My Influences and the Products They Have Inspired

Everyone has those days when they have no motivation or inspiration. It can feel like you will never get past it and the feeling can intensify the closer you get to a deadline. In my case it comes in ebbs and flows. Some days I cannot stop writing and my words come quicker than my hands can type; other days I can't even find the strength to get out of bed. On those days I take the time to look at some of my inspirations and the people I admire to reignite my love for beauty. Each of these blogs have a different effect on me and the way I look at my blog. As we have entered a new year I have been thinking of how I would like to evolve my blog over the next year and these ladies are killing it, making me want to work on my blog even more.

For the most part seeing someone who is doing the same thing as you and see that they are successful at it gives you the idea that it can be done and then you feel motivated. Not only is finding a good blog all about inspiration in terms of writing and the look of the blog but also it is important to trust what they are saying. Someone could be the best writer in the world but if there is no personal connection, nor trust, then you are not going to like reading their blog. For me this is very important and the key reason I like the following bloggers is because I feel as though I can trust what they are saying.

As well as sharing the people who inspire me I still want to keep it beauty related so I am going to show you one product that they have inspired me to buy which I have ended up loving.

In The Frow - Dior Precious Rocks Ruby Palette

I have been a long time subscriber of Victoria from In The Frow, following her when she lived back in Manchester and worked as a lecturer. I actually found her through Instagram in my suggested feed. Her pictures kept coming up and I really liked her purple hair and her style. After following her on Instagram I found out about her blog and her Youtube channel. As she was a fashion lecturer she really knows about fashion and I always love the outfits she puts together. Her blog pictures are a work of art and truly are goals. She does go into beauty a little bit but personally I do prefer her fashion videos. She seems genuine, her vlogs are honest and they give a sense that she is just a normal girl which I appreciate. If there was one person I could swap wardrobes with in the world, then it would be Victoria. I have wanted a pair of the Sophia Webster Jessica Watermelon Shoes for the longest time and I know she has a pair. Even though I couldn't afford half the items she buys she does talk about a good mix of designer and high street so you can make an outfit for less. If you are looking for someone to follow with a wealth of fashion knowledge who knows how to take a good picture In The Frow is worth a follow.

Victoria inspired my purchase of the Dior Precious Rocks Palette in Ruby. I saw the palette in some stunning pictures which were on her blog and instantly fell in love.

Lydia Millen - MAC's Honeylove

With a very similar Youtube and blog Style, Lydia Millen also covers designer fashion with a small side of beauty. Even though In The Frow and Lydia cover similar topics they seem to do it quite differently. They both have a very classic style but Lydia goes for more bohemian styles with a touch of elegance. Whereas In The Frow has more of a structured, chic style. If you like one of them you will probably like the other. In the Frow has something a little bit more alternative with her cool iced hair and tattoos whereas Lydia is more classic. Lydia seems to get so much shit on twitter for reasons unknown to me. Personally I love seeing designer pieces and how they can be integrated into any wardrobe and Lydia does that expertly. Some of the items she goes for are not items I would personally choose but I love that she isn't afraid to take a risk and somehow she pulls everything off. Even though our styles are quite different Lydia has a way of making everything seem interesting and relevant.

Lydia inspired MAC's Honeylove. A lipstick I would never have picked out of the MAC line up but after seeing her wear it so much I really wanted to try it. Lydia is quite tanned and it looks great on her so I worried it wouldn't suit my pale skin as much but I think it suits me and it has fast become one of my favourite lipsticks.

Pixiwoo - Real Techniques

Now that we have covered the fashion blogs, we can get into the beauty bloggers. For a long time I really struggled with Pixiwoo. I have always loved Real Techniques brushes but I couldn't get on board with their channel as I am not a make up artist. However the more I delve into the world of beauty, the more I can appreciate the artistry of what they create. Some of my favourite videos they make are the ones which have make up looks that I wouldn't normally do. For example Sam did a video on the MAC Make-Up Art Collection which was a collection designed by and for make up artist and she said she didn't think people would appreciate the video. Well I most certainly did, I loved the way that she created a look on the spot and she wasn't concerned with the outcome. The idea of make up needing to be perfected, Instagram make up, does not appeal to me in the slightest. A lot of it all looks the same and no one would walk around looking like that. What Pixiwoo create are looks people can wear but also they show creativity. They are probably two of the most creative make up artists I watch and I really enjoy them. I am going to admit I am super lame and I even watch their Instastories as something in the background whilst I am blogging or doing my own make up as they talk about so many products and I have found watching them quite helpful with evolving my own personal make up style.

