A Birthday Present To Myself

Yes, that's right, if you can't tell from the title of this post I like to treat myself on my Birthday. I've already told you about the Chanel Lipstick I bought but this time I have gone a little bit overboard. Sometimes there are things you want but you feel bad asking someone else to buy it for you. This could be because it is super expensive or it could be because you don't want someone else to see it. For me, it is usually the first reason. Sometimes I really can't justify why I want something to someone else and without that justification there is always the chance they are going to say no so I cut out the middle man. Plus sometimes what I want is so specific that I worry that someone might venture away from what I have asked for and I will get something completely different, this is usually my dad.

Last year for my Birthday I treated myself to a Sephora Haul, some products from the Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder collection and a Tom Ford Quad so to sum it up I definitely treated myself last year. This year I did want to be more restrained as I am saving for a new car but I do like to use my birthday as an excuse to buy myself something I have wanted for a while. My thought process goes something like this, 'Oh well, I have been eyeing it up for a while and it is my birthday.' That is my justification for everything throughout February and why not? Why shouldn't I treat myself! If I can afford it, I work hard(ish) and why shouldn't I celebrate my own existence, I celebrate everyone else's. Since January I have been looking for potential presents. The sales give the perfect opportunity to buy something nice which I wouldn't pay full price for. I had a few gems in mind and I managed to luck out with one of them. 

Compared to a lot of people I know I have a very skewed reality when it comes to money. I don't buy a lot but when I do it is expensive and I want it to last. This means that brands like Ted Baker, Whistles and All Saints aren't luxury in my mind, they are expensive but not luxury, they are an everyday staple. For me to consider a brand luxury, it is for sure a treat item. One of the brands I used to class as a treat brand was Agent Provocateur. I don't have many items from the brand but what I do have I adore and I do tend to only keep it for special occasions. Plus I only ever buy it when it is in the sale as I just can't bring myself to pay for it full price. Even though I only buy it when it is discounted, it is still a serious treat as it is not something I wear everyday. For example the last set I bought was when I was in America around a year and a half ago, so I don't buy it every sale season. It really does depend on if there is anything I like.

Since I bought my last set, the brand has changed hands and this is why I would no longer class it as a luxury. Agent Provocateur was sold to Mike Ashley who is the owner of the discount sport retailer, Sport Direct. I must admit I never thought Sport Direct would be a company that would feature on my blog. I can safely say there is absolutely nothing luxury about Sport Direct and when the rumours started saying that they would start selling Agent Provocateur in Sport Direct stores I decided I wouldn't support the brand anymore.

As you can probably tell, me not buying anything from Agent Provocateur hasn't gone well. However I have managed to justify it to myself.  The set I was eyeing up had been stocked before Agent Provocateur was taken over by Mike Ashley so it is older stock and that was probably the reason it was in the sale. I know the money helps to support him which I do not condone but I had wanted this set for a long time. Plus as I only buy it when it is on sale, he would never get the full amount of money from me. The particular set I had been eyeing up for so long was the Seraphina Set. I had originally seen it in the red and I loved it. The red set did not go into the sale but the white set did. I have to admit I do prefer the red set but I am not willing to pay full price for it so I settled.

This bra full price was £195, then went down to £135. I did consider buying it at its first mark down but they didn't have my actual size in stock, they only had a size close to my actual size. I could have potentially fit the close size but for that amount of money it needs to be perfect. So I dismissed it but kept it in a tab on my laptop so I could see if they added my size. Eventually it went down to £95 which I decided was more reasonable but my size still wasn't in stock. I began to feel defeated and assumed I would not be able to get the set. Then I checked it one day and they literally had every size including mine so I bought it immediately so I didn't miss out. Of course this is such an intricate design and I knew it would be hard to find bottoms to match so I wanted some of the knickers. I usually go for a size 1 from Agent Provocateur but I can get away with a 2, especially in the thongs. On this occasion the only bottoms they had to match was the thong and they had a size 2 so it all worked out quite well. I do have a bigger bum than I do boobs so I do tend to have to size up on my bottom half so in the end I think I managed to get my perfect size in both items.

They only had the thong in my size but I did want a different pair of bottoms which unfortunately went out of stock as I was buying my set. Realistically the thong is more practical than the Seraphina Tie Side Bottoms but I much preferred the design and look of the tie side bottoms. Admittedly they would only be appropriate for certain occasions rather than being something I could wear under a pair of jeans but isn't that why we buy sexy undies, so they can be shared? However I do like the option of wearing my nicer, sexier underwear when no one else is going to see it and when I am the only one who knows, it gives me a little confidence boost. Back to the knickers, in comparison I love the design of the tie side, I think they are stunning, they have much more of the flower detailing and give a little bit of coverage but allow a sneaky window into what is underneath. I am really disappointed that they didn't have any left when I went online to order. I think the thong is quite average looking and it isn't my favourite style of thong, I prefer a lot more string but I am pleased to have something to match the bra. There wasn't a massive price difference between the two bottoms and to be honest if they were both in stock I probably would have got both. Originally the side tie knickers were £95 and they went down to £45 in the sale whereas the thong was £85 and went down to £40. I realise this is still expensive for one pair of pants but as I said this is a treat and it isn't something I buy myself all the time.

I bought this back in the middle of January and it was lucky I bought this when I did as the day after I ordered it, the sale went off line. If I had thought about it for any longer I wouldn't have got it so I feel chuffed to have managed to get it. I did open the box when it arrived, just to make sure the sizing looked ok and that I was happy with it but after a minute I folded it away and didn't open it until my Birthday. There is no better confidence boost than nice underwear, no matter what the cost, as long as it makes you feel good that is the most important part. For me this is the ultimate birthday treat.

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