Huda Beauty: Liquid Lipstick

I have to admit, I am usually quite late to trends. I have no idea why. Well I probably know why. I think I am too cool for trends and then I end up seeing it everywhere and my resolve caves which causes me to be the sheep that I am. For example, at first I really could not get behind the Gucci Loafers. I thought they looked like shoes my granddad would like but now they have featured in one of my Fashion Wishlists and I am genuinely considering how I can get a pair in my life. The time for Gucci Loafers really has past for most people but that tends to be when I take more notice. Quite often the same thing happens with beauty trends as well, I think it is stupid and then two months later I am in line with everyone else and their stupid fishtail brows.

One beauty brand that I have been sleeping on is Huda Beauty. Obviously I had heard of it but I never really knew what to make of the brand. Huda wasn't someone I really followed when she was on social media. I have no idea if she was a blogger, or a youtuber, that's how ignorant I am. When she launched her brand I didn't rush out to buy any of the products, even though literally everyone raved about them. I do always think it is quite hard to tell whether or not products created by bloggers/influencers are actually going to be any good. The influencer has an investment in this product and most big bloggers would know them and might not want to talk badly about a product they have created. Someone they know is not going to slate something they've taken the time and effort to create purely because they will know how hard that person has worked on it and they wouldn't want to piss someone off in the same industry. I was never sure if Huda Beauty was truly worth the hype.

A lot of people have good things to say about the brand but on the other hand, a lot of people don't have time for it. My best friend is an avid follower of Huda but I know she has struggled with some of the products. She actually bought the Textured Rose Gold Palette after months of considering it and she doesn't like it as much as she thought she would. In her opinion it is not pigmented enough. When I saw her last, she bought the palette to my house so I could test it. Personally I wouldn't say that the palette wasn't pigmented, I thought the pigment was good but the shadows themselves are quite stiff. This makes it quite hard to get much of the product on your brush and makes them slightly harder to blend. When I worked with the shadows I liked them, I didn't think they were bad but I wouldn't have spent almost £50 on the palette. The glitter shadows definitely need a glitter glue but with that knowledge the palette is fine. I think this palette is fine as long as you know how to work it. This wouldn't be for beginners but I think it is quite nice. I never felt like I wanted this palette and I can't say that now I have tried it, I want it but if Huda created a palette with shades in it which were more to my taste then I would buy it. I think the matte shadows are buildable and that is what I look for in a palette, I do not like overly pigmented shadows as they are hard to work with. This palette has divided people and that seems to be a theme with a lot of the products.

Not only did the palette pose a problem for my bestie but the foundation was a struggle as well. Whilst we were in Selfridges, my friend wanted to check the foundation shade range out as it was going to be the only opportunity she has to see it in person. The counter was so busy and there was a queue to be colour matched so we decided to give it a go ourselves. Somehow my best friend is even paler than me and we could not find a shade for her. Huda Beauty do some pale shades but they have the same problem as Nars foundations, they are super yellow toned. None of them suited her as she has a pink undertone so instead of wasting her money and buying a foundation she wouldn't use, we walked away. After seeing my friend struggle with so many of the products I wasn't sold on the brand.

Luckily my best friend actually bought me one of the Liquid Lipsticks from Huda Beauty for my Birthday so I have had my first introduction to the brand. You might know, if you have read my blog before, that I love a liquid lipstick. I am pretty sure I have spoken about all of the biggest liquid lipsticks, other than Huda Beauty. In my Beauty Wishlist for 2018, I included Huda Beauty and finally I can say I have tried it. That is one off of my list. My friend picked out the shade Venus for me and I couldn't wait to try it. When I looked at it in the tube I wasn't sure what to make of it but as soon as it was on my lips it had a Candy K vibe to it. For reference Candy K is hands down my favourite out of the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits. On Cult Beauty Venus is described as a deep taupe brown which is definitely my favourite lipstick shade as I find it rather flattering on my skin.

The most important aspect to any liquid lipstick is the formula. I've said it a million times before but the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is my favourite formula. It has everything I want in a liquid lipstick: it feels very light on the lips, has an even pigmentation, doesn't bleed and lasts for hours. It also doesn't leave your lips feeling or looking too dry. The Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is the standard of liquid lipstick I hold everything else to and I have to say I am very impressed by the Huda Beauty liquid lipstick.

To really test it out I decided to wear it to brunch last weekend. I figured brunch and shopping would really test its longevity. I found this liquid lipstick really easy to apply. The wand is quite long and the applicator is quite small so you can really define the shape you want and make a bold edge. I found it gave the look of using a liner without me having to use one. I did get a blob of product in the corner of my lips and it did bleed but that was my own fault for not wiping off the wand first.

The Huda Beauty Liquid lipstick reminded me of the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in terms of texture. This is a very light formula so you don't feel it on the lips, it starts off very liquid but it dries quickly. Once it has dried it is there to stay. I ate my brunch, had a coffee and a juice and it stayed on. Well for the most part. Some of the lipstick had come off in the centre of my lips so I did reapply but really that isn't unusual. I reapplied it and it felt as good as the first time I applied it. Sometimes you reapply a liquid lipstick and it feels thick and cakey causing it to bunch together and not look as smooth but the Huda Beauty formula layers well.

Another problem with liquid lipsticks in general is that they can dry out your lips which is the big reason a lot of people do not like the formula. I do not find the Huda Beauty liquid lipstick to feel too drying at all. I was actually really impressed. Due to the nature of a liquid lipstick you do have to expect a little bit of drying but this is no where near as bad as other liquid lipsticks I have tried in the past. I had a bit of a cold when I first tried the Huda Beauty liquid lipstick so my lips weren't in the best condition but it didn't exaggerate this problem so overall I was left really impressed.

My one concern with this liquid lipstick, which most people also aren't sure about, is the smell. I've seen quite a few reviews on these liquid lipsticks and everyone always mentions the smell. It is sort of like the Kylie Cosmetics version, you either love it or you hate it. I had already made the assumption that I wasn't going to like the scent based on what people had said about it but once I had smelt it, it turns out, it really isn't that bad. I could always understand why people didn't like the smell of the Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick as it is a very strong, very sweet/fruity smell. In comparison the Huda Beauty liquid lipstick really isn't bad. Yes, it is just as sweet as the Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick but it is no where near as strong. The Huda Beauty one smells like Vanilla frosting mixed with a floral perfume. I don't mind the scent and as soon as the product hits your lips you can't smell it anymore but it wouldn't be my top pick in terms of scent. I do feel like this would be much better with a straight up Vanilla scent but then people would probably complain that Huda was copying MAC, you just can't win.

I've had a look at the colour range online and it isn't a massive selection but it's got all the basics covered. My one struggle is that you can only buy it online and the swatches aren't always amazing. I bought a red for my friend and it looked like a rich wine red online but in reality it is super dark, way too dark for her. Slightly annoying but there was no way to really tell what the shade was like. With this struggle in mind, my friend did such a good job of picking Venus for me, it is literally the perfect nude shade for me.

I am pleased that I have finally tried Huda Beauty and it means I can tick off one of the items from my Beauty Wishlist for 2018. Overall I have to say I am really impressed by the Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick formula, it does remind me of the Kat Von D formula. They are both quite liquid at first but dry completely matte without making your lips look dry or flaky. It is a nude shade so it could be different for a bolder shade but Venus is beautifully pigmented and applies very even. I would recommend the Huda Beauty liquid lipstick if you are thinking about trying them and I will definitely buy more but I'm not going to rush out to buy them. I think I will wait until there is 10% off but I will be buying more.

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