Beauty Wishlist for 2018

January is always a bit of a crap month. Everyone is still recovering from their over indulgent Christmas, we are all paying off a credit card bill and the worst part is that we all have to go back to work. At the end of last year I had lost hope but the start of this year has brought back the potential of new opportunities. At the end of last year I sat down and thought about all the things I want to accomplish this year. One big thing for me is working towards my goal of being a beauty editor and doing things which are going to get me there; this includes interning and studying some more.

Not only do I want to improve my work life but I also want to continue to work on the blog. Considering we are half way through January, new beauty launches have seriously slowed down. It is quite a contrast from the amount of products being launched before Christmas when brands went mad on new products and gift sets. This quiet period has given me a chance to consider older products I would like to try instead of focusing entirely on new products. I feel like it is quite easy to be sucked into the hype of a new launch and to forget that brands do have incredible products in their standard collection. I have a whole list of products I hope to try this year and I even have a few brands that I would like to try a product from as I am yet to give them a go. Sit back and let me take you through the products and if you have any Christmas chocolate left this might be the time to grab some.

Picture from Sephora

The first product to make the list is the RMS Living Luminizer. Last year I attempted my first liquid highlighter which was the Marc Jacobs Dew Drops. The finish looked stunning but the effort to get to that point was too much for me. From what I have seen of people using this, it has a similar finish but it is in a pot so it is easier to apply. The reason this highlight sprang to mind as I contemplated the products I would like to try is because of In The Frow. In one of her weekly vlogs she was heading to the gym and basically all she had applied to her face was the Living Luminizer and her skin looked incredible. On that basis I want to try it. This is a £36 product, for a tiny pot and there are some bad reviews of this product on Beauty Bay. I most definitely would not buy this online. This is a product I will have to see in person so next time I am in Space NK I will definitely be checking this out.

Picture from Anastasia Beverly Hills
The next product has been a cult favourite pretty much since it was launched. When the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette first came out I was not interested in it at all. At the time I would wear neutral brown eye shadow only! I never wanted to branch out but after the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette I became more adventurous with warm red/terracotta shades. I never thought these shadows would suit me but now that I have started to wear warmer shadows, I have fallen in love. Even pink shades were something I would avoid but since I received the Dior Precious Rocks Palette in Ruby for Christmas, I have been wearing pink shades pretty much everyday. Paired with brown eye shdaow in the crease, it doesn't make you look like you have an eye infection. As I didn't think I would use the majority of shades in this palette, I had no interest in it, even though everyone else always raved about it. However this has all changed.

Not only do the shades appeal to me more but before Christmas I was looking for my Christmas party look so I looked for a tutorial on Youtube. Of course I found one I liked by Jamie Genevieve and she used this palette. I used my Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette and created a look I was happy with but I feel like it would have been better if I had this palette. At £43 there was no way I was buying this palette before Christmas and I'm not rushing to buy it now but it is something I would like to invest in at some point this year.

Picture from Harvey Nichols
Another eye shadow palette which is also painfully expensive but I would love to own is, the Tom Ford Quad in Honeymoon. I already have two Tom Ford quads and they are incredible, as they should be for £66 a piece but they are amazing shades which have been beautifully formulated. Not only am I not sure I could casually drop £66 on a quad but Honeymoon has always been out of stock whenever I have gone to treat myself to it previously. Last year I tried buying it for my birthday but I ended up getting Nude Dip. I love Nude Dip and it is a beautiful palette but it hasn't quite filled the Honeymoon void. Once again this is quite a warm deep pink/plum palette with a stunning gold shade. Tom Ford is the ultimate luxury make up in my eyes so this would be a serious treat item if I managed to get it this year.

Picture from Charlotte Tilbury
Let's get away from eye shadow palettes or I will be talking about them all day. However I do want to stay on the topic of palettes. There is a face compact that I have wanted to try for the longest time, the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow. The highlight in this compact alone makes me want to buy it, it looks beautiful and the two shades look like they would work well on my skin tone. The compact's packaging is a work of art; rose gold with art deco patterns, it looks like something Zelda Fitzgerald would have had on her vanity. I remember seeing someone use this on a train journey as I was leaving Plymouth to go home. At the time I couldn't afford nice make up but it looked so glamorous. It would be one of those products you would be happy to pull out of your bag and show off to everyone around you. Maybe this year will actually be the year that I get this product.

Picture from Sephora
Sticking to the theme of ultra lux products, there is a gold based primer that I would like to try this year. I know what you are thinking, 'but Sophie you do not wear a primer,' no I don't but that is because I haven't found the right one that works for me yet but I'm hoping it could be the Guerlain L'Or Primer. Everything about this is luxury, I mean it has actual gold flakes in it. If gold flakes aren't luxury, what is? No one ever seems disappointed with this primer, they perhaps wish they didn't spend that much on it but everyone seems to agree it works. I have always been reluctant to spend £47 on a primer as I do not use them too often but I've never found one which had made a real difference to my make up so hopefully this one will.

