Stila: Glitter and Glow Shadows Set

Glitter is something I quite often shy away from as a 24 year old lady. The only time I will use Glitter is on my nails, especially as we get closer to the festive season but on my actual face I always fear it is going to be messy and to be honest it usually is. If you brave using glitter on your eyes, you firstly have to make sure it is a cosmetic glitter rather than a craft glitter as a craft glitter has sharp edges and can actually cut your eye lids which I can only imagine is a painful experience. Once you've found your chosen glitter you have to find a method of getting the glitter to stick. I hear the Too Faced Glitter Glue is meant to be good but the whole process described above is too much for me. This means I have never really bothered with glitter and I tend to opt for pigments instead. However there have been times when the ability to use a glitter would have been handy. For example when my Christmas party was themed around Studio 54. A glitter eye look would really have embodied the eccentric 70s. This year Stila revolutionised the basic glitter and created a product which when you think about it should have existed years ago, a pre-glue glitter.

It is crazy to think that these were launched earlier this year when it is quite an obvious product. Prior to the Stila Glitter and Glow Shadows a lot of people used products like the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liners to apply glitter more easily. When Stila launched the Glitter and Glow Shadows literally everyone went mad for them online. Certain shades like Kitten Karma and Smoky Storm were sold out for the longest time and hardly anyone had anything negative to say about them. After so many positive reviews everyone in the beauty community took notice, me included, and I really wanted to try them. 

My only problem was that I wasn't sure how truly wearable they are. As someone who only does make on myself for an average work day in a bog standard office. I'm not sure glitter is appropriate for my everyday life in the same way that a full time blogger could get away with it. Even though I wish glitter was acceptable on an everyday basis. 

As the Stila Glitter and Glow shadows are pre-glued it makes them much easier to apply, so if you are braver than me and want to wear glitter on an ordinary day, you can with ease. One of the things that surprised me when I first swatched Diamond Dust was that there is a lot of glitter but the formula of the glue can hold all of the glitter without too much movement. In each of the three shades I have there are multi-colour flecks of glitter so it isn't just a one tone glitter. The colours have been picked to perfection but more on the colours later.

I finally braved wearing glitter for a night out on the town. It seemed appropriate. I had seen quite a few reviews of this product so I knew I needed to work fast but I didn't quite appreciate how fast I would need to work. I applied a blob of the product to the back of my hand as I worried that it would dry on my eyes before I could fully blended it. However the problem was that it dried on my hand super quickly which meant after I had applied a bit to my eye, it was basically already dry on my hand so I had to keep dipping into the tube. Applying it this way did allow me to place the glitter where I wanted it. It allowed me to concentrate it more towards the corner of my eye and really build it up. I then wanted the glitter to diffuse out into a more smoky eye and as I could take as much or as little as I wanted from the back of my hand it allowed me to do this. This does make it a rather expensive easy of applying it as you do waste a lot on your hand but it is the easiest way to get the glitter exactly where you want it. If you do want to apply straight to the lid you can and it gives you a bold glitter look.  

One problem to note about the glitter drying quick is that it makes it hard to blend so if you do want to blend you have to be quick. I cannot stress how quick you have to be! If you play around with it too much once it has dried, the glitter starts to flake off and you end up with very glittery cheeks. Once it has dried, you really do need to leave it alone. Other than that the glitter holds well. I didn't find that throughout the night I was losing the glitter, in fact I actually struggled to get it off at the end of the night.

I am by no means a beauty expert, so glitter is not something I play around with very often but I found this Stila glitter very easy to use (once you know how quickly you need to work with it.) They really do make a statement and I think these will come into their own over the festive period when everyone loves a good sparkle. This little Christmas set is perfect for any beauty lovers or it is the perfect way to try them and treat yourself. I have wanted to try the Stila glitters for a long time but I couldn't justify £23 on a glitter I didn't think I would use that often and for only one shade. This set was £25 in Marks and Spencer. The price can vary depending on the outlet, for example Cult Beauty are selling it for £26 and then you would need to add delivery on top of that price. You get 3 different shades and they are the perfect trial size. I have to say the tubes are tiny so if you are already a fan I'm not sure this set would really be worth it as there is less than a gram of product in each tube. This is ideal for someone like me, who isn't going to be using them very regularly but you want the option of glitter if the occasion requires it.  

Stila have steadily been extending the shade range to include more trend led shades like the 'mermaid' collection. Even though Stila create some wonderful shades, for this Christmas set they have selected three of the original shades and they are probably the three most wearable shades. The only one I've actually used is Diamond Dust which is a silver glitter which has almost holographic reflects. It isn't completely holo but it is almost there. I thought this would be my least favourite but after I used it, I really liked it. When I was looking into getting a full size, I was thinking about getting Kitten Karma but after seeing it in the tube, I'm not sure if it is too peachy for me. I've seen other people use it but I think it might look wrong on me. It is a peachy shade with flecks of silver glitter running through it. The concept of the shade sounds like exactly the sort of thing I would like but I think I'm going to have to try it first and then I might have a better opinion on the shade. The final shade is called Smoky Storm which I think will be my favourite. It is more of a bronze; a copper/silver bronze. Once again I believe this has silver glitter in it which seems to be a common feature in each shade.

My big worry about the Glitter and Glow shadows is that they will dry out quickly. As they contain a glue, any other products that have a similar consistency usually dry out quickly so I didn't want to spend £23 on an individual one: open it, not use it for a while and have it completely dry out. With this set I have only opened one and I am going to see how long it takes for it to dry out before I start opening the others so that I will always have some form of glitter in my collection.

These were the three shades I really liked so I was glad to see them in a set together. I do think they have missed out by not making an exclusive shade and they haven't included any particularly festive shades but I think I will use Diamond Dust over the festive period. For the amount of product you get this set really isn't worth it. If there is a particular shade you want then you might as well get that one. However if you do want to test out the Glitter and Glow shadows without a massive amount of commitment, then this set could be for you.

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