Monthly Favourites: January

January will always be the crappiest month of the year. Everyone is in recovery mode from Christmas, we are all carrying a little bit more weight and the reality of the rubbish Winter weather settles in. As I write this the UK is currently being blasted by Storm Georgia and the wind is howling at the walls. Even though January is my least favourite month there have been a few good things about it this year. This year started off with a good sweep of the sales, getting quite a few items I had been eyeing up for a while. Plus it was my Brother's birthday so we did things as a family which doesn't always happen regularly throughout the year. In terms of the blog, January has given me the chance to catch up on everything beauty related.

Before Christmas the beauty world is insane. There are so many new products launched that everything can be overwhelming and you can miss out on a lot of new products. January has been bit of a slow month for new launches so I have had the chance to test out everything I got for Christmas and in the sales. Basically all of the products featured are new to me this month.

I'll start with the one that has been in my collection the longest, The Ordinary AHA + BHA Peeling Solution. I had heard so much about this so I bought it last time I was in London but I was reluctant to try it. Just the idea of applying an acid to my face seemed wrong and quite extreme. At the start of this month I had quite a bad breakout and I had a few skin concerns. As I figured my skin couldn't get any worse I tried the acid. Unlike other acids I have used before, The Ordinary Peeling Solution is a mask you leave on for 10 minutes and it has multiple different acids which target different skin concerns. 

For me, my main problems with my skin have been spots and texture. The BHA acid in this solution is Salicylic Acid which is known to help with spots and redness. The combination of Salicylic acid and the mixture of AHA's help to reduce texture. I have to admit I didn't notice an immediate difference after I had used this acid. The only thing I noticed was that my skin was a little bit more soft but mainly it was more sensitive than usual. It wasn't until a couple of days later that I really saw a difference and that difference is the reason the Peeling Solution has made it to my favourites. My spots started to improve much quicker than usual and in general my skin looked so much better, it helped with texture and the unevenness in my skin. I thought this was going to burn, considering it is an acid, however it felt like any other mask. Considering this was only £6.30 I think this was well worth the money. I feel like I have so much to say about this product but I will be doing a full review so keep your eyes peeled if you are interested in reading more about it.

My second favourite of the month is one I am dead sure has featured in my favourites before. It is the Burberry, My Burberry Perfume. Even if I am wrong and it hasn't featured in a favourites, it has been on my blog many times. My Burberry has to be one of my all time favourite perfumes but I have included it in my favourites this month for a very different reason. In my latest empties post, if you read it, you will know I used up my last bottle quite a while ago. I had been meaning to buy a new bottle over Christmas but the festive season came and went very quickly and I didn't manage to get a bottle but one day in January I was walking through Boots and I thought I would check out the sale. I walked past the clearance and they had My Burberry for only £20! Not only was it only £20 but it was the 90ml bottle which is the largest bottle they sell. This size bottle usually costs almost £100 from John Lewis so this was a fraction of its usual price so of course I bought it immediately. This was hands down my biggest bargain of this sale season and that is why it has made it into my favourites. I just hope it doesn't mean they are going to discontinue this perfume because it is easily in my top 5 fragrances.

Sticking to products from the festive season, my next favourite was a present I received for Christmas, it is the Dior Precious Rocks Palette in Ruby. This was the first present my brother has ever bought me and for that reason it has made it to my favourite but also it is just a beautiful palette. This has been on my eyelids all month and it has helped me to overcome a beauty safety zone I had put myself in. I was always scared to wear red or pink shadows as I feared it would make me look like I have an eye infection. However the way I wear a pink shade is to use quite a rich brown in the crease which takes away from that bold red pigment. This palette encompasses that look. I love the rich ruby pink shade in middle and the bottom two shades. I must admit, the top two shadows aren't my favourites but they work well as inner corner highlight shades. I won't talk about this too much as you can't buy it anymore. I feel fortunate to have got this palette and it has intrigued me to try more Dior products.

The final Christmas related product is from Lush. As a brand I completely love Lush but it doesn't feature very often in my favourites. I tend to like their bath products and they are usually a 1 time use sort of product so I use them and forget about them. However at the moment I am using Buck's Fizz Body Conditioner which I have been using since Christmas day. I love this product for Winter as you use it in the shower, it moisturises but you don't have to wait for it to sink in. It has the same concept as a hair conditioner but you use it on your body. It leaves your skin feeling super soft and coated in a stunning scent. The scent is really why this product has made it to my favourites. It is a citrus concoction which is super invigorating and energizing in the mornings. It is a blend of Orange oil, Lime oil, Grapefruit and Cognac which adds the boozy element. I love a Buck's Fizz on Christmas morning but this body conditioner has been a firm favourite for such a dismal month. I lucked out and found some of this in the sale so I hope to be using this for the next couple of months. If my wonderful description has left you wanting to try this, it was part of their Christmas collection which has now left stores. This is one to look out for when their Christmas products return a lot later in the year.

The final beauty favourite comes from one of my brands to watch for 2018, Fenty Beauty. This month I have been using both the Stunna Lip Paint and the Mattemoiselle Lipstick but the latter has come out on top. They both dry matte but I think the Mattemoiselle lipstick is easier to use. I have the shade Ma' Damn and I love it. It is one of the most pigmented lipsticks I own. There is no patchiness due to its bold pigment which is exactly what you want for such a bold shade. Even though this is a matte, it doesn't feel or look drying which is surprising for a product with has so much pigment in it. I quite often wear this to work as I know it isn't going to move around too much and if I can wear a red to work, it has to be an amazing formula for it to not end up all around my face. I feel like not enough people are talking about these lipsticks and they really are amazing. My one negative would be that the shade range only contains 14 shades and there isn't a nude which suits me but if you can find a shade you like, I would recommend getting it.

My final favourite is actually a piece of clothing. At the moment I am loving white T-shirts with jeans and a jacket, usually my leather jacket. It is a simple, staple outfit. My family and I went to Bath for my Brother's birthday, we had brunch and did a bit of shopping so I dragged my brosef into The Kooples as there is not a store close to where we live. I've never bought anything from them before but I have always looked at the brand online so I knew their vibe. I had a look around and I wasn't taken by anything, then I looked at the mannequin and it had a plain white top on which had a tiny bit of embroidery detail on the left boob area. Even though it is just a white top, I loved the tiny detailing which made it slightly different. I looked at the label and it said £85 so I walked away, there was no way I was spending that much on a basic top. As we were on the park and ride leaving Bath, I couldn't stop thinking about the top so I thought I would check it out online. I found it and it turns out it was actually half price in the sale. When I found out I was ready to turn the bus around and march to The Kooples to buy it. Then I remembered I could stop being a brat and order it online, which is exactly what I did. Little did I know that it had to come all the way from France but it was well worth it. Ever since this top arrived it is all I have worn. I think I will be shopping at The Kooples more often. 

I am always glad to see the back of January as February is my birthday month. Even though I don't get as excited about my birthday as I used to, it is always a time filled with seeing friends and family, and the most important part, treating myself. One of my birthday presents to myself has already arrived and I can't wait to open it. Hopefully as we leave January behind some better weather will head our way as it has been bloody freezing and it is definitely not the weather to be wearing white tops and a jacket.

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