Picture from Selfridges
It wouldn't be one of my posts if I didn't mention a few lipsticks; one is more of a lip balm and one is a traditional lipstick. I'll start with the balm. After the success of the Dior Precious Rocks palette, my love for Dior has been restored. Don't get me wrong there wasn't a product that put me off the brand but I just kind of forgot about the brand. A product I've always wanted to try is the Dior Lipglow. Back in the day I couldn't justify spending that much on a balm but at this point in my life I can. I believe the whole point of this lip product is that it is one of those PH lipsticks that adjusts to the wearer to give natural, emphasized lips. Dior have actually launched more colours recently but it is the original that I am most interested. This year I do want to try more products from Dior in general.

The lipstick is one you can't get in the UK which is bit of a problem but that will not stop me in trying to buy this lipstick. Pat Mcgrath Labs is on Net-a-Porter but they don't stock all of the items available. My fascination with Pat Mcgrath started last year after I read an article on The Guardian about all of the work she has done for the beauty industry and it is truly incredible. If you want to read that article, here is a link to it Beauty Queen: How Pat Mcgrath Became The Worlds Most Influential Makeup Artist. Pat Mcgrath is an iconic in the beauty industry and a few years ago she launched her own brand. The brand started with a highlight, then lip kits, eye shadows and eventually she released lipsticks. She started with a couple of matte lipsticks but the brand has released more since then. The particular lipstick I have my eye on is the MatteTrance Lipstick in the shade 1995. Obviously I've only seen this online but it is described as a 'warm light nude' on Sephora which is my sort of shade.  The packaging for the lipstick is both distinctive yet understated. This is the sort of lipstick that would only be appreciated by true beauty lovers. It is a matte formula but all the reviews I've seen have said it is a comfortable formula and doesn't dry completely matte which I don't mind. I would love one of the eye shadow palette that have just been released but they are far too expensive to even make it to this list.

That is it for all the make up items I would love to try this year so lets move on to skincare. I'll start with the product that I will definitely be trying this year which is the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I think this year is the year I need to branch out from Advanced Night Repair which I have been using for years. I do want to try something new but I have always worried that it isn't going to be as good as ANR. Kiehl's are easily one of my favourite skincare brands and I've never been disappointed with any of their products I have tried. Last time I did a little Kiehl's Haul I was given lots of samples and there was a few samples of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate so I will actually get around to trying this one this year.

Image from Cult Beauty
After the success of my first overnight mask, the Korres one I received in my Marks and Spencer Advent Calendar, I want to try more overnight masks. One I have in mind to try is the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask. It is expensive but everyone says it is worth it. I saw Jeffree Star rave about it and if he likes it, you know it's good. There is actually a Glow Box Bag on Cult Beauty with a mini version of this and another product for £25. It has to be done, doesn't it?

Picture from Glamglow
The final product is one I have spoken about before but it still isn't available in the UK. At the moment I am slightly obsessed with Glamglow masks and they are launching the Glitter Mask. I already know I like the Gravitymud which is the peel off mask in the Glamglow range so I assume the Glitter mask will be similar but it will just have glitter in it. I did watch Jeffree Star's review of this mask and it has only left me more intrigued to try it. Come on Glamglow, make the Glitter mask available in the UK already!

Even though that completes the specific products I know I would like to try this year; there are also a few brands that I would like to try. In these cases there isn't a specific product I have in mind, I would just be happy to try something from them as the brand intrigues me:
  • Huda Beauty: As it is a sort of new brand, there aren't as many products to chose from but pretty much everything Huda has launched I would like to try. Each product is spoken about highly within the beauty community. I'm thinking I would like to try a liquid lipstick and one of the smaller palettes which I believe are called the Mini Obsessions. Everyone raves about Huda Beauty but oddly I am yet to try anything.
  • Fresh Beauty: I received a sample of the Caramel Lip Balm from the Glamour Beauty Club and loved it. This had lead me to wanting to try more from the brand. I'm not sure what I want to try but I know whatever it is, it is going to be good. 
  • Tatcha: Yet another brand who have not quite made it to the UK who should. They are a very hyped brand but I've never tried the products to know whether or not it lives up to this hype. As I am trying to improve my skincare regime I feel like this could be a good brand to incorporate.
  • Fenty Beauty: Yes I have tried a few products from Fenty but I want to try more. The brand was voted the 'most innovative beauty brand of 2017' and for good reason, the products are amazing and unique. Not only am I intrigued by some of the products they've already launched; the powder, the lipsticks and even the lipgloss but I am excited to see what is launched this year. Fenty Beauty is definitely one to watch.

As some of the products are only available in the US, to me it sounds like a Sephora Haul is in order. I usually treat myself just before my Birthday to a Sephora Haul and my Birthday is next month so I am starting to curate my shopping list now. Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you think of them as I would love to know.  

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