Kiehl's Skincare: Haul

We all have certain brands who never let us down and provide us with a safety net of being reliable. When you are desperately in need of a product you can go to that brand, even if you haven't tried that product before, and you know it is going to be good. In my opinion Kiehl's is one of those brands. I always love everything I buy from Kiehl's and I never feel let down, even though the products are quite expensive. At this time of year, the closer we get to Christmas, John Lewis always hold Christmas events for those who have a My John Lewis Card. I have to admit, I don't have one but my mother does so I am usually her chosen guest as she can't be left on her own to make good decisions. I have to say I've been going to these events for a few years and this was the best one for me. I really lucked out and I especially lucked out on the Kiehl's counter. 

When you walk in you get given a drink (orange juice for me as the designated driver) and then you are let loose on the store. There are no special discounts and the only exciting thing that happens is a raffle which my mother and I do not participate in as we can't be arsed to wait around for the results so really I don't know why we go. I think it is just nice to be invited along with the other thousands of people. I had my shopping list prepped and primed and all I really needed was a night cream and my Christmas wrap. It was quiet when we arrived so I decided to head to the Kiehl's counter and make the most of no one else being on the counter. I had been online, looking for a good night cream and I had decided it was time to try the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream as so many people talk about it. 

I've never had a bad experience at a Kiehl's counter; they are always very knowledgeable and very friendly and the woman who served me that day was no exception. I expressed my interest in the Ultra Facial Cream and she asked if I had dry skin. I don't. At this point she said it might not be the best product for me and she recommended the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion. As it is a lotion, it is slightly lighter and because it is oil free it wouldn't exaggerate my oily T-Zone. My intention with this product was for it to be a night cream as I had run out of the product I was using before which was the Kiehl's Rosa Arcinia which funnily enough I bought at a previous John Lewis event.

Really for a night product I would have liked something thicker but I do really like this lotion. I have been using it since the start of last month and I have seen a real difference in my skin. My T-Zone doesn't get as oily throughout the day which is always a plus. I did worry that I would see a drop in hydration within my skin but I haven't. The assumption that a thicker cream will be better isn't always correct. 

Some of the key ingredients within this lotion are: 
  • Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract which helps to store and maintain moisture.
  • Antarcticine which helps to hydrate, protect against dryness and shield the skin from free-radicals. Protects skin in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Vitamin E, an important anti-oxidant and helps to protect skin against free radicals whilst moisturising. It has amazing restorative properties.
All of these ingredients reinforce the retention of hydration and the protection of your skin from the environment. During Winter, the temperature is constantly changing: you can go from the freezing cold, Arctic feeling chill outside, into a boiling hot heated building which plays havoc with your skin. A product like this is perfect for Winter as Antarchinie helps to fight/repair the damaged caused by such temperature changes. This ingredient is also in the Ultra Facial Cream so if you are in the market for a new moisturiser I would recommend checking out the Ultra Facial range. I have been using this for almost a month now and I do really like it. As I said this is my night cream/lotion and even though I wanted something thicker, I really like that this sinks in quickly but in no way has the quality of my skin diminished, in fact it has improved. I would be tempted to use this during the day as well purely because it does sink in quite quickly.

The second product I treated myself to was an impulse purchase as I found out Kiehl's had 15% off due to price matching. They didn't have any signs up but as soon as I found out I decided it was time to try a product I've wanted to try for the longest time, the Daily Reviving Concentrate. The amount of times I've seen Jamie Genevieve talk about this is ridiculous but her face and make up is literal goals so anything that will help me to achieve her skin is a must. Originally I wasn't sure about using an oil prior to putting on my foundation; in my head the two just do not mix. However when I was shopping the sales assistant explained that it is a dry oil so it sinks into the skin quickly and it doesn't have the same consistency as your average oil which tends to be slick and leave a residue on the skin. A dry oil does not sit on the skin and it doesn't feel quite as liquid as other oils. They also tend to be a little thinner which allows them to sink in faster. There was no way I would have bought this if there hadn't been 15% off as it is nearly £40. However with 15% off this was, £32.30. Previously I hadn't really looked into getting this so my knowledge was limited but I always find the people who work on Kiehl's counters are so ridiculously knowledgeable. As the sales assistant had already determined I had normal/combination skin, I asked if she thought the oil would work for me and she said 'of course.' This was all I needed to know.

Before I opened my bottle when I got home, I had never tried the Daily Reviving Concentrate but when I opened it I was immediately taken by the scent. I hadn't really thought about how it would smell or whether it would even have a scent but this is a citrus dream. Even the scent is reviving! I can't tell you what it is composed of but it smells like oranges and ginger. Not only does the scent wake you up but the oil itself gives you the appearance of glowing skin, even if you don't feel glowing on the inside! The key ingredients which help to provide this glow are: 
  • Tamanu Botanical Oil - which helps to reduce the appearance of damage.
  • Sunflower Oil - which helps to strengthen the skins barrier 
  • Ginger Root - which helps to protect against the environment
Not only is this all about improving the look of the skin but it also prevents any more damage. I have always been reluctant to use too many products in the morning purely because I don't have much time to get ready and having to wait for products to sink in only prolongs this process but the overall benefit of using this oil makes me happy to wait.

Don't get me wrong this really doesn't take long to sink in but you do have to wait a few minutes before applying your foundation. I have to admit that I had actually been using this wrong. I had been applying it after my moisturiser as the last step but you are supposed to use it before so it is the first product that comes into contact with your skin post cleanse. Since finding this out I have been using it before my moisturiser and I have to say I haven't seen a massive difference, it still makes your skin look amazing. Even though I have been using it wrong, I can't believe the positive effect this has on my skin. It gives the most dewy effect to the skin making it look fresher for longer. I am pleased that I decided to give this a go because I have been loving it and I have noticed the difference since using it.

After this, I was done on the Kiehl's Counter. The sales assistant did try to convince me that I needed to try the Midnight Recovery Concentrate but I had literally just bought a bottle of the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair which admittedly is my ride or die! Very kindly she gave me some samples to try. Not only was I given the Midnight Recovery Concentrate but there was a whole variety of products. I haven't used any yet but look at all of these goodies I have to try! This is the one time I've ever had a discount at a John Lewis event and it made all the difference. It made the evening seem worth it whereas previously I can't say I've spent much. Not only did I luck out on the Kiehl's counter but I also found a Whistles top that was reduced to clear. It was the only one left and it was a X Small - perfect Sophie size, so of course I had to pick it up. I really lucked out on this event which has never happened before and my mother most certainly did not have the same luck. She wanted a gift set from Estee Lauder however the girl who worked on the counter was on her own and it was very busy so my mum couldn't get what she wanted. It wasn't the girls fault, they just weren't prepared for the amount of people. 

I have been using both Kiehl's products for a few weeks and I love both. Kiehl's are hands down one of my go to skincare brands and this visit has reaffirmed my love for the brand. I'm sure you will see many more blog posts on my love of Kiehl's. 

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