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When I first signed up to the Glamour Beauty Club all those months ago, I did question how good it would be. Even though it is curated by the lady who I aspire to be, Alessandra Steinherr, I worried that the products wouldn't be ones that I would usually have an interest in. How wrong was I! Every single sample I have been offered so far has been a product I've heard of and has been something I wanted to try. There hasn't been a single sample I didn't like and I hope that this streak will continue. After finishing my rave review on the Fresh Beauty Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm, I received my next email giving me my next sample offer.

This sample selection did not disappoint. When I received the email offering me samples from Kat Von D, I think the people I work with thought I was possessed as I made a very loud cheer all of a sudden. Kat Von D is a brand that I have loved for quite a long time. I remember when I was in America last year I made it my mission to get the Shade and Light Contour Palette as I had heard so much about it and at the time you couldn't get it in the UK. Needless to say I got my palette and I ended up getting one of the liquid lipsticks. That was the beginning of a love affair which has been well documented on my blog.

The liquid lipsticks are easily my favourite formula of the many different types I have tried. They dry completely matte but they don't feel or look as drying as other liquid lipsticks which makes them my ultimate favourite. My collection has steadily grown over the years so I now have three but don't let that fool you, I wear them all the time.

In August my excitement for the brand became even more heightened when I found out they had just opened a Kat Von D counter in Cardiff. Previously the only store I had seen it in was the Oxford Street Debenhams and the fact that they have expanded the reach of the brand somewhere closer to me excites me greatly. Whilst I was there I bought a liquid lipstick and the Alchemist Palette which I actually wrote about at the time. (Kat Von D Comes to Cardiff) I don't use this very often anymore but I have nothing bad to say about it. The reason I don't use it often is because the colours aren't always the most daytime appropriate. I can safely say I've never had a bad product from Kat Von D and I hoped that the samples I had ordered would reflect this.

Previously the Glamour Beauty Club have only offered one product sample at a time. I was given multiple sachets of the Lancome Genifique Serum but it was multiple sachets of the same product. This time they had offered different products, which I think is incredible and I feel very grateful to have received them for free. The products were: The Tattoo Liner, the Studded Kiss Lipstick in Mercy, the Saint Perfume and Sinner Perfume. This meant there was a little bit of everything and I couldn't wait to try them. The samples arrived around a week after I had ordered them which is pretty average timing. I was on a day off when they arrived so I instantly opened the envelope and started trying them.

I'll start with the first product I tried which was actually the Studded Kiss Lipstick. When the email arrived offering me a sample I was very excited to see what the formula of this lipstick was like. Of course I love the liquid lipsticks but I had never tried the standard lipsticks. I feel like when people talk about the brand this is a product they miss out. However the image/shade made me nervous. Kat Von D is very adventurous with her colour section and she is not one to shy away from a bold shade but I do. In the picture that Glamour sent in the email, this lipstick looked super dark. It looked vampy and too much for my pale complexion. Any cool toned plum shades do not suit me at all. I instantly assumed I would not like the colour but I was willing to try it in the comfort of my own home to test out the formula. At least that way if the colour was awful no one would see it.

When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging. I thought this lipstick might come in the same packaging as the Fresh Beauty sample but it was a miniature of the normal packaging. The smaller sample size is reminiscent of the mini Marc Jacobs lipsticks you see a lot, which isn't a surprise as they are both curated by Kendo. The packaging is very Kat Von D. The lipstick is covered in plastic studs, which makes it look like a very edgy product with a Gothic vibe. When I opened it and really looked at the shade I realised there was a pink shimmer running through the lipstick. I did worry that this would give a metallic finish and it does to a certain extent but it isn't strong. Fortunately it doesn't makes you look like a raspberry tin man. The shade isn't quite as vampy as I thought either. It has more of a warm/berry tone rather than being a cool toned purple. This shade reminds me of Diva by MAC which is one of my all time favourite shades but I would say this is slightly darker and it isn't a straight matte as it has the shimmer in it. Other than the shimmer, this does have the consistency of a matte. Despite my initial pessimism I actually really liked this lipstick and the way it looked on me.

There are a lot of iconic products from Kat Von D and the Tattoo liner has to be one of them. I remember in 2015 when this liner was literally all anyone would talk about. I have a troubled relationship with liquid liner, as most people do. When I was younger I used it every day and I had my line perfected. Now a days I've let this slip and I cannot do a good liquid line to save my life. I even treated myself to the Tom Ford liner in hope that it would help me. It did not and now I am £40 down. The problem I found with the Tom Ford one was that it bled into any fine lines I had on my eyes so it never looked very good. The Tom Ford liner is highly regarded and so is the Kat Von D liner so I worried that I also wouldn't get on with this one. I was wrong and this is possibly the stand out product from all of the samples I was sent. The tip on this liner is very thin and is made up of individual strands which make it robust but flexible. When I was testing it on my hand, it didn't bend too much but allowed me to create a thin or thick line depending on what I was going for. It is super black, dries matte and it doesn't bleed. So far it is a winning combo. One thing that does need improvement is my liner skills. I still can't apply it for shit but that is not the fault of the liner, only the fault of my crappy make up skills.