Of course they inspired some of my Real Techniques purchases. I didn't buy them because they are created by Pixiwoo but they do own the brand. Without Sam and Nic these brushes wouldn't exist and I use a lot of these brushes in my everyday make up routine.

Really Ree - My Blog

Really Ree is quite different from the other blogs I love. She has to be one of the more regular content creators out of all of the blogs I follow which is why I enjoy her blog so much. I check it out almost everyday as she keeps you updated on all of the new launches, kind of like Trendmood but on a smaller more UK based scale. Every product you are looking forward to has probably been reviewed on Really Ree and with wonderful swatches. Looking at Really Ree is a handy way of keeping up with anything new so I highly recommend checking out the website if you are in the UK and you love beauty.

Ree inspires the blog, I wish I had the resources to post as regularly and about as many products as she does. I also love Ree's Instagram, she creates some short videos using new products and I like seeing how a product works.

Fleur De Force - MAC Lipstick

Fleur has long been one of my favourite bloggers/youtubers and I think she was probably one of the first beauty youtubers I followed. She has a good knowledge of products but she doesn't speak in a condescending way, she explains but doesn't make you feel stupid. Also someone like me doesn't need to know the ins and outs of every ingredient, I just need to know the essentials and I feel like Fleur gets this balance. She always says when something is sponsored which is not only the law but also the right thing to do. She makes it clear but I never feel like she just promoting something for money, she only seems to talk about products she would genuinely use. I feel a bit silly even mentioning Fleur because she does have such a big following and I have spoken about her before as I bought her MAC lipstick, which I absolutely love. If you haven't heard of Fleur you should definitely check out her channel, her videos are very easy going and light-hearted. Plus she has just had a baby and I am really enjoying the cute little updates.

Fleur inspired me to buy her lipstick. I love a MAC lipstick and when I read that Fleur was launching one last year, I immediately wanted to know what shade it was. She had hinted that it was going to be a nude and that was when I knew I wanted to get one. The lipstick sold out within a day so I feel lucky to have got one. Fleur did such a good job with this shade but I am reluctant to use it as I know I can't get another.

Jamie Genevieve - Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate

I only recently discovered Jamie as my best friend recommended some of her videos saying that Jamie is a make up wizard. Well my best friend was not wrong, Jamie is seriously good at make up. It is rare for me to like full on tutorials opposed to reviews as I am shit at doing my own make up so there would be no way I could recreate a look I had seen online. However I love Jamie's videos. She does weekly vlogs, which are some of my favourite vlogs at the moment, and even though tutorials aren't my favourite for some reason I love seeing the looks she creates. She has a genuine artistry which are the sort of make up tutorials I like to watch these days. I feel like it is quite easy to do an everyday look whereas Jamie is more adventurous with colour and the style of make up she does. I like Jamie for the same reason I like Pixiwoo, they actually know their stuff when it comes to application which is somewhere I fail. She is hilarious and I just want her to be my best friend.

One of the products Jamie uses in pretty much every tutorial is the Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate and her skin always looks glowy and luminous. Mine does not, so I decided I needed to give this a go to give some life to my skin. Jamie was not wrong, this is a wonderful product and it makes me look much healthier. It was announced yesterday that Jamie will be creating a MAC lipstick this year and I am so excited to see what she comes up with.

These are some of the blogs or channels I go to when I'm not feeling too good about my blog and I want to remember why I love talking about Beauty as much as I do. Sometimes you do need some inspiration but it is always worth knowing why they inspire you. All of these women have worked hard to get where they are and yes, you might not like everything they do but I think it is important to remember that they work hard to keep us entertained. They are privileged to get to do what they love but no job comes without its own shit sometimes so everyone has bad days. These ladies always seem to handle themselves in a way that represents themselves and a lot of them don't sugar coat everything which is something I admire. Hopefully over the year I can adjust my blog so that I can get my blog closer to where I want it to be.

If you haven't heard of any of these people (I would be surprised if you haven't) I will link below either their blog or youtube channel so you can check them out. Please let me know if there is anyone you think I should be watching or reading their blog as I am looking for new influences all the time.

In The Frow:
Lydia Millen:
Pixiwoo: Pixiwoo's Youtube Channel
Really Ree:
Fleur De Force:
Jamie Genevieve:

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