Lush: My Top Picks

I am a big fan of Lush and I have been for as long as I can remember. I actually first heard of Lush through my mother. My Mum once made it our mission to track down one of the Lush stores whilst we were in London as she had heard of it through a friend and wanted to try it. That was how my love affair with Lush started. When I was younger, we used to go on family trips to London fairly frequently and London has always been one of my favourite places. London was the closest place that I could get my Lush fix and I come from Bristol so that is quite a distance. Whilst I was in London I would always treat myself to a few products from Lush. Even though I was only around 14 and I had to save my pocket money to be able to get some, the brand wasn't as well known nor as expensive. Bloody inflation! Have you seen how much a Freddo is these days?

Oh how times have changed since then. Now Lush have two stores in Bristol and they have a store in basically every major city. The store I used to visit on the corner of Regent Street has long gone and the main store is now on Oxford Street. The store is a massive 3 story mega store that smells like heaven. The accessibility to Lush has made it a huge brand and has made it that much easier for me to try all of the products. Despite the fact that Lush now have an online store (they didn't back in the day when I travelled to London for it) which I have used before, I just don't think it compares to the experience you get in store. Plus I feel like it is too much of a gamble buying something online and not knowing how it smells.

Walking into Lush can be overwhelming on so many different levels. My Dad can't even walk in the store without his Asthma playing up. I find it overwhelming as I am always confronted by an over zealous salesperson asking too many questions about my life and telling me about products I already know about. This isn't as bad on the weekends when I am relaxed and content but during the week when I have just popped in to pick up a bath bomb for a post work treat, the last thing I want is to be questioned about how shit my day was. Not only that but there are so many products, in an array of colours and scents that it can be hard to know where to start. I have complied a list of my top picks from Lush that I would recommend trying. Some of these are Limited Edition but I will make this clear whilst I am talking about these products.

The Rose Collection 

Lets get started with my ultimate favourite scent from Lush, the Rose scent. Lush actually do a couple of rose scents but the one I love is the scent of Rose Jam shower gel which is Limited Edition for some unknown reason. It is rose, so if you don't like rose this isn't going to be for you and I would recommend skipping this entire section because you are not going to be interested. However Rose Jam does also contain Vanilla and Lemon so it isn't a straight up floral scent. The lemon helps to take away the heady, floral depth rose has and refreshes it. Meanwhile the Vanilla softens the rose whilst adding a warm undercurrent to the scent. This embodies the sort of scent I like and it is easily my go to from Lush. If I see a Rose Jam scented product the likelihood is, I am going to buy it. My favourite product in this scent is the shower gel. It provides a little moment of luxury each morning and it leaves me smelling amazing. Every year I buy a couple of bottles to try and keep me going throughout the year, this year I only managed to get two 500ml bottles so it won't last until October when the next batch comes out. For the times when I do run out of Rose Jam, I do have another Lush shower gel I use which I will be talking about later on.

The other shower product I enjoy from the Rose Jam family is the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner. It has the same scent but it provides a longer lasting scent as it sticks to the skin. At first I thought the Body Conditioner was a weird concept however the more I use them, the more genius I think this type of product is. You use it in the same way you would a hair conditioner: you wash, then apply the conditioner, leave it for a moment and then wash it off. It is as simple as that. After you have washed it off, it does leave an almost tacky covering on the skin but this feeling goes when you towel dry. The Body Conditioner leaves your skin feeling super soft and leaves you smelling great for a good couple of hours. I find this super easy for Winter and it means I don't have to stand around, getting cold, waiting for a product to sink in. My one problem with this product is that it is super expensive for the amount you get so this is definitely more of a treat item from Lush.

There are two bath products which I love in the Rose Jam scent and together they create the ultimate rose bath. The first is a limited edition, which is currently available, it is the Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb.  Rose Bombshell is a Valentines limited edition. It is a bath bomb so you put the whole thing in the bath and it turns the water a rose pink shade. It also contains rose petals so it does feel a bit like you are bathing in a pond. I don't mind the petals put I actually try and pick them out of the bath as they aren't the most attractive and I just find them slightly annoying. However if you are a fan of petals in your bath, or you are looking for quite a romantic bath bomb, Rose Bombshell is a good one to try. Before Rose Bombshell leaves the shelves for another year I will definitely be popping into Lush to get a few more and I recommend that you do the same.