There was always going to be a time when I came across something I didn't like; not only from Kat Von D but also from the Glamour Beauty Club. That time has come. I had tried both the Saint and Sinner perfumes when I was in Cardiff and I mentioned that in the blog post. At the time I said I didn't think I liked them and now I can confirm that my initial instinct was correct. The Kat Von D perfumes are not for me. Perfume is a big deal for me and I very much know what I do and don't like. I like a feminine floral which isn't too sweet. If I wear a fruity fragrance it needs a strong depth to it like Jo Malone London's Blackberry and Bay whereas these scents are slightly sickly for me.

Let's start by focusing on Saint. Saint is clearly the day time option as it is lighter and brighter without anything too deep. The notes are:
  • Top notes: Clary Sage and Mirabelle
  • Heart notes: Jasmine, Almond and Lily of the Valley
  • Base notes: Vanilla, Ceder, Peach and Musk
It is very sweet and it doesn't have anything in the perfume to counteract the sweetness. Normally the base notes of a perfume will provide depth but this perfume has Peach and Vanilla as its base. These are two of my favourite scents but they do not equate to a rich perfume. This perfume reminds me of the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream perfume. I had a sample of the Marc Jacobs perfume and I wrote all about my experience of using it (A Sample A Day.) I have to say it wasn't a perfume I would consider buying. It doesn't smell horrible but it isn't something I personally like and these feelings mimic how I feel about Saint. After wearing Saint for the day, it gave me a little bit of a headache so this isn't a perfume I could wear. 

Out of the two, I much prefer the scent of Sinner. To me, it has the elements I like from the Saint perfume with an added spiciness. The spices are reminiscent of Pomegranate Noir from Jo Malone London which is my winter scent. They both contain Cinnamon, which is the note that makes the two scents seem similar but that is where the similarities end. Pomegranate Noir feels like the adult version of this scent. Compared to Saint, this is more of an evening scent due to this richness but I do think some people would be able to pull this off during the day. The notes in this one are:
  • Top notes: Mandarin Orange, Orange Blossom and Plum
  • Heart notes: Jasmine, White Flowers and Cinnamon
  • Base notes: Patchouli, Vetiver, Vanilla and Musk 
This perfume is a lot richer and seems to be more multi-faceted with a more citrus/fruity top note, a floral heart note and a mix of a spicy, woody base. Cinnamon, Patchouli and Vetiver all work to give this scent some depth: Vetiver is wood; it is the twigs and leaves from the bitter orange tree but it doesn't give the perfume a forest scent. Patchouli is a resin which was very popular in the 70s and it is very warming in a scent. This depth builds on the sweet base from Saint and gives it more of a defined, more interesting scent. Whereas Saint was a very sweet scent this loses that overwhelming sugary smell. That sweetness is what makes Saint a Marmite sort of scent. In Sinner, Cinnamon is going to be the key ingredient that divides people. I don't know why but people have really strong opinions on Cinnamon with a lot of people in my life hating it. If you don't like Cinnamon, you aren't going to want to smell of it and this perfume does. Personally I don't mind it and as it is a note in Pomegranate Noir it is something I am accustomed to wearing. As this has that spiciness, I would say it lends itself more to being a Autumn/Winter scent as it has that warming effect. Saint would definitely be a more Spring/Summer scent as it is a lot lighter and fresher.

Sinner definitely feels more like a developed scent and is more like something I would wear compared to Saint. Realistically though, when I compare both of them to my usual perfumes, neither of these are for me and I wouldn't buy them for that very reason. I liked that through the Glamour Beauty Club I was given the opportunity to give them a full test run for an extended period of time however my thoughts from the first time I tried them did not change after I had worn them for a few days.

Even though the perfumes were not for me, I love the other two products I was given to try. The lipstick, even though it is a colour I would never have chosen for myself, has been a joy to use. If I were to buy a full size I wouldn't buy this shade but I did really enjoy: the texture, the wear time and the smell of the lipstick (which is Vanilla, by the way.) Some of the Studded Kiss Lipsticks match the liquid lipstick shades so it comes in Lolita and Lovecraft, two shades I already know and love. In the future I think I will be investing these.

Out of the four samples I think the Tattoo Liner has to be the stand out product. I know a lot of people talk about this liner and rave about it but after buying the Tom Ford one, I didn't think I could trust the masses. I assumed I would have problems with this one too. However it draws the line very smoothly, it is super black and it is easy to use. You can't ask for much more from a liner.

With this sample selection, the Glamour Beauty Club really stepped up their game! It felt like I was a genuine editor receiving multiple products to try. Well, alright, a girl can dream but being a beauty editor is my dream and this makes me feel one step closer. I just want to say if you have been thinking about signing up to the Glamour Beauty Club but weren't sure about it, I would fully encourage you to do so. When I told my friend about the samples I had received, she asked if she could sign up and receive these samples. I assume they would all be gone by now so if you don't want to miss out, sign up. If you are a beauty junkie and you just want to try products, the Glamour Beauty Club is an amazing free way of doing so. If you are a blogger like me, it helps to provide content which is always a plus. I haven't received an email offering me any samples since writing this post so I can't even give you a little hint of what you can look forward to. However I have no doubts that there will be another post on the Glamour Beauty Club.

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