skiing isn't for me but the clothes definitely are.

I first tried this around October last year but the one they had in store had a mark on it and for that amount of money, I was not buying it in that condition. Eventually Ted Baker has 30% off so I tried to buy it then but after a untimely problem with a credit card, my size sold out as we were checking out. After that the jacket was sold out in my size and I gave up hope. I wanted the Junnie Jacket for Christmas but after all this hassle I decided to get an All Saints jacket instead. However I still kept this jacket in mind as something I wanted to look for in the future. To cut a long story short, Ted Baker had 25% off at the end of March so I finally took the opportunity to get this jacket as I had been lusting after it for so long.

There are so many different reasons why this coat appealed to me so much but mainly it was down to the fit. Even though this jacket has that puffer coat style it isn't bulky at all, in fact, it is remarkably thin. This means the jacket doesn't add too much volume to my top half so I don't look like the coat has eaten my top half and is still trying to finish off my legs. Not only is it not a bulky jacket but it fits just snug. I actually got a size 1, so I didn't get the smallest size. I did try a size 0 and it did fit but I wouldn't have been able to wear bulky jumpers underneath which would be no good for Winter. In the end I decided a size 1 would be better. 

There isn't a single part of the fit that I would change, if I could. One of the main reasons this jacket fits my petite frame is due to the belt. The coat is fitted anyway but the belt just pulls it in that little bit more. I have quite a small waist but I have a bum which is something I do like to highlight and the belt helps to create that shape. The shape is emphasised by the fact the coat cuts off just above my bum. This is the reason I fell for this jacket as it is rare for a jacket to fit that well. However there are a few of the little Ted Baker touches that really cemented my want for this coat.

When you look at this coat, there is one thing that really stands out, the fur collar. The fur is fake obviously, but it is definitely a key element to the coat. When my brother originally saw the jacket, he hated the fur but he said he has grown to like it more which is a rare analysis from the brosef. Personally I really like it and it gives me that little bit of extra warmth, which is good for me as I tend to run cold all of the time. Not only is it the fur that extra detail that makes the coat but I love the gold hardware and the fact that the zips have the signature T on them. I think it is the little details that make the garment.

As I said I bought this whilst Ted Baker has 25% off at the end of March so I have had it for a good number of weeks which has given me enough time to really test out the coat. Needless to say I am as in love with this jacket as I thought I was going to be. It is really easy to just throw on and I know it is going to keep me warm. There is only one problem with this coat and that is that it is dry clean only. However my other Ted Baker coats are the same so it doesn't make a huge difference to me. As I had been wanting this jacket for so long, it is such a great feeling to finally have been able to treat myself to it and for me to love it as much as I hoped I would. Ted Baker is easily one of my favourite brands and even though it isn't designer, it is still that little bit of luxury I can afford.

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