Primark Haul: Ready for Holiday

You know that sense of panic that comes over you when you are taking inventory of the items you want to take on holiday with you but you simply do not have enough or what you have is simply no good. Well that panic had well and truly set in for me the other day. After finally deciding on the tiny suitcase I was going to take with me, I realised I hadn't really bought any Summer clothes since I last left the country which was back in the summer of 2016. As it was the big America trip I couldn't afford to go away last year but this year I am leaving the UK to go to France.

As I haven't left the country, there has been no need to buy Summer clothes as we literally only see a week of sun in the UK. However as I was trying to pick out clothes for France, I was at a bit of a loss as to what I was going to take with me. This lead me to booking a day off work to get my ass into Bristol City Centre to get some bits for my holiday. For those of you who haven't been reading my blog all month, you won't know that I have been on a strict spending ban, I literally had no money left. Not only did I have to pay off the holiday but a untimely MOT and service of my car turned out to be more costly than I wanted it to be. All of this has lead me to being relatively poor for the entire month of April. Where do you go if you are super poor but you need clothes. Primark of course!

Not too long ago I did a Primark haul and I said I didn't really shop in there but recently I have found myself in there quite a few times. I've said it before but I am quite lucky to live in Bristol, it is actually quite a nice city and it houses a massive Primark. For the most part, Primark scares me as it is so big and overwhelming so I pick the times I decide to visit. If I have a day off I will usually go into town and if not, I will only go into Primark as soon as it opens on a Saturday as it isn't as busy and it is relatively tidy. As it was a weekday, it actually wasn't too bad and by some miracle I actually found some pieces for my holiday. My basket ended up being a gigantic £18, I know I really pushed the boat out on this one. For the large sum of £18 I managed to get: 2 tops, 1 pair of sandals and a necklace. 3 of these items were necessary, one was not, I'll let you guess which the latter is.

In my head France is a lot warmer than the UK at all times of the year but in reality, I'm not sure that is the case. However one of the girls I am going away with has been keeping us up to date on the weather forecast and apparently it is not looking good. I was hoping to wear little Summer dresses and look cute but I think the reality is, I am going to be in jeans and T-Shirts. I didn't walk into Primark with the intention of buying 2 tops but it happened. I was on the look out for some cute crop tops and when I saw these, they were exactly what I had been hoping for. I had been eyeing up a crop top of a similar design from All Saints. Now, I love All Saints and I do regularly buy clothes there but when I saw that the crop top was £40, even I thought it was a bit much! I did consider buying it anyway but then I thought better of it and luckily I did as I found a version which is basically the same from Primark. The main difference is the price, this top from Primark was £4, 10x cheaper than the All Saints top. Admittedly the All Saints one did come in a baby pink colour but I am really happy with the two colours I got from Primark. I originally saw the black version and immediately picked it up in a size 4. I wear a lot of black and even though black isn't a colour I tend to wear on holiday, I thought it would be good for the warmer weather in the UK. The second colour is more unusual for me, it is a light sky blue which called to me whilst I was in store. As it was £4 I thought I would try it and I am glad I did. I have actually worn this top since I bought it and the colour suits my current hair colour rather well. It highlights some of the blonde tones within my hair making it look a bit lighter and making me look Summer ready. This blue will be perfect with a pair of white jeans and tan sandals which leads me to my third item rather nicely.

I need to get something off my chest, I think sliders are the worst thing to have happened to fashion since Crocs. I honestly can't stand them. I understand they are an easy equivalent of the flip flop, I respect that, however I hate that people have taken to wearing them on a everyday basis and the worst is when they are paired with socks. I used to work in a store where people would wear them to work and it was deemed acceptable as they were designer. I honestly though it was mad and thought they should put their feet away. I am not a foot person, I think they are gross which could be the reason I love shoes so much. Flip flops and sliders seem gross to me, unless you are near a pool which is the only real time you should wear them in my eyes. This opinion restricts me to wearing sandals during the Summer months.

