Fenty Beauty: Mattemoiselle Lipstick

Fenty Beauty was a beauty powerhouse towards the end of last year. I have been writing this blog for almost 5 years now, I have worked in the beauty industry and I have never seen anything quite like it. People went mad for the brand with many products selling out within a day. There was a queue on the Harvey Nichols website just to look at the brand. The demand was high and with good reason. Many brands start out with lipsticks and eye shadows as they are the easiest to make and market as they have a mass appeal. However in true Rihanna style, Fenty Beauty decided to toss out this tradition and went straight for foundations/base products which are notoriously hard to get right. 

There are so many reasons that Fenty Beauty took off so quickly, mainly because it was backed by Rihanna but most importantly because the brand catered for everyone. Finally a brand took notice and made foundations for both the incredibly pale and deeper skin tones. Everyone wanted to be the first person to review the brand so the day Fenty Beauty was launched it took over the internet. I read/watched a lot of reviews as I was really intrigued by the brand. I wanted to know if it was just another celebrity backed brand that failed to hit the mark but I couldn't have been more surprised.

Unlike everyone else I waited to get my products and spent time over my review, I knew I wasn't going to be the first to upload so why not test the products for a while and have a fully formed idea instead of a first impression. I treated myself to the foundation and one of the Killawatt Highlighters and I really like both. I have the foundation in shade 140 which is pretty much a perfect match for me. It is a matte foundation with a soft looking finish, it is long wearing and has an almost blurring effect to the skin. Basically it does everything I like a foundation to do. I have been using it pretty much everyday since I bought it, over my beloved Estee Lauder Double Wear, which is saying something. Nothing has made me swap foundations before yet Fenty Beauty succeeded where many others have failed. The highlight I got was in Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal and it is perfect for anyone who has pale skin like me, it actually works as a highlight which is unusual as anyone who is super pale will know. I do have one disappointment with the highlight which is that I have used it up already but that hasn't stopped me buying more. 

Even though I am trying to spend less money, a trip to the centre of Bristol would not be complete without a trip to the Harvey Nichols beauty hall. Harvey Nichols houses the only Tom Ford counter in the South West and it is also the home of Fenty Beauty. As I said in my review of the Stunna Lip Paint I have been eager to try the lip products from Fenty Beauty and just after Christmas, Fenty Beauty launched the Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipsticks. As with all Fenty Beauty products which have been released since that initial launch, I haven't seen many reviews for these lipsticks but I love a new lipstick so I wanted to give it a go. 

There are 14 different shades in the range and they cover a lot of different colours. I went for quite a traditional red shade but if I had wanted to be more adventurous, I could have gone for a blue, green or purple. As I don't like colour I would never have gone for one of these shades but they would look gorgeous on darker skin. I swatched the nudes but they both had a warm undertone which I didn't think would particularly suit me. I saw the red shade Ma' Damn and it called to me. Even though I usually only like to wear reds closer to the festive season, I do wear them throughout Winter so I thought it would be quite seasonally appropriate and I would get a lot of use out of it. I have to admit that really I just wanted to know what the formula was like. As soon as I got home, I had it out and I was testing it. The lipstick does have it's problems but the good definitely outweighs the negative. 

Ma' Damn is definitely a statement red, it wants to be noticed. To be fair no one wears a red lipstick for it to look patchy and weak! I wear red lipstick to give me the confidence that I might otherwise be lacking that day. As you would expect from a lipstick created by Rihanna, this is the bold, daring red lipstick I wanted it to be. This is good because it is such a beautiful red you wouldn't want it just to be a wash of colour. It is a bold, deep, cherry red, described on the Harvey Nichols website as a 'Royal Red.' It definitely has quite a pink undertone which comes through as the colour fades. The pigmentation is truly incredible, much like the Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored. There is no patchiness or unevenness with this stunning red lipstick which is unusual as it is blue based and blue pigment can be hard to work with. I can't say much for the other colours in this range but Ma' Damn is really pigmented. This shade is a perfect red for me and definitely makes it into my top 5 red shades.

The actual formula itself is nothing new but in this case that isn't necessarily a bad thing. As the name suggests this is a matte formula and it definitely gives a matte finish. It is described as 'An ultra slim lipstick with a long-wearing, petal-soft matte finish,' and whoever wrote this summed it up the best. There is no shine when you apply this lipstick but it doesn't look dry and it feels comfortable on the lips. It doesn't settle into any lines or dry patches which is quite unusual for a matte. As it doesn't feel drying, nor does it dry down like a liquid lipstick, it does transfer, which is my biggest problem with the formula. Much like the Fenty Beauty Lip Paint, this also seems to have unlimited transfer, it gets everywhere but your lips still look perfect. However this can cause a problem as it can be quite messy, especially around your face. As it is a red, I would have liked a little bit less movement just so I wouldn't have to worry about it so much. Overall I do like the formula and the movement isn't enough to put me off wearing such a stunning shade. I have only pointed it out as it is something to consider when looking at buying some of the more bold shades.

One thing I cannot fault Fenty Beauty on is the pricing. As Rihanna is the creator of the brand, I feel like it would have been easy to take the piss with the prices knowing that people will buy it just because it is backed by Rihanna. Well they haven't done this and I think it is reasonably priced. This isn't a luxury brand like Chanel but it is much better than a high street brand so the brands sits somewhere in the middle and so does the pricing. The Mattemoiselle Plush lipsticks are only £16. If you compare this to MAC who are known for their lipsticks, they are pretty much the same price. MAC lipsticks are £16.50 so there is only a 50p difference in the prices.

I feel like it is easy to be carried away with this reasoning so I looked into it a little bit more and there could be a reason the Fenty beauty lipstick is cheaper, it has way less product in it. The Mattemoiselle lipsticks only have 1.7g of product compared to MAC which has 3g. Also when you consider the amount of the product, this is smaller than one of the Tom Ford Lips and Boys which are designed to be a mini lipstick, even they have 2g of product in them. Even though I wasn't as thrilled about the price after finding out how much product is in it, I still wouldn't argue with the pricing. If you are looking for a luxury feeling lipstick which doesn't have a horrendous price tag, this could be your lipstick.

My one overall negative about the product is the packaging. I love the slim design of the lipstick bullet but that is where my admiration ends. Something about it feels cheap and flimsy. I'm not sure if this is because it is thinner than your average lipstick but something about this makes it seem like this lipstick is not going to survive my handbag which is a known death trap for anything placed within it. I am also not fussed on the metallic baby pink packaging, I think it would have been better if it was the pale pink used for the top of the foundation bottle rather than being metallic. I love the simplicity of the packaging but I think, at the same time, it is it's downfall. Even though I'm not a fan of the packaging, it wouldn't stop me from buying another of the Mattemoiselle lipsticks.

In general, I really like this lipstick. Anything this bold with incredible pigmentation is a win for me. Ma' Damn is a power red and it gives me the confidence I am looking for in a red shade. The shade isn't too dissimilar to Uncensored, the Stunna Lip Paint so if you aren't a fan of a liquid lipstick but want a bold red the Mattemoiselle range could be your alternative. If you were trying to pick between the two Fenty lip products, I would say go for the Mattemoiselle lipstick: it is easier to apply and not as messy. Some of the more adventurous shades wouldn't be for me but they weren't made for pale people like me, those shades are made for people with darker skin and if you can pull them off please wear them! Once again Rihanna has shown that Fenty Beauty caters for everyone and makes products that inspire rather than selling another nude collection. If you want to see more reviews on Fenty Beauty products, I actually picked up another item whilst I was shopping which I will be telling you about later on this month.

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