Missguided Haul

Back when I was a poor student, a Primark Haul would be an occasional treat as I literally had no money. Like all students, I struggled to get by on a day-to-day basis. After leaving University and starting work, I have learnt to appreciate the finer things in life so gone are the Primark hauls and I am now more selective with the items that make their way into my wardrobe.

However this month, I do not know what came over me: not only did I do my biggest Primark Haul that I've done in years (admittedly anything over £20 is my biggest haul) but I have also gone HAM on the Missguided website. I do actually buy from Missguided quite frequently but usually it is for my going out clothes and the occasional top or jumper but that is it. The most I had spent in one go would have been around £40 but this month I doubled that record. I spent around £90 on clothes from Missguided which is nothing for a lot of people who are fans of the current trend on Youtube of 'I Spent £... On Missguided.' People spend crazy amounts only to wear it for the video. I do like watching these videos and it is probably the reason I spent quite a bit of money on Missguided, after I had seen so many people buying some great pieces. My big question is how much of it gets sent back? People say they aren't going to keep the items they don't like but do they also send back some of the items they like? Maybe they don't get the wear out of it or maybe they simply can't afford to really spend over £300 on these sorts of websites. I most certainly cannot spend £300 on these sorts of websites so there is no shade here, I just want to know what happens with it all!

Not only can I not afford to spend a ridiculous amount of money on somewhere like Missguided but I wouldn't want to. That is not a treat. Yes I could basically redo my entire wardrobe but the clothes aren't exactly the peak of quality. With Missguided and any of these sorts of websites, you get what you pay for.

As you will see through out this post there is a theme to my haul, much like my Primark Haul from the other week, it is mostly casual clothes. The sort of clothes that I wear around the house or on a day that I might be popping out for 10 minutes. None of these clothes are built to last nor for longevity in your wardrobe. I guess I should actually get into the haul. I actually did two orders as Missguided had two different offers within the same week. At the start of the week they had 30% off dresses and at the end of the week it was 20% off everything. I will quickly point out that the only time I order from Missguided is when they have some kind of discount, I would never pay full price for anything unless I was completely obsessed with it. Also I feel cheated if I have paid full price as I know, at some point, they will definitely have discount.

So anyway my first order was made when it was 30% off dresses. I had a dress saved on my wishlist which I wanted for when I next go out or for when I go to France in the not too distant future. I have been looking for a dress in a similar style for a long time and this was exactly what I had been looking for. It is called the Navy Cami Ruched Split Side Midi Dress. I have wanted a side split dress for ages but they are hard to come by in a respectable style. A lot of the splits come up too high and leaves me one move away from showing off ALL that I've got which isn't what I want. This split comes up quite high but I don't fear that my vagina is going to be out saying hello to people. I love that this is Navy as it goes well with my colouring and my newly lightened hair. I've tried this and I love it. It was £25 but with 30% off it was £17.50 which is well worth it. I did try to take a picture of me wearing this but it was too difficult so I had to take the picture from the Missguided website.

In addition to the dress I also bought the Pink Slogan Lover Night Sweatshirt. I had been eyeing this up for ages and it kept selling out. I originally saw Toff from Made in Chelsea wearing this on her Instagram and I liked it but the more unavailable this jumper was, the more I wanted it. When I was ordering the dress this was finally in stock so I went for it. I was reluctant to buy it as I was unsure about the fit. I am a very petite lady in every sense of the word so anything oversized automatically resembles a tent on me. Missguided make their clothes in a size 4 which is amazing for tiny people like me. This jumper is big, as it is meant to be but it isn't overly big. I was actually really pleased with the fit. I have been wearing this in the evenings when I can't be bothered to put anything else on. I was pleasantly surprised but the quality, it has a fleecy lining so it is very soft, comfortable and it makes it quite a thick jumper. I was expecting a cheap sweatshirt material that resembled a towel on the inside but this wasn't as cheap as I would expect from Missguided but that increase in price has been reflected in the quality of the garment. I think the almost letterman style sleeves combined with the cute pink makes it a feminine look crossed with a masculine fit. This isn't a jumper I would wear out of the noise but I sure do love it. This was £25 and I didn't get any discount because it was 30% off dresses but as I had saved quite a bit on the dress, I didn't mind not getting anything off the jumper. Plus I knew if I didn't buy it then, it would just go out of stock.