If I am feeling like giving myself the ultimate bath, or if I have a lot of products in my draw and I want to use some of them up, I will use a bath bomb and a bubble bar. That way you have the fun of a bath bomb but you get the bubbles from the bubble bar. The rose bubble bar I like to use with Rose Bombshell is the Rose Jam Bubbleroon which luckily is a permanent product. To use a bubble bar you just crumble a bit of it under running water and let it do its magic. A bubble bar only gives a little bit of colour but it creates a lot of bubbles. I usually try and break up any bubble bar I am using into 3-4 pieces depending on how big it is, just because you don't need to use the whole thing. I have been using the Rose Jam Bubbleroon for years and a couple of years ago they changed it. It used to look like a plain old macaroon but now it has glitter on top and it has a rose print on it. Initially I wasn't sure about this change because I am not a massive fan of the glitter Lush use but you can't see this glitter in the water and luckily it doesn't run through the product, it is only on top for a little bit of decoration. The bubbleroon formula is much creamier and softer than the traditional bubble bar Lush creates and this is hands down my favourite scent so it is worth trying just to see the different formula.

That brings us to the end of a very long section all about the rose products I love from Lush. A lot of these for some unknown reason are limited but at least I can get the Rose Jam scent in some products all year round.

The Permanent Products

I guess I should actually talk about some of the products you can get all year round. I have a feeling this is going to be a surprisingly short section. As I have said before I am not overly fussed with a lot of the products you get all year round. They have discontinued a lot of the products I have previously loved and some of the new products don't impress me, like the Jelly Bath Bombs. Additionally is it me or do Lush seem to be steadily decreasing their bath range and expanding elsewhere? I don't know, to me it seems that way but I could be wrong. Aside from my obvious disinterest in some of the new products, here is a run down of the ones I love.

Plum Rain Shower Gel is quite new to my collection but it has quickly become a favourite. I have been buying it for a long time but usually as part of a gift rather than for myself but I managed to get a large bottle in the sale last year and I love it. Of course the main aspect of this scent, as the name suggests is Plum. It does have a sharp citrus note which cuts the sweetness of the fruit and there is another ingredient, I'm not sure which one but this ingredient gives it quite an earthy note. In a way this scent reminds me of Blackberry and Bay from Jo Malone London as it has that fruitness but it isn't sweet. There really isn't much to say about the formula, I mean it is a shower gel. I do feel like this scent is a nice alternative for anyone who likes Rose Jam and didn't stock up enough on it whilst it was available. You have that Citrus note and something sweeter in both scents but Plum Rain isn't as sweet. There is also something deeper in Plum Rain so it has more depth and a woodiness. If you didn't stock up enough on Rose Jam (like me,) give Plum Rain a go.

Having said that a lot of the bath bombs I used to like have been discontinued, one I can remember always buying when I was younger was Sex Bomb. This has to be one of their oldest bath bombs. I always assumed it was a variation of a rose scent but it turns out it is actually Jasmine. It also has Ylang-Ylang in it which is a scent I like as it has a soft, soothing floral effect on the scent. This bath bomb is great for an evening when you want to be calmed and have a little bit of me time in the bath. I can only assume I always thought this was a rose scent as it has a little rose on top which is unleashed as the bath bomb fizzes. The rose turns into mush as soon as it hits the water so don't expect a lovely rose floating beside you for very long. Once again this is a pink bath bombs which turns your bath a similar colour to Rose Bombshell. Even though they smell nothing a like, Sex Bomb is my alternative to Rose Bombshell as they have a similar effect.

If you are looking for something Citrus to go in your bath, there is nothing better than Brightside Bubble Bar. A lot of people I know are all about citrus scents rather than floral scents and this is a favourite amongst them. Even I love it and I tend to only go for floral scents. I can get at least 4 baths out of this, possibly more if I am being super tight that month. For days when I am feeling a bit shit, this is such an uplifting and refreshing scent. I used to use Frozen for this as it had Neroli in it which is good for depression but they discontinued it last year. Brightside has mandarin, bergamot and tangerine so it is super orange. Not only can I look like an orange with my ginger hair but I can smell like one too. The bubble bar also makes the bath super orange which is fun so if you are looking for a pick me up bubble bar, Brightside should be your go to.

The final permanent product I would recommend is the only skincare I have really enjoyed from Lush and it is their Fresh Masks. I've tried a few and they are all pretty good but my favourite has to be Brazened Honey. It made a massive difference to my skin. It helped to detox and refresh my skin whilst leaving it feeling super soft. It looks very strange as you apply it but it does really good things to your skin. All of the Lush face masks are a treat and they feel lovely and refreshing on the skin as you have to keep them in the fridge. At £7.50 they are never going to be the cheapest masks considering you can only keep them for around a month but if you use them once a week then you get your monies worth, you just have to make sure you use them.

