Fenty Beauty: Stunna Lip Paint

Fenty Beauty has been a force to be reckoned with. Almost overnight it became a beauty power house, all because Rihanna launched a foundation which finally recognised that there are more than just 10 versions of skin colour. More foundation shades has been something that everyone has been asking for, for a long time. When a brand finally took notice, we took notice of that brand and now Fenty Beauty has been voted the 'most innovative beauty launch of the year.' This is amazing and shows that brands need to recognise what consumers are asking for, rather than brands launching another lipstick collection. When it was first launched so many of the products were sold out but now they seem to have finally caught up with demand and that demand is high. A lot of people worried that it would be a celebrity brand that had no substance but when people started trying the products, everyone realised that this was not the case.

I am currently using the foundation and the Kittawatt Highlight and I think they are incredible. The foundation is everything I like: matte, long-wearing and a perfect shade match. For £26 I think it is completely worth the price. I have the highlight in Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal and the shade is perfect for anyone pale like me. The powder is finely milled and I love that you have two different finishes so you can adjust the amount of highlight you want. The only problem I have had since I wrote my Fenty Beauty review is that I have already hit pan! I've only had it a few months and I have already run out of Lightning Dust. At £26 this isn't overly cheap so I was a little bit disappointed but I would definitely buy it again because the shade is perfect. I even included both of these product in my Top Products of 2017 post.

When all of these products were launched people couldn't get their reviews out fast enough. Everyone wanted to be the first person to share their thoughts on the products. At the start no one was sure what to make of the brand. The reviews have died down now but the products keep coming. Fenty Beauty released the Galaxy Collection not too long ago and to be honest I watched a few reviews but the collection wasn't for me. There was a lot of colour which I find difficult to use. What I wanted to know was what the lipsticks and the eye shadows were like so that if some were launched which were my shade then I would know whether I needed to be interested or not. However I really was not interested in any of the shades, that was when Uncensored was dropped.

Back at the beginning of December I went into Harvey Nichols to buy a few things and I took a look at the Fenty counter and they had Uncensored. When Fenty Beauty was first launched all they released for the lips was a lip gloss. The lip gloss looked very nice but I am not the biggest fan of glosses so I didn't go for it but when I saw they were doing a Lip Paint, well that was right up my street. I talk about lip products all the time and liquid lipsticks are my favourite so I was eager to get my hands on this. I thought they would have sold out as I got to it pretty late but they had quite a few. 

I didn't bother trying it on in store as Fenty Beauty claimed this red shade would suit everyone so I just bought it and tried it when I got home. This lipstick was £19 which isn't bad pricing. Considering a MAC lipstick now costs £16.50 and your average high end lipstick is over £22 this is quite reasonably priced. I hadn't really seen many reviews on it so I was just going off of what I knew about the products I had already tried. There still aren't many reviews for this lipstick which surprises me as I thought more people would be excited about this lipstick. It was launched at the perfect time as well as it is a very traditional red so it was perfect for the festive season. 

Sticking to the colour, when I first tried this I did wonder if it was going to be too dark but as it dried I realised it genuinely is the perfect red which would suit pretty much everyone. I am super pale with neutral undertones so I can get away with a lot of lipsticks but this just worked. Before trying the lipstick, I didn't believe that it could suit everyone but it probably does. Obviously I can't speak for other skin tones but this lipstick is so pigmented it should work on everyone. The colour looks great and does not apply streaky at all. It is quite rare for a lipstick to be so pigmented and not to be streaky at all but this is helped by the formula.

The formula of this lipstick works both to its advantage and its disadvantage. This lipstick is very liquid, possibly one of the most fluid lipsticks I've ever used. It feels like it will never set but it does apply the lipstick evenly and thinly. As it is so pigmented, it would never look streaky. After about a minute it does dry down to a matte but not a cakey matte. It doesn't feel thick, nor look chunky on the lips which is probably the best quality about this lipstick. It always looks good. However as it is so liquid it does bleed a little bit. I found it would bleed around the corner of my lips and it would bleed if I tried to top it up throughout the day. If it bled in the morning, before I left the house then I could touch it up with concealer and it isn't too much trouble. With a liquid lipstick I would sometimes go through this process anyway but if I am on the move, for example at work, I wouldn't have a lip brush to touch it up. This is something you would need to consider prior to putting it on.

L-R: Fenty Beauty Stunna vs Chanel Choquant
Once the lipstick has set, there is no moving it so you don't have to worry about it bleeding after a minute. For me, this means that I only wear this lipstick if I know I am not going to need to top it up and when I can just leave it to do its thing. One thing that does make this lipstick very easy to use is the applicator. It does have one of the weirdest shaped applicators I've ever seen but it does make it easy to get the shape of your lips. If you use the wide bit of the wand to get the shape, it picks up just enough of the product so you can use it as a liner and then you can use the middle bit which is dipped in to pick up a maximum amount of product. With all of the product in the centre you can fill in and colour the rest of your lips, easily and with one dip in the pot. This wand, even though it is a weird shape is actually perfect for applying this lipstick. One thing that needs to be said about Fenty Beauty is that all of the products are very thought out and none of them seem like a rush launch as they need to put something out. They only seem to launch products when they are ready and I can appreciate that.

If you were thinking about buying this lipstick I can recommend it as long as you are prepared for a little bit of movement before it sets. This was an amazing introduction into lip products from Fenty Beauty and they have just launched the Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipsticks in 14 different shades. I really want to get my hands on one to try it and see how it differs from other lipsticks. They are only £16 which makes them cheaper than your average lipstick. However I have not made my way to Harvey Nichols yet to check them out. I am still yet to be disappointing by a Fenty Beauty product and on that basis I assume I am going to like the Mattemoiselle lipsticks.

If you want to find out more about Fenty Beauty, in the UK it is exclusive to Harvey Nichols, here is a link where you can find out more Harvey Nichols - Fenty Beauty. I'm sure there will be more Fenty Beauty reviews as I am intrigued by the brand. I have spoken about this lipstick before in my post about my favourite Christmas Red shades which I have linked below.

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