That completes the first shop. Whilst I placed this order there was another item I wanted which wasn't in stock in my size so I had to give it a miss. However at the end of the week Missguided were offering 20% off the entire website and the item I wanted was back in stock. In my mind this was a sign that I needed it in my life so I decided to place my second order of the week.

The top in question was part of the collaboration Missguided did with Nabilla. I can safely say I have no idea who Nabilla is but when I was scrolling through the new in section I noticed the White Jersey Round Neck T-Shirt and it had my name all over it. It has a little embroidery cherry on the left side. As you might have read, at the moment I am loving a Basic White Top with a small bit of embroidery detail and at £12 I couldn't pass up this top. Not only is it the exact style I am loving at the minute but it also reminded me of a similar top I want from The Kooples. At the moment I am loving everything The Kooples has to offer and in particular they have two tops (a black and white version) which are covered in embroidery cherries. I really want one but at £85 I think I'm going to have to wait for sale season. As a much cheaper alternative I thought the Missguided version was perfect. Like the Lover Sweatshirt I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this top. At £12 I assumed it was going to be see through but it isn't at all. It is quite a thick material so your bra doesn't peak through. Overall I really like this top and I am pleased to have bought it.

My second item of the haul was a pair of jogging bottoms from the Barbie x Missguided collection. I had been eyeing them up for ages and with 20% off it seemed like a good time to get them. I originally wanted the pink ones but they didn't have a size 4 so I went for the grey instead. When they arrived I was actually quite disappointed considering these were supposed to be £28, more expensive than the jumper I had purchased in my first shop, these feel so much cheaper. I expected them to have the same fleecy, soft lining but they were the sort of towel lining I had expected to be inside the jumper. The joggers are quite thick but they are no where near as good as I thought they would be. To me it seems like they are more expensive because they have Barbie written on them which does seem a tad much. The other joggers which aren't branded cost £18 on Missguided which seems a little bit more reasonable. Not only is the quality not there for the price but they are a tad too big, I would have preferred something a bit tighter. Don't get me wrong I will still wear them and I love that the waist comes up quite high to cover my podge pouch but they are a bit wide around my legs and a bit long. I've put a picture of me wearing them at the end so let me know what you think.

The final item I bought was a dress. An emergency dress. I didn't really need it but I thought it would come in handy. I actually have a dress exactly like it which I got from ASOS a few years ago. The black dress is my go to dress for date night or fancy meals out but it is starting to look a bit tired so I decided to try the rose one from Missguided. It literally looks the same, the exact same style, just a different colour and a lower price. I think I actually did an ASOS Haul at the time so I will link that here. I love the style of this dress as it is simple, doesn't show off too much skin but shows of enough of my body/shape so I feel confident. The fabric isn't very thick on the top half so a nude bra is a must with this rose colour but the bottom half has a double lining effect due to the flap on the front. Normally this shade of pink is perfect for me, when I have my natural auburn hair but now that I've gone more blonde, this shade doesn't look quite as good. I am really pleased I bought this dress but it might sit around for a while until my hair sorts itself out and I go back to my natural colour.

That completes my haul. I know it was only 5 items but Missguided is not always as cheap as some of its rivals. I really like Missguided, I always have but as I said at the beginning I would never do an over the top, massive haul as that just isn't what I wear regularly. You might be pleased to know that I kept everything I bought which might not be a surprise as I am selective about what I buy. If you are looking to buy from Missguided for the first time my only advice would be, you get what you pay for and wait until they have some kind of discount, as they have offers quite often.

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