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As beauty trends come and go there are very few which stick. Sometimes this can be a good thing, take wiggly brows as an example, that is a trend that should never have started in the first place! For every 5 bad trends there is one good trend that stands the test of time and Sheet Masks seem to be one of them. A few years ago they were hard to come by in the UK, especially in the drugstore market. Brand like Estee Lauder and Starskin adopted the sheet mask early on and helped to champion them. The more sheet masks find popularity, the more brands launch their own version. The Estee Lauder mask is made from foil and makes you look like the Tin-Man, Glamglow have recently launched a bubble sheet mask whilst other brands have taken it that step further by using lace to create the mask. I mean what will they think of next?

Sheet Masks found their place due to a hole in the market. There was a need for an easy, travel friendly hydrating product that could easily be applied and disposed of. Sheet masks filled that void. Despite all of these weird and wonderful version of the sheet mask, I am a simple girl and I like a sheet mask to do a few simple things. Most importantly I want results, I am not sitting around for half an hour looking like my face has started to melt off for no reason! That brings me to my second point, I don't expect a perfect fit as I have a pea head but it is nice if I don't have to fold it up so that it no longer looks like the mask it once was. My final hatred is a sheet mask with an abundance of serum. There is nothing worse than using a sheet mask and feeling the sensation of a slow moving drip making its way down your neck, threatening to ruin your favourite comfy jumper whilst you mindlessly watch Netflix. 

I've never felt truly happy with any of the many sheet masks I have tried in my time. There are ones I like but none of them have successfully covered all of my needs. The closest I have gotten would be the Sephora Collection Sheet Masks. Before I tried them I did not understand the hype of the sheet mask but afterwards I was hooked. They have the right amount of serum, a good fit and they provide good results. A close second would be the Origins Rose Sheet masks which are made of a thicker mask and they are more widely available in the UK. They don't fit as well as the Sephora masks but I enjoy them just as much. 

Even though I have found two sheet masks I enjoy I am still on the hunt for the perfect sheet mask. My search continues with Tony Moly. I've heard a lot about this brand through various people I follow online but I had never tried anything from the brand before this mask. Tony Moly embody the kitsch culture of South Korea and have bought it to the UK. I've been eyeing up the I'm Real sheet mask range for a while but I always forget about them whilst I am ordering from Cult Beauty, or they are always sold out. On Cult Beauty these masks are described as 'fast-acting treatments, painstakingly formulated to address specific skin concerns with remarkable brightening, plumping, hydrating effect in as little as 20-30 minutes.' I mean that sounds ideal, no wonder they are always sold out on Cult Beauty. However it does sound a little bit too good to be true so I wanted to find out more. I finally picked one up when I was in Selfridges before Christmas and I have finally tried it. 

There weren't many of the Tony Moly masks to choose from but Selfridges did have the two I was eyeing up: the Aloe Mask and the Tea Tree Mask. In the end I went for the Aloe mask as it said it was moisturising which is exactly what I need for this time of year. I did have high hopes for this mask as the entire range is very popular but as soon as I took the mask out of the packet the serum literally started to drip everywhere, my hopes for this mask quickly vanished after I witnessed the mess this mask made of my vanity. When masks have that much serum on them it makes me not want to put them on my face. I persevered and managed to get the mask on my face but I also managed to get a massive drop of serum in my eye which was not fun. This whole experience definitely started me off with a negative opinion on this product.

After that initial epic fail, I actually found the mask easy to fit to my face and it didn't take too much folding. What Tony Moly have done, which is something every brand should do, is they have made slits around the mask to make it easier to fold so you can get it to fit your face more easily. That is something I really appreciate, as someone with a small face, it makes it that little bit easier. Once I had a decent fit I sat down to watch an episode of Brooklyn 99. As I sat there laughing, I felt that slow moving drip making its way down my neck and I was fuming. I really don't like this feeling but it does mean that the serum goes down my neck and I usually use the remains of the serum on the sheet mask down my neck anyway. I left the mask on for around 40 minutes, just making sure my skin has taken in every ounce of moisture it could. As the mask started off with so much serum in the first place, my skin couldn't take it all in but there is nothing wrong with that. I left the serum to soak in and it did take quite a while for it all to be absorbed. It left my skin feeling/looking plump and hydrated. I never like to base my opinion on how my skin looks just after I have used the sheet mask, I wait a couple of days to see if it has an overall effect.

The real way I like to measure how my face masks work is how my foundation sits on my skin for the next couple of days and generally just how my skin is looking. This mask did give my skin an overall freshness and it did look more plump. My foundation and overall make up definitely applied and sat better on the skin but I don't think the results were as good as the ones I get from Sephora or the Origins Mask. I am not sure if it is because the other two masks are Rose and my skin prefers it but the Aloe mask just didn't seem to go down as well. I did like this mask but I didn't feel like it was ground breaking. I have a feeling this wasn't really designed for my skin type, this seems perfect for dry, sensitive skin as it is quite a gentle sheet mask. One plus was that it did leave my skin feeling super soft which is always a bonus.

I feel like you will have read the last paragraph and assumed that I don't like the Tony Moly sheet mask. I don't mind it, I would like to and I will buy more of these face masks. In fact I actually picked one up whilst I was London last weekend. This mask works but I just don't love it as much as the Sephora or Origins mask. I love that it is easy to apply and it is simple to adjust the sizing of the mask as that is something I really struggle with. Generally I do like effect this mask has but I just wish it made a greater difference. If you have sensitive skin this could be a good sheet mask for you. Personally I will be looking to try more of the Tony Moly masks as I like the mask but I feel like there might be another mask that will give me better results for my skin type. At £5 these are the same price as the Origins masks and I have to say I would buy the Origins mask over this one.

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