Sanctuary Spa: Bubble Mask

Sheet masks have become a staple in any beauty collection. A craze which seemed like it would end as quickly as it made its way over from the eastern market has caught on and shows no signs of stopping. My journey with sheet masks hasn't always been an easy one. When I first tried them I could not understand what all of the fuss was about. They only seemed to break me out and create a mess but as I have tried more variations of the sheet mask, the more I now appreciate how much of a difference they can make.

Having said that, my quest for an amazing sheet mask is never ending! For the most part sheet masks are designed to provide hydration so that your skin looks fresher and healthier. Additionally they are easy to travel with and they instantly improve the quality of your skin. However for a long time they have only been good for hydrating the skin but the longer sheet masks remain popular, the more companies have tried catering them to other skincare needs. 

A lot of brands had been creating bubble masks and it rapidly became a craze, which I have to say, has died down a lot now. This did not stop Sanctuary Spa, they combined the humble sheet mask with the bubble mask and created a hybrid that no one was prepared for. Previously I had never really tried any skincare from Sanctuary Spa. I have tried a lot of their body care and I think the scent is divine but their skincare has never really been on my radar. As I was doing my daily check of Really Ree a few months ago, she did a post about the Sanctuary Spa Purifying Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask and I couldn't believe that it was a thing. Then I saw Jamie Genevieve talk about a Rodial equivalent and I really wanted to try one. The more I saw this type of mask, the more bizarre I thought it was which obviously led me to wanting to try it. When I was in my local Boots the other week I thought it was time to be brave and give this a go. 

This was my first experience of trying this rather unusual type of mask. A few weekends ago I stayed at a friends house and I committed the worse skincare sin, using a face wipe. I know, it is wrong but I was limited on ways to take my make up off and I wasn't going to sleep in it. The following day, I could see the dryness ready to take over my face so I knew I needed to detox and I thought of this mask. As it contains Charcoal the mask should work to draw out any impurities and to help cleanse the skin. It should leave your skin looking fresher and cleaner which is exactly what I needed after my naughty face wipe the night before.

The mask comes in two parts. When I bought this mask I wasn't sure whether the packet held two masks as it has two separate components but it is just the two separate parts. I started by applying the forehead piece and then the bottom half. As it was in two parts I found the mask very easy to apply but I did struggle a little bit to get the mask unfolded when I got it out of the packet as there are no tabs and there was no backing sheet. The mask itself isn't very thick so that also adds to the struggle of getting it out of the packet but this did make it easier to apply to my face, as I was able to fold it where I needed to. As you take it out of the packet, bubbles are already starting to form and the minute it goes onto your face, microbubbles start to appear.  The only gross thing about this mask is that once you have applied the mask the serum leaves your hands feeling sticky so you do have to wash them rather than wiping it off which is what I normally do. One thing I did notice early on was that there wasn't really a strong smell, which is a good thing for skincare but Sanctuary are known for their iconic spa smell so it didn't really feel like one of their products.

As the bubbles start to form, you can feel a tingling sensation on your face but it doesn't feel uncomfortable, you can just feel the movement of the tiny bubbles. It almost feels as if the mask is sliding off of your face but it isn't, it is just the bubbles moving. The only problem I found with the mask and the bubbles was that the eye holes weren't big enough. As my eyes are quite wide, the bubbles would get a little too close to my eye ball which was not very comfortable and it can be irritating if you are wearing the mask whilst you are trying to do something. One good thing about the bubbles is that they are very self contained. None of the bubbles dropped off nor did they build up too much on my face. The look of the bubbles and the mask is hilarious but it does make you look like you've gone mouldy. As the base for the mask is black and the bubbles that are created are white/grey, you look like a fungus. It isn't the most attractive mask so it might be worth keeping this one for a pamper night when you are alone.

Even after the 15 minutes are up, the bubbles still keep going. I thought that they would work for about 10 minutes and then die down. They didn't. They just kept going which made me unsure if I should take the mask off but I stuck by the instructions for my first use. Next time I would potentially leave it on for longer, just to see how long the bubbles go on for. Once the mask has been taken off it tells you to rub in the excess. The mask leaves a lot of bubbles on your face and they make an almost moussey/cream texture, sort of like a cleanser. Then you have to wash it off. As you have to wash it off, it does seem a bit like a fancy way of applying a cleanser but I have to say I really enjoyed it.

Afterwards my skin felt clean but not stripped. It looked fresher and felt quite soft. Overall I really enjoyed using this mask. It is really is quite fun to use and it does work. Each mask is £5 which is quite expensive as you wouldn't spend £5 each time you want to use a cleanser but it is more fun and does a deeper clean than an average cleanser would. If you are looking for a bubble mask to try then I can recommend this one.

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