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I speak about it quite regularly and I have written quite a few posts about it but for those of you who are new, I am signed up to the Glamour Beauty Club. The Glamour Beauty Club is a sample scheme where they send you an email whenever they have something they think you will like, you test it and give feedback. It is literally as simple as that! At first I was hesitant to sign up but now I couldn't be more thrilled that I did. It is completely free and if you are a blogger or a beauty junkie it is a great way of trying products you are interested in and products that you might not have necessarily picked out for yourself.

The latest sample offering from the Glamour Beauty Club is easily a product I would never have tried without being offered a sample. L'Occitane are a brand I don't think I've ever bought for myself. I don't know why because all the products I have tried I have loved but I just never find myself heading into the store. L'Occitane does make the perfect gift, the products are always well presented, it isn't overly expensive but you wouldn't necessarily buy it for yourself. L'Occitane create a very diverse range of scents throughout their bodycare range so there is something for everyone, my personal favourites are the Cherry Blossom scent and they also have an Almond range which is widely spoken about on Youtube. The product I've seen the most online is the Almond Shower Oil which I have had in the past and it is a wonderful product. So I have tried L'Occitane before but in the past I have only ever used their bodycare. Even though L'Occitane makes a great gift, skincare doesn't and it is a little bit too personal so no one would ever buy me it which is why I have never tried it. That was until the Glamour Beauty Club offered me a sample of the Aqua Reotier Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel. When I received the offer email I jumped at the chance to try this as Aqua gels are having a moment in the beauty industry and I have always been curious about the product type in general.

Skincare seems to be going through a phase of ultimate hydration at the moment with brands like Glamglow and Peter Thomas Roth launching similar products within recent months. I have always loved the idea of these products but I've never got round to trying them so I was thrilled when the email came through. All of these gels/serums contain high levels of Hyaluronic acid which is amazing for helping with the hydration levels of your skin. In a gel/serum Hyaluronic acid only attracts hydration tn the surface of the skin, unfortunately using products like these are only a temporary fix, only derma fillers help with fine wrinkles and such but with regular use they can help the surface of your skin. I have been using the Hyaluronic acid from The Ordinary for the past few months which is only a 2% serum but I have seen an improvement in my skin. Normally during Winter I struggle with dry patches on certain places of my face but this Winter, since I started using The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid, this hasn't happened. 

The Aqua Reotier gel is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid but it doesn't say how much and it also contains 'Reotier' water. I have no idea what this means but it sounds exciting. The description given by the Glamour Beauty Club about this product was that it is 'formulated with Calcium-rich water from the Reotier Spring in Provence, this refreshing and cooling gel contains thousands of micro-bubbles to instantly revive thirsty skin, leaving it soft, nourished & ready to tackle the day ahead.' This description answered so many questions I had about the product. The relevance of the fact that it is Reotier water only means that it is rich in Calcium. Also this implies that it is meant to be used in the morning as it says about the day ahead. I've actually been using this both morning and night just to test it out and to get a feel for the product.

To be honest I had to find out how Calcium rich water would help in skincare. I found a great summary on the L'Oreal Paris USA website where it states, 'Calcium is found in the outermost layer of the skin where it has been demonstrated to play an important role in barrier function repair and skin homeostasis.' Essentially it helps with skin renewal. The whole purpose of Hyaluronic Acid is to help moisturise the skin and then the Calcium can work its magic on skin renewal and help to repair to skin barrier. After finding this out I am more impressed by the product, when I first read that it had Calcium in it, I had no idea how it made a difference to the product. Sometimes I do wish there was more of an explanation about how an ingredient affects a product because for people like me, who don't know shit, it makes the product more impressive rather than just coming across as jibberish. 

Both the Hyaluronic Acid and the Calcium help to maintain a moisture barrier and you can definitely see this in the effects of the gel. As I said I have been using this day and night and I have noticed a difference in my skin. I even checked with my mum to see if she noticed a difference and she said I had more of a glow/luminosity to my skin which is always a good thing to hear. It has definitely given my skin a slightly more plump quality and there are absolutely no dry patches on my skin. Sometimes I get quite dry around my nose but I haven't had any of that recently. I have quite an oily T-Zone and this gel hasn't exaggerated that either so this is quite good for all skin types, especially combination like mine.   

Not only have I noticed a difference in the quality of my skin but this is a lovely product to use. It is a typical gel formula. It is quite thick when it is in the pot but as soon as you start to apply it, it thins out and it has a very watery feeling to it. Unlike a cream, there is not a thick oily residue; this gel feels very lightweight and for the most part it doesn't feel like you've put anything on your skin which makes it good for applying your make up over the top. It does leave a hydrated, sort of tacky feeling to the skin which to me is reminiscent of the after feeling of The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid. To me it makes it a great alternative to a primer as I find my makeup sits slightly better once I have used this sort of product but I realise this might not be the case for everyone.

Although the Aqua Reotier Gel is not something I would have picked out myself, it has allowed me to try this type of product which is super popular at the moment. I really have enjoyed this product and considering it is £28 for the full size product, I really think that is a reasonable price. I am going to stop using this in the evening as I prefer something a bit thicker for night time but as a morning gel this is amazing. Not only was this a good pick by the Glamour Beauty Club but they also sent through a decent sized sample which would be perfect for travelling, if I hadn't been so eager to try it. Having checked out this range, they also do it in a cream formula so if you like the sound of this but want a different texture that could be a nice alternative. At £28 this is one of the cheaper versions of the hydrating gel product trend and could be a lovely entry level product. 

P.S. I was included in a Glamour article about this product. Possibly not a major deal for everyone but for me this was huge. They only used one of my tweets in it but I was ecstatic when I saw it! I will link the article here if you want to take a look: Glamour Beauty Club Responses.  

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