Birthday Skincare Routine

Your Birthday is a time for celebration, even if you aren't happy with the age you are turning. For me, I don't really care about my age, I don't think a number gives you a qualification to be more prepared for something in life than someone else. I believe age and experience are given through facing trials in your life and coming out the other side. This gives you the experience and knowledge to know better next time. When I sit down and consider that I am turning 25 this week, I most certainly do not feel that old. When I was younger I expected to be in a very different position to where I am now but I am happy things didn't turn out how I thought they would as realistically I wouldn't be ready for any of it yet.

When most people meet me they have no idea that I am that old, not only because I act like a 12 year old but because I also look like one too. Whenever someone asks how old I am, they are always surprised and say they would have guessed that I was 19-20. I mean it is very flattering that someone would assume that and I never complain when I get IDed at a bar but if only I was still that young. I can only hope that my youthful looks remain when I am a bit more sensitive about my age. I am kind of hoping when I am 50 I will still look 35 but I am aware I could be asking a little bit too much.

One thing I always joke about whenever someone says I don't look my age is my skincare routine. I do like to spend a little bit more on my skincare so I feel justified in doing so when someone says I look young. I have been using skincare since I was around 18 and clearly it sort of works. I have to admit it does also come down to my genes and looking at my mother I think I am blessed. The fact that I am very petite does also factor into my youthful appearance. Despite all of these factors I do believe skincare has helped me over the years and I think my Birthday is a good time to give myself a little pamper. Most of the products I will be using are my ultimate favourites which is why I am using them but one is a new product which I have been waiting for my Birthday to test out. I thought I would share this routine with you as I would consider it one of the ultimate pamper routines.

Emma Hardie - Moringa Cleansing Balm

Having wanted to try the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleanser for so long, I assumed I would have hyped it up so much in my head and it wouldn't live up to my expectations. However this has exceeded my already high expectations for this product. As it was so hyped up I didn’t want to commit myself to the full size as it is hard to know with skincare products if you are going to like them. It wasn't until I had a small sample of it in my Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar that I actually got around to trying it. This is an amazing cleanser, it takes off every scrap of make up without leaving your skin feeling dry or stripped. It starts off as quite a thick balm but as you warm it over your skin it becomes an oil. This oil takes off every bit of make up and keeps your skin looking healthy. I don't use it as the main cleanser for my eyes as I do find you have to rub it in to really get the mascara off and I try to avoid rubbing my eyes as much as I can. I do use this on my eyes but as a second cleanse just to make sure any eye make up is completely off. This sample size is the only cleanser I have at the moment but I am so pleased that it is what I have been left with. I will 100% be buying the full size when this one runs out. To use this I take a walnut sized amount on the tips of my fingers and massage it into my skin. To remove it, I use a hot cloth and then splash a little bit of water at the end. It is as simple as that.

Glamglow - Supermud

To start off my masking, I wanted to use a mask that was going to suck out all of the shit from my skin. I am not having a particularly good skin week which isn't ideal for my Birthday so I decided to use a good mud mask and Supermud from Glamglow is one of the best. I had a sample of this not too long ago and I loved it. I have been waiting for a good excuse to open my full size which I bought during the Christmas Sales and there is no better time than my Birthday. It is a mud based mask, that completely sets and draws out all of the crap from your skin. This was the sort of mask I used at a sleepover with the girls in my youth. You would laugh and it would actually hurt as the mask dried so hard. Supermud is that classic mask which is why it is one of my favourites from Glamglow. I apply quite a thin layer as it is quite expensive so I don't want to waste it. This mask contains a mixture of AHAs, BHAs and PHAs to helps with lots of skin concerns: redness, blemishes and scars. (All of the acids are at a low level.) You do need to be careful with this mask and I wouldn't suggest using it if you have sensitive skin as it is quite abrasive. If you are looking for a Glamglow mask that gives results, and you think your skin can handle it, the Supermud is hands down the best mask Glamglow create. A word of warning, it does have leaves in it so be careful not to clog the sink.

Glamglow - Glitter Mask

The Glitter Mask is the product that I have been waiting to use. I've currently got a tub of the normal Gravitymud open and previously I have had the Sonic Version so I thought the Gravitymud could only be improved by a little bit of glitter. The Glittermask is a variation of the Gravitymud but it just has chucks of glitter in it and it isn't chrome based. I have spoken about the Gravitymud quite a few times on blog and I have mentioned the Glittermask quite a few times as I was literally waiting for this to be launched! I was so intrigued by the concept of this mask that I felt like I needed to try it. I wanted to know if the glitter would feel rough on the skin and if any of the glitter would be left behind when you peeled off the mask. The glitter provides no skincare benefit whats so ever, it just makes it look pretty for social media. Social media is really what has made the Gravitymud so popular; with the original mask everyone wanted to look like the Tin-man, now you can look like the galaxy. With any full size Gravitymud you get a brush to apply it with, which I actually really like. I use it to apply all peel off masks, whether they are Glamglow or not. On the packaging it tells you to apply a generous amount and it isn't lying, you need quite a thick layer in order for it to peel off in one go or you end up trying to pick off tiny bits which isn't easy. This is a grey/black based mask with chunky glitter, some of the glitter chunks are stars which automatically means I love it. Not only does this mask make the perfect image for Instagram but it does actually have some skincare bonuses. The Gravitymud is designed to tighten and sculpt the skin. It doesn't chisel your cheeks to make you look like Bella Hadid but it does help to make your skin look more plump and revived. This is an expensive mask and I wouldn't say it was completely worth the money but I really enjoy using it and that is enough for me. If you also like a peel off mask, the Gravitymud is great and it looks fun too.

