Christmas Party Look: From Day To Night

One traditional part of Christmas is partying. Whether you are a student and you go out for the entire month of December or if you have a job it usually means one big night at your annual Christmas party. No matter which it is, there is always a lot of drinks. My work Christmas party was last Friday. At previous Christmas parties, I've been excessively drunk and made a fool of myself and this year was no different! This year I wanted to be on my best behavior but as usual I went heavy on the wine and paid the price. I can't think of a time that I have felt that hungover the next day. I work for quite a small company so everyone knows who everyone is and I was hands down the drunkest person there which lead to the embarrassing Monday morning shame. Before my night got messy I had good intentions and I had spent ages getting ready for the party.

It was my first office Christmas party and it was also my first ever black tie event. Sad, I know, but I do not live the sort of lifestyle where this sort of occasion would be the norm. So I was very excited to get all dressed up. However as I has never been to one of these events before, the dress code sort of threw me. How formal did I need to be? How extra can I be? How much did I want to show everyone else up? The last question is a bit of a joke but still the other two were a real concern. 

I knew I was going to have to buy a dress for it as the only potential dress I could wear from my current wardrobe is my graduation dress. I love my graduation dress and it has a special place in my heart but it didn't seem right for this occasion. Plus I really want to use this as my opportunity to wear a long dress. As I am the shortest human in the world I knew this idea was going to be a struggle as I am very petite and long dresses are usually made for taller people. I still had hope though.

At first I was looking at Self-Portrait Dresses as I have always wanted one but the closer it got to my Christmas party, I realised I wouldn't have the money for it and I couldn't find a style I liked to make it work spending that much. After looking for a while, I was down to two dresses: one from Whistles and one from The Kooples. I had seen the Whistles dress on In The Frow, I love her style and I liked the way this dress looked. The Kooples dress I found randomly when searching Selfridges and I immediately liked it but through it was a bit expensive at £250. I liked the classic design but it had the extra detail from the lace and the panel work at the top of the dress. The Flo Dress from Whistles was £135 and I managed to find The Kooples dress for £175 on their own website, so there wasn't a massive difference in price. I hesitated in buying them as in the back of my mind I was holding out for a long dress. I had sort of decided on The Kooples dress but then as I was watching Strictly Come Dancing and I saw Claudia wearing the dress I wanted. After an extensive search online I found the dress and it was from Topshop. When I saw they had a size 4, that was it, I ordered it. It is the Star Foil Motif Dress for those of you who are interested.

Even though I had found the dress, I didn't want to get too excited because as I said, I am a petite lady. I had ordered it online so I had no idea how it would fit. If it didn't fit, the search was going to have to continue. When it arrived I tried it on and I loved the top part of the dress but it is about a centimetre too long so it just touches the floor. I don't mind this look, the only time I did was when I was tripping on my dress as I tried to get up the stairs to my room, post party. Needless to say the struggle was real! As it is a size 4, it fit right everywhere else so I was thrilled with it. Of course I kept my eye out for any other dresses that might take my fancy but nothing caught my eye enough to make me buy it. After this I just had to get everything else ready.

In terms of shoes, all I needed to decide between was black or nude. In the end I went with my nude Valentino Rockstuds as they are slightly higher and I needed as much height as I could get. Plus they are a thousand times more comfortable than my Louboutins. As my nude shoes have gold studs on them, it sort of tied in with the gold stars on my dress. I also had a black and gold clutch which I use for all of my nights out. The only problem I had to consider was which jacket I was going to use. I wanted to wear my Christmas leather jacket but as my mother said I couldn't have it before Christmas, I had to seek an alternative option. In the end I bought myself a faux Sherling Jacket in light grey from River Island and I absolutely love it. It might not have fit that well with the outfit but it is something I will wear again. It is super soft on the inside and it was just casual enough without making me look trashy. I love it and if you can get it in your size I would highly recommend it, it has the softest lining I think I've ever felt.

The jacket completed my outfit. The only other items I did add was jewellery but I stuck to my everyday rose gold set that I wear. I'm not a massive fan of heaps of jewellery so I stuck to my comfort zone. Overall I had my look, I just need to sort out my hair and make up. Annoyingly I had to work prior to going to my Christmas party. They did let us leave early which was great but I still didn't have enough time. I had my nails done the weekend before so they were sorted and I had done my fake tan, badly, but still I had some colour. They key was the make up. I needed to take my day look and make it into a night look. I wrote about my current day look on Monday (Makeup Look: Daytime Festive Cheer) so I had minimal make up on. The key to transitioning a make up look from day to night is working out how much time you have and doing a look that you will feel confident doing and one that you can do at speed. Don't try a look you won't finish! As I knew what I was wearing, all I had to do was put it on, my hair would be fine and my nails were done, that left the rest of the time for my make up.

The real problem I had in terms of taking my day look into a night look was, whether I was going to take my base make up off and start again or top up what I had left from the day. Doing the latter, never looks good but I didn't know if I had time to cleanse and let my face refresh itself prior to slapping more make up on. I did take it off in the end but it was a risk. I find my make up never looks as good once I've taken it off and reapplied it but I took a gamble. I used the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, as I know it is gentle yet effective. The only make up I left on was my mascara but other than that everything went.

Of course I had to apply skincare after cleansing, I used The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid and the Glamglow Glowstarter in Nude Glow. The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid makes an amazing base for make up, leaving the skin feeling tacky so it works as bit of a primer whilst keeping the hydration within your skin. The Glamglow mosituriser isn't the best moisturiser but it does give an amazing luminosity to the skin, leaving you looking radiant. 