For Summer I have always appreciated a good pair of sandals but the last time I bought a pair was to go to America. I love the sandals and I got a lot of compliments on them but they are quite bulky. Considering I am on a strict baggage allowance, I wanted to look for something smaller. I actually managed to find a pair I liked in Primark. I have never had a tan pair of sandals before but that was what I wanted. I currently have a lot of white and light colours in my wardrobe which I always think looks better with tan. I actually saw these sandals with white and black rope detailing, loved them and decided to hunt down a tan pair. They only had one size 4 left and they came home with me. I couldn't be bothered to try them in store so I waited until I got home. Realistically I am a 4 and a half in shoes but annoyingly Primark don't do half sizes so my feet literally just fit these sandals but I have worn them and I do really like them. They do have potential to be uncomfortable as the bit that goes in between your toes is rather large, so it can rub but like all shoes, they just need to be worn in a little bit. These do claim to be real leather, I didn't know a pair of real leather shoes could retail for the price of £8 so I do question how much of these is leather but oh well, they were only £8. These are a lot smaller and lighter than my old sandals so that gives me more space to take another top I do not need. The rope detailing on these sandals reminded me of some of the Sam Edelman Sandals but for a fraction of the price. I liked that these were quite basic but there was a small amount of detail from the rope. If you aren't a fan of tan then they do these sandals in multiple colours so they are worth hunting out in your local Primark.

The final item was one I didn't really need but I bought it anyway. I must have been on bit of a shopping buzz as when I got home I wasn't as sure about it as I had been in store. The final item is a necklace. I did have a reason behind buying it which is possibly why I was blinded to the hideous chain. The reason I was interested in getting a cheap necklace was so I didn't have to wear my Pandora Necklace. I would be gutted if I lost my Pandora necklace as it was my treat item with my first paycheck from my current job. I wanted a cheap necklace so I wouldn't have to worry about anything happening to my nice one. I love rose gold jewellery so this necklace seemed very in keeping with the rest of my jewellery but in store I did not notice how chunky the chain is, all I noticed was the cute design. I hate this sort of chain as I think it really highlights how cheap the necklace is which is unfortunate as I love the design. I think I will use this for it's intended purpose as I have no reason not to but I am glad this was only £2 as I will potentially ditch this in France as I can't see myself wearing it once I am back.

So that concludes the first part of my haul but I actually made another trip to Primark that very weekend after the previous shop and picked up a few more pieces. Once again I didn't get much but one item I desperately needed but did not want to spend too much money on as I knew it would be something I would never wear again. Even though I could have made this into two posts, I have quite a few topics I want to talk about so I have made it into one.

I'll start with the item I needed. I am not a massive sports person, I run regularly but that is something I do by myself or with my mother. Oganised sports has never been something that has interested me. When I was at University I actually did Pole Fitness and I loved it, it is the only sports class I have enjoyed but when I moved home from University I couldn't find a class to go to which fit with my work pattern. On the hen party, we are actually doing a pole dancing class so I have a bit of a head start. Back in the day when I used to do it, they always said it was easier with minimal clothing as your skin can hold the bar better. As I haven't done it in a few years the clothes I used to wear no longer fit me so I had to find some new stuff. My running clothes would be no good as they cover too much skin. A normal top is fine but I needed some shorts. I can safely say after this hen party I will never wear these shorts again so I didn't want to spend too much. In Primark, they had these shorts for £2.50, yes they look like something a 15 year old chav would wear but that's ok with me. 

My friend and I were looking around and all I had in my hand was those bloody shorts and, I know I was in Primark, but it seemed a bit stupid to only be spending £2.50. I had a look around and nothing really caught my eye until we were at the underwear. I've never been one to shy away from sharing my underwear purchases on my blog and even though this set is only from Primark, I think it is cute and I am going to share it. I wouldn't buy my everyday bras from Primark as I like support but I adore their triangle bras, they have some really cute designs and they are cheap. Triangle bras are the bras I wear on the weekends when I am not leaving the house and I want to be comfy. Primark haven't had any I liked for a while but when I was in there buying the shorts, I saw the set pictured above and I loved it. In total, the bra and pants cost £13.50, who can turn up their nose at that. I love the dark grey and I think the light floral pattern is feminine but not too much. My favourite part is the back of the bra, it crosses over at the top and has some of the lace across the cross over. I really liked it and thought this would be great for under baggy tops. This will not be coming on holiday with me as this is not the sort of bra I would wear with my holiday clothes but I know will get a lot of use out of this when I am back in the UK. 

That concludes my Primak Haul for my holiday. Other than the necklace, I love every single item I bought and I am slowly finding my love for Primark again. For a while I couldn't stand it and I thought large Primark hauls were ridiculous but now I know the way to make store work for me, it had made shopping in there so much easier.

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