Sephora Rose Sheet Mask

If you have read any of my skincare routines previously then you will know I love nothing more than a bit of Rose in my skincare. I have also come to love a sheet mask. When I originally started to use them, I hated sheet masks as they seemed to breed spots and never really seemed to do much, then I tried the Sephora Collection sheet masks and I was sold. I picked some up when I was in America, a couple of years ago and now whenever I do a Sephora Haul, I always stock up. It has almost been a year since I did my last order so sadly I only have one mask left. I have been waiting for a special occasion to use it and I think it is time. Plus I am going to France at the start of May so I don't have long to wait to get some more. The Sephora masks are the closest I have found to perfect. They have a decent fit, they don't have too much serum and they give results. The Rose mask is designed to soothe and mositurise which is exactly what I need after using the Supermud mask to strip out any impurities. I use a sheet mask as a time to relax. I will switch off my laptop and get out a book to have 20-30 minutes of me time. Is there anything that is more luxurious than that?

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment

There has been no change to my eye cream since the last time I did one of these posts. When I bought the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment I went straight for the large pot as so many people raved about it, I could only assume that it was good. I am so pleased I bought the bigger size as I can safely say this is the best eye cream I have ever used. It is quite thick so you do need to warm it between your fingers before you apply it. I've never used an eye cream which leaves your under eyes so hydrated and which makes a genuine difference. I wear contacts so I have to play around with my eyes more than I would want to but this eye cream has really helped with some of the dryness I have experienced. Honestly if you haven't tried this eye cream, you need to.

Estee Lauder - Advanced Night Repair (ANR)

I don't think there is a blog post that goes by when I don't rave about Advanced Night Repair. Like the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment I am pretty sure this has featured in every single skincare routine I have written. ANR is my ride or die. I have been using it every single day for a good number of years now. As I have been using it for so long, I no longer see drastic changes, the only time I really notice a difference is when I haven't used it, which tends to be when I go away. I can't take my full size bottle with me as I feel like I will break it and it isn't cheap stuff. However now I have a mini version which I got from a gift with purchase so I never have to be without it again. Primarily ANR is a anti-ageing serum but don't let that fool you, anyone can benefit from using it. It helps to promote cell renewal which keeps the skin looking fresher and smoother. It has such a light formula that it sinks into the skin really quickly and it doesn't leave your skin feeling tacky. This light, oil free formula makes it great for every skin type so I recommend this product to everyone. I like ANR to be the first product to touch my skin once I have finished all of my cleansing and masking as it will have the greatest affect on my skin that way. I take one pump and smooth it into the skin, then add pressure in a gentle patting motion.

Rodial - Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel

The Rodial Sculpting Gel was one of the sample sizes I received alongside the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm in the Marks and Spencer Advent Calendar. Like the Glamglow Gravitymud, this is designed to volumise and define facial contours. It is also supposed to help with redness. To be honest, I don't know how much of a difference this makes. I have been using it but the results aren't good enough to really be noticed. I enjoy the texture of this product, as it is a gel it is very cooling on the skin. I also like the way it smells; it smells like summer cocktails with citrus and tropical fruit vibes. I sort of feel like I have to use this product as I have it so I have been incorporating it into my evening routine. The full size of this product is £85 which means I would never buy the full size but it is fine for a sample.

Liz Earle - Skin Repair Moisturiser, Normal/Combination Skin

I bought the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser with the intention of using it as a day cream however this is way too thick for that and I have now started to use it as my night cream. This very luxurious cream leaves your skin looking hydrated and leaves a sort of film, making sure everything is locked in. I get quite an oily T-Zone and I find this cream manages to hydrate but not exaggerate my oily problem. I can't say I will be buying this again as I don't feel loyal to any moisturiser but I also wouldn't be against buying it again. I don't think there is much to say about a moisturiser, it works, it is as simple as that.

After this routine I hope to wake up on my Birthday morning with stunning, baby smooth skin. Even if I don't, I will know I have done all I can to aid it. A lot of these products are my absolute favourites that I swear by so it is nice to be able to use them all together. I hope this has inspired you to get out some of your favourite skincare products and use them. This post starts a whole week of Birthday posts and I will be posting everyday this week so keep an eye out for regular content.

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