London Shopping: Selfridges and Deciem

A week of celebrating any occasion really takes it out of you so it is important to pace yourself. As you will know, if you read my blog last week, it was my Birthday and as always I made it a week all about me. Even though I started off this blog post by preaching the importance of pacing yourself when you are celebrating, I wish I had taken my own advice and thought more about kicking off my Birthday celebrations with a trip to London. Although London is one of my favourite places, it is quite a trek from Bristol to London. The length of time it takes to get there has never stopped me from going but it can make it a long day. It is worth it though to see friends I don't get to see very often.

I think I have spoken about this on my blog before but my friends are all over the place. Not only have a lot of my friends from school moved away from Bristol but my University friends all moved back home when our 3 years were up. I have friends in Bristol of course but most of my good friends live elsewhere. This is kind of a good thing as I get to travel to see them but it does mean I don't get to see them as much as I would like.  

Two of my best friend moved to Essex after University and we use London as our meeting point. Yes, I am aware London is a lot further for me to go but it is one of my favourite cities in the world so I love any excuse to go there. With these friends we really don't see each other often but when we do meet up it is like no time has past, so it is always great to see them and I could think of no better way to start my Birthday celebrations than by seeing them. The Saturday before my Birthday I made the journey to London. As my friends had to adult in the morning I was left to shop which was literally my dream. Shopping in the morning then meeting up with my friends in the afternoon, what could be better? We had arranged to meet at 1pm so I headed into London for 10am so I had plenty of shopping time. There were two stores I wanted to go into: Selfridges and Deciem. 

My morning didn't get off to the best start, I completely got my train time wrong and it was half an hour earlier than I thought it was. I managed to get the train but I had to finish my make up once I was on it. Not ideal but not something I haven't done before. P.S. if you want a train routine, let me know, I've got it down to an art. When I made it to London I went straight to Selfridges, at that time in the morning it is nice and quiet, just how I like it. Selfridges is one of my favourite stores, there is a mix of high end, designer and there is even a Primark concession. Unlike other designer stores it doesn't give off that overly elitist vibe. I feel like I can wander around and not worry that security will be following me around checking I'm not stealing. Of course the Selfridges Beauty Hall is my absolute favourite as it literally has everything. I didn't need anything from any of the counters as for the most part there is a counter close to where I live. My favourite part of the Selfridges Beauty Hall is the self select beauty selection at the back of the store. 

I always go straight to the sheet mask section as I love trying new ones. I did want to get some more Tony Moly masks as I recently used the one I bought previously (review coming on Wednesday,) but they had 3 which didn't particularly appeal to me. Instead I picked out two from Dr. Jart. Like Tony Moly, Dr Jart isn't available in Bristol, other than online, and I just never order them. I also picked up the Rodial Snake Bubble Mask Sheet Mask as Jamie Genevieve enjoys them and I really liked the Sanctuary Spa Version I used last year. You can get this mask quite easily but I thought I would pick one up whilst I saw it.

After that I was done at the Sheet Mask wall so I had a look around and they had a travel mini section, my downfall. It isn't as dangerous as the aisle of doom in Sephora as there isn't a wide selection but I still found something I wanted. At the start of last year I decided this year was going to be the year of the mascara and I wanted to try as many different mascaras as I could. I started this year by trying the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. A very hyped product which I hadn't tried before. If you have read my review then you will know I don't particularly like it. I've actually bought a tube of the L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara to use in conjunction with the Too Faced mascara and I love the combo but the Too Faced Mascara is not the one, I will not be buying it again. I knew the Waterproof version was a bit dodgy but I bought it anyway so I want to know how the normal Better Than Sex compares. In Selfridges they had the travel size which seemed like the perfect way of testing the mascara without being committed to it.

Considering that was all I bought in the Beauty Hall, I was pretty restrained. You know how much I love Beauty products! After that I had a walk around the store eyeing up everything I wish I could buy. I did give the shoe section a miss as I knew I would fall in love with a pair I couldn't afford. One thing I did want to look for was a bikini, I have been eyeing up bikini's from Calvin Klein and Agent Provocateur, both of which I can get online but not in a store in Bristol. They didn't have my size in the Calvin Klein Bikini so I went to the Agent Provocateur concession. They had some in stock so I looked at it and I wanted to try it but the girl was busy and I wasn't sure about spending £200 on a bikini. It is lovely but as you will know if you read my A Birthday Present To Myself post from last week I am reluctant to pay for anything from Agent Provocateur at full price so I walked away. That concluded my stop in Selfridges.

After Selfridges I made my way down Oxford Street, I stopped in a few stores and had bit of a mooch around. Eventually I found myself in Topshop. The Topshop on Oxford Circus is my literal nightmare. It is always packed and I instantly feel overwhelmed, the store is just too bloody big. I don't think I've ever made it past the entry level floor. In this case it didn't really matter as what I was looking for was actually on this floor. Previously I had bought the Peach Skinny Dip phone case in the Oxford Circus Topshop. I had it for a good couple of months before the peaches started to come off. I absolutely loved this phone case so I was really disappointed when it started to break. I looked out for this phone case whenever I was in a store that sold Skinny Dip but I just could not get it in Bristol. I made it my mission to get to the Oxford Circus store just so I could have this phone case back in my life. I love the Skinny Dip phone cases as they are cheap and they always have super cute prints.

