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After repeatedly saying there were not that many new beauty launches at the beginning of the year, everything seems to have come out at once. The beauty industry is well and truly in Spring, unfortunately the weather isn't. As I write this, it is currently pissing it down with rain, typical British weather. I know April showers is a thing but really? Can we at least get a tiny bit of sunshine? The new beauty launches have been coming in thick and fast this month which makes it hard to know what is worth your time, and your hard earned coin.

At the start of April, I went HAM on the beauty spending and the worst part is, I didn't even mean to. Now I am on a strict budget as I have no money left for the month. However there have been some real gems out of the products I bought this month. Out of all the products I have tried, I wanted to talk you through all the ones I have been loving and the items which I think are worth investing in.

Let's start with the first item I bought, which is the MAC Hyper Real Glow Palette in Flash + Awe. This is the pink version and it launched on the 29th March. I bought this pretty much the day it came out and I have been using it ever since. I love a good highlight but I do feel like the highlighting hype has died down. People seem to be going back to using a more natural glow rather than recreating a beacon of light coming off of their cheeks. However if there is a product which can revive the trend, it has to be these palettes. I have only ever had 1 MAC highlight before and it was part of the Sweet Peach Face Compact which was launched as part of the Christmas collection a few years ago. The highlight was called Tutu and if I do say so myself, it looks incredible on my deathly pale skin. Not only that but the formula is super buttery and smooth. The whole experience of that highlight left me really impressed and I have always wanted to try more highlighters from MAC.

It wasn't until the launch of the Hyper Real Glow palettes that I got around to trying more MAC highlights but I am equally, if not more impressed by this palette. The formula of the highlighters in this palette are super buttery and creamy. They glide onto the skin effortlessly and have an amazing pigmentation. If you are looking for a highlight which is blinding but still manages to look creamy and diffused on the skin, these palettes are a good one to try. At £35 these aren't cheap but I think they are worth it. Even though these are super buttery, there is no fall out and you really don't need much product for it to have a full on effect. MAC have been on it with launches recently but this is the one that really caught my attention.

The second product is one that I have owned for a number of years but Jo Malone London have relaunched it. Some of my favourite limited editions from Jo Malone London are the blossom scents they launch during Spring every year. This year they have bought back some of the more popular ones: Sakura Cherry Blossom and Plum Blossom have come back a number of times, but in addition to these two scents they have re-released my beloved Nashi Blossom. Nashi Blossom was first launched two years ago and it sold out super quickly. I actually bought both a 30ml and a 100ml because I loved it that much. I haven't opened my 100ml because I was nervous I would use it up and never be able to get it again, which is sort of stupid, but now I can buy a back-up bottle and start wearing it again.

Nashi Blossom is unlike anything I normally like. Of course it is a floral but it doesn't have that overly feminine, strong floral I normally like. This is much more delicate and fresh. It contains notes of lemon, Nashi Blossom and White Musk. It smells very clean and crisp which is a perfect alternative to the traditional blossom scent. It also contains fruity notes like Apple and Nashi Pear so it does have a bit of sweetness to it. Nashi Blossom is easily my top pick of the blossom line up for this year. I already own Sakura Cherry Blossom and over time I have realised that I thought I would like it a lot more than I do. I love Plum Blossom and I would love to make it a part of my collection but I do not have £95 to spare at the moment. So far I have only seen the blossoms online so I am not sure if they will be making their way into stores; which can make it difficult to buy them as you can't smell them first. The whole collection is worth looking into but Nashi Blossom is my favourite and I think it is the one that most people would like.

The final product comes from Benefit and it is actually a product I did not expect to like. Benefit have launched a new addition to their famous box blushers called Gold Rush. When I originally saw Gold Rush on Instagram, I just did not understand the concept. From what I could see of the pictures, it had a strong gold glitter which would surely have made it a highlighter. The reason I ended up getting it was because of a Glamour article. In the article the writer described the blush saying, 'It's a good option if you want a hint of blush, and a hint of highlighting, but nothing extreme.' This sounded perfect for me and it sums up the sort of shade I look for, for Spring.

I only bought the mini version as I really wasn't sure if I would like it. Not only that but I feel like I might actually finish the mini blush whereas I can't think of a time when I have finished a whole blusher. When you open the product you are hit with a subtle scent of a powdered floral with a touch of vanilla. I don't actually know what the smell is but that is what it smells like to me. I don't mind the scent but really that doesn't make a difference to the product anyway. The chunky gold that sits on top of the product does exactly that, it is only a top layer on the product. After the first use, this layer is gone. There is a gold shimmer running through the blush but it is much more fine so it isn't as obvious when it is on the skin. Instead the blusher adds a healthy, luminous look to your cheeks. I wouldn't say this way a highlight but it does give a glow. The colour isn't too bold it just adds a little something. It isn't overly warm or too cool, it literally just gives a hint of rose peach. If you have darker skin, you are really going to have to build up this blush to get any colour but if you are fair skinned this is a beautiful, unexpected blush.

Out of the products I have seen lately, these are the products that I would recommend giving a go, if you are in the market for something new. Usually I would expect lots of lipsticks in one of my blog posts but I actually haven't bought any lately. It is quite nice to talk about something other than lipstick for once. If you have tried any new beauty launches, let me know what you have been loving in the comments or on twitter, @SophaaRambles

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