As I used glitter in this look, I actually started with my eyes instead of the base. After a week of consideration I decided I was going to do a half cut crease which is nothing but effort. I love trying different products but the actual application is not my strong point. After looking on Youtube I found a Jamie Genevieve tutorial which I had been basing the look on (Jamie Genevieve - Half Cut Crease.) She uses the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette which I do not have so I have found similar shades within my collection. The bulk of this look comes from the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette but I also dipped into the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. Before I started with the shadows, I applied concealer to my eye lids as a primer.

Over the top of the concealer I applied a quick wash of White Peach from the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, just to set it. Then I started to build the crease; I started with Silk Creme from the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette and I sort of mixed it with the shade next to it, M.F.E.O. I used quite a bit of these shades just to start to build up that transition. To add warmth and to continue building depth, I used Butter but not as much. It is important to get into the inner part of your crease as you need the depth for the cut crease to work. I then took Roxanne and used that as an alternative to Red Ochre in the Anastasia Beverley Hills palette. Once again this goes through the crease but a tad lower than the rest. Once it has gone through the crease I added a bit of Chip just to give it more of a brown tone and I focused this more on the outer corner to really give it a smoky look. This same mixture of shadows is then applied to the lower lash line. Then I went back in with the transition shades Butter/Silk Creme to blend it out and make it look slightly more grungy. After a lot of blending I added a mixture of Jacz, Central Park and Mocha to the outer corner of my eye just so there is more of a contrast with the glitter. Once I was happy with the smoky eye I blended everything again with the transition shades, just to make everything seamless.

After all of this effort I started with the cut crease. This meant going back to my MAC Studio Finish concealer to cut that crease. I was only looking to do a half cut crease so I started with the Morphe R42 brush to apply the bulk of the concealer, then I tidied it up with a tiny brush which is an eyeliner brush you get with the Maybelline pot gel eyeliner. It is so small it really defines the edges of the cut crease. Once that is all tidy, I used a little bit of the transition colour just to blend the cut and then I went back over it with a tiny bit of Roxanne. Once I was happy with it, I applied some of the Stila Glitter and Glow Shadow in Kitten Karma as it has a warmer element to it which tied in with the gold stars in my dress. As I have long ass nails at the moment I just had to go straight in with the wand as I can't get my finger into the corner of my eye. I packed it on and then blended it out so there wasn't as much of a defined line.

After all of that blending, the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill shadows are quite powdery and they do make a mess, so your lashes end up looking brown but that is nothing a little bit of mascara won't fix. Another reason I used a little bit of mascara was to make my false lashes look more blended in with my natural lashes. I ended up using the Fleur De Force x Eylure, Fleur Loves Lashes, which are a 3/4 length lash. As they are smaller they are easier to apply and they look more natural which was what I wanted for this look, so the glitter could stand out. After my application of mascara my eyes were complete. Then all I had to do was the base.

Starting off, I went in with my concealer. I used this under my eyes, around the bottom of my nose and on blemishes. After blending that I applied my foundation and for a special occasion I went for my Estee Lauder Double Wear in the shade 2N1 Desert Beige which is my ultimate favourite foundation. I know it looks good and lasts well. After that I used my La Mer Powder so everything would stay in place. As my eyes were so statement I didn't really want too much going on with my base. I applied a bit of bronzer, just to give overall shape and some highlight. My highlight of choice that night was the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop which kept me glowing all night. That was it for my base, quite simple. Other than that I did my brows with the Soap and Glory Archery 2-in-1 pencil but I had my brows shaped at the weekend so they are looking pretty good anyway. Overall this base is very similar to the look I have been going for throughout the day. All that was left was the lipstick and I took note of my post dedicated to red lipsticks perfect for Christmas, Christmas Reds.  

I used the Chanel Rouge Allure Ink in 152 Choquant as it was the red that best matched my nails, plus I knew I wouldn't have to worry about it whilst I ate. This has been my festive lipstick since last year so I know it is long lasting and looks good. Plus can you beat the feeling that wearing a Chanel lipstick gives you? Not only is a red shade empowering in itself but I think Chanel is the height of sophistication and a tiny bit of that chic is bottled in this lipstick. I have to say I don't always feel that confident especially when I am with a group of people I don't really know so anything I can do to give me a bit of confidence, I will do. Throughout the day I had actually broken my rule of only red lipstick during December and I wore one of the Tom Ford Lips and Boys in Addison so it was more comfortable and it wouldn't dry out my lips as much as a matte lipstick but that was taken off when I cleansed my face.

Another change I made from day to night was putting in my contact lenses. I could have worn them all day and through to the night but they can start to feel uncomfortable if I wear them for that long so I made the executive decision to only wear them during the night. After all of that, I was finally ready to go. Doing the make up actually didn't take me that long which was a good thing as I only had around an hour to get home and get back out to our meeting place. I felt confident in the way I looked and I felt I had elevated my normal day look into something more night time appropriate. Even though the only thing I really kept from my daytime make up was the mascara, I only reapplied my base to freshen it up. I didn't have any eye shadow on so I just added it but I do feel like you can see the basic elements of my festive look that I spoke about on Monday. If you are yet to have your Christmas party, I hope you enjoy it. However if, like me, you have already had your Christmas party this look would also be great look for ringing in the New Year. 

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  1. Just came from twitter! You have a lovely blog! I'm sure you looked gorgeous at the party, you used some lovely makeup products!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I'm glad you like the blog x


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