Whilst I was in Topshop I thought I would be brave and take a look around. I didn't make it to any other floors but I had a look around some of the jewellery but ultimately I ended up in the beauty section, of course I did. Once again there wasn't really too much that I couldn't get back in Bristol but they did have a large range of the Tony Moly masks which I had been looking for in Selfridges. They had the Aloe mask, the one I had previously bought from Selfridges, but I decided to go for something different. I ended up getting the Pomegranate Mask which is supposed to help with elasticity. I'm not sure what that really means but I am guessing it has something to do with the collagen in your skin. I just liked the idea of this mask because it is Pomegranate and I assume that is going to make it smell good. 

All of that took about 5 minutes and then I was gone. I am not a massive fan of the Oxford Circus Topshop as it is too much for me but I did get what I wanted. After that I headed down Regent Street, past Liberty and down Carnaby Street. I love the atmosphere of Carnaby more than the actually shops which is why I always make a point of walking down there. The end leads back to Regent Street so I popped past the Jo Malone London store and decided to head to Covent Garden.

When I was younger I went to London with my family almost once a month. All of us love London and it was a great way of spending time together. Obviously as both me and my brother are a lot older, it isn't something we do very often but it means I know my way around central London pretty well for a girl from the West Country. Instead of getting the tube to Covent Garden I decided to walk. I'm not really a fan of the underground due to the fact that I am perfect arm pit height so I tend to have very smelly journeys on the underground so I wanted to skip all of this and walk. It only took about 10-15 minutes as I am quite a fast walker and my first stop was the Deciem store. 

I went to the Deciem store last time I was in London but last time I wasn't prepared, this time I came with a shopping list. I have been using the Hyaluronic Acid 2% every morning and I have been loving the effect it has. Normally during Winter I have dry patches on my face but this Winter my skin has been pretty good in terms of dryness. I'm pretty sure this serum has something to do with this and it is such a cheap product, I'm not sure I can be without it now. I've been using it since September and I'm about half way through the bottle. Even though that is still quite a lot, the Hyaluronic Acid is hard to come by. The closest Deciem store is in London and I don't necessarily get to go there very often. Whenever I look at the Hyaluronic Acid online it is always sold out so I have no idea when or where I would actually get it online so the Hyaluronic Acid was high up on my shopping list. There was one bottle left so I practically dived for it and claimed it as mine. After I had successfully got the Hyaluronic acid I felt like I could actually browse. I have to say it is hard to look around as the store is so small and it fills up quickly but that didn't stop me from picking up three other products.

Next to the Hyaluronic acid was the Marine Hyaluronic. I had seen this on the Deciem Instagram and I was intrigued about how it is different to the Hyaluronic acid. I read that the Marine Hyaluronic is sort of a lighter version. The Hyaluronic acid is quite sticky and leaves a tacky feeling on the skin and the Marine Hyaluronics doesn't as it contains lighter molecules. I actually don't mind the Hyaluronic acid being sticky as it feels a bit like a primer but as I said I was intrigued by the results of the Marine Hyaluronics. I will eventually write a comparison post but you might have to give me a bit of time to test them out.

I picked up an acid whilst I was in the Deciem store after the success of the AHA + BHA Peeling Solution. I wanted an acid which was more direct and would address a specific concern I have. Recently I have had some problematic spots so I wanted to get some Salicylic Acid to help with my spots. Salicylic Acid is the only BHA which really features in skincare. At £4.90 I didn't think I could go wrong with this. Salicylic acid helps to remove the outer layer of skin but it isn't as harsh as a AHA. It helps to clean out your pores therefore removing the dirt that contributes to a spot. This can be used all over the face or directly on a spot. I think I will use this as a spot treatment but I will keep you updated.

The final product I got from the Deciem store was the Vitamin C Supsension 23% + HA Spheres 2%. I've never had overly bright skin and I thought a bit of vitamin C would help. As I've got on well with other The Ordinary products I thought this would be a good one to start with. The Ordinary have a few options for Vitamin C but I'm not a massive fan of silicone so the Vitamin C Silicone Suspension was out and I know Hyaluronic Acid is good for my skin so the HA version had to be the one. I have to admit I don't know too much about this product at the minute but once again this is something I will be writing about. This product comes with so many warnings I am slightly nervous to use it so a review could take a long time.

I was quite happy to look around the store by myself but I did overhear one staff member talking to another customer and I was really impressed by the amount of knowledge she had. If you are interested in Deciem as a brand but don't know where to start the staff will most definitely be able to help. I was given a sample of some Bodywash from Loopha which is another Deciem brand alongside The Ordinary. I'm not sure I like the scent but it is great to be able to try something new.

After my shop in Deciem, my two friends called to meet up with me so that was the end of my shopping trip which was probably a good thing as I was about to head into the Tom Ford store and that would have been hard on my bank balance. I had the best afternoon with my best friends. It was one of the best ways to kick off my Birthday celebrations.

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