Limited Life - Christmas/Halloween

Most of my favourite Lush products come out during the Winter. Every year I write a Lush Winter Haul post where I buy a few products I know I love and a couple of new ones that I want to try. The best time for a bath is during the Winter as it is the time when you feel like you need it the most. When you are freezing, a bath gives you the comfort you need. The Lush Winter products tend to be slightly more spicy and warming which is why I love them so much. This section could be a mile long but I have tried to keep it to a minimum as this post is already long enough.

I will start with a true classic, Lord of Misrule. I have been buying this for years but I am still unsure if this is a Christmas bath bomb or a Halloween one. Lush launch both Halloween and Christmas at the same time so it can be hard to know which is which but as long as they have stock up until Christmas I couldn't care less. This is a wonderful bath bomb for the Winter as it has such a comforting, warm fragrance. There is nothing like this bath bomb on a freezing cold day when you want a bath to warm you to your bones. I think this gives off one the loveliest looking bath shades. Lord of Misrule turns the bath a beautiful wine colour so it looks as rich as it smells. It does contain popping candy which isn't my favourite thing but it doesn't make the bath any less enjoyable.

Another bath bomb which makes your bath a moving work of art is Golden Wonder. The bath bomb itself looks like a present and as it fizzes away it infuses the water with an injection of blue with a mirage of thin golden shimmer glistening through the water. Not only does it make the water beautiful but it also has a great scent. Once again it is more on the citrus side and it sort of smells like a Mojito, if you took the strong mint element away from the drink. Golden Wonder is refreshing but there is something warming at the same time. This bath bomb has been around for years and it was a bath bomb I once considered to be my favourite for a couple of years, Lord of Misrule took its place a couple of years ago and my Winter favourite has changed ever since then. However if when Christmas rolls around, you are looking for the ultimate Lush experience, this bath bomb is one to pick up.

Golden Wonder hasn't really changed over the years. The only difference is that for 2017 you could buy a giant version but other than that it has remained the same. One product which I have loved for the longest time, which has changed a lot over the years is Snowcake Soap. When I first started to buy this it was literally a chunk of white soap but over the years it has changed quite a lot. At first it recieved a gold shimmer dusting, then it became Snowcastle rather than Snowcake and this year it became Saucy Snowcake. This years face lift wasn't my favourite, actually I really didn't like it at all. It has cranberries in it and chunks of Almond at the bottom so it exfoliates which isn't what I want from my soap. Plus the bar just seems to be breaking apart in my shower so I have to say I am not impressed. Please Lush make it simple again and just dust it with gold shimmer. Throughout all of this change, the scent has remained the same. It has an Marzipan scent which is provided by the Benzoin Extract and it has a hint of rose. Alongside Rose Jam this has to be one of my favourite scents. I actually bought the shower gel version they made for the Lush Kitchen. Despite my dislike of the new version of this soap, this will always be one of my favourite scents from Lush.

Buck's Fizz was a new addition to the Lush Christmas collection this year and I seriously hope it makes a return next year. I am not sure everyone appreciated it as there was a lot left in the sale but personally I love it. Buck's Fizz is a body conditioner, like Ro's Argan, but it is super citrus. I guess it is inspired by a Bucks Fizz which is Orange Juice and Champagne. I love a Buck's Fizz on Christmas morning, nothing gets me more into the Christmas spirit than a Buck's Fizz. Buck's Fizz Body Conditioner contains: Orange juice, Orange oil, Lime oil, Grapefruit and Cognac. This citrus combo makes it super energizing and it gives me the morning pick up I need. This scent leaves an impression, the cirtus scent has the boldest and longest smelling scent from any of the Lush products I have used. For me, Buck's Fizz really was a stand out in this years Christmas collection, I just hope they bring it back next year.

Lush have come a long way since I first started to use the brand. It has grown enormously into a global powerhouse in just 10 years. Not only do they create some beautiful products but as a company they have a conscience which is missing within a lot of big brands. Lush work to stop Animal testing and they are trying to use as little packaging as they can which I think more brands should be trying to do. For multiple reasons, Lush isn't the cheapest brand but they are a worthy brand with a conscience. If you are new to Lush or even use it but don't know much about them, I recommend heading to their website and reading up on some of the work they do because they do some amazing work for charity. Lush products are great as presents or even a treat for yourself so I hope this post has inspired you to head to your local store to check out some of their products.

Let me know some of your favourite products in the comments.

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