Jo Malone London: Green Almond and Redcurrant

We are most definitely in Autumn. The moment I wake up I see a pitch black sky and when I leave work it is already dark due to the recent changing of the clocks. The only way I see daylight is through the window as I work. The need to sleep and hibernate has fully kicked in and I just want to walk around in my duvet so that I have a permanent comfortable level of +1000. Even though Autumn/Winter makes the struggle real for everyone, it is still my favourite time of year. I love the pre Christmas months whilst that little bubble of excitement grows the closer you get, I prefer wearing my woolly jumpers to the revealing clothes of Summer and I can drink hot drinks without looking like a crazy person.

For a couple of months I have detailed my struggle to find the perfect Autumn scent. My scent taste changes depending on the season, Spring/Summer heralds floral scents which are undercut with a sharp citrus freshness whilst my preferred Autumn/Winter scents have warmer, more cocooning notes of vanilla, amber and musks. There have been so many perfume launches over the past couple of months all in preparation for the Christmas season. The perfume I had been thinking about buying was Chanel Gabielle, reminiscent of My Burberry it quickly became the front runner for this years perfume after extensive testing. However when I smelt the new Jo Malone London fragrance I had to have it!

Of course when I knew that the Christmas range was coming out at the start of last week I knew I needed to be in store to smell it. I had seen pictures of the range and it is the boldest, most colourful collection Jo Malone London have ever created. It is quite a refreshing take on Christmas as it is usually associated with reds and green which feature in their colour scheme but there is also yellows, pinks, blues. It is super colourful and not very Jo Malone London. I think Jo Malone London do some of the best Christmas gifts and I would absolutely love to have enough money to be able to buy it for everyone I know but alas maybe in a few years time? As a beauty blogger I like to be in the know which means keeping up with all the latest launches but with Jo Malone London you have to be quick as their sets sell out very quickly. The Advent Calendar usually sells out in a matter of hours so I was quite surprised to find that it was still available as few days after the launch had happened. Another key piece to the Jo Malone London Christmas collection has always been their deluxe candle which is a limited edition scent for each year. A couple of years ago I managed to treat myself to the Roasted Chestnut edition but my all time favourite has to be Frosted Cherry and Clove which I bring up way too much but that is how gutted I am that I missed it.

For the first time, last year Jo Malone London launched a matching limited edition scent to the deluxe candle and the scent was Orange Bitters. The candle came in a gorgeous ceramic jar and smelt incredible however the quantity decreased from 600g to 420g but remained the same price. This was enough to stop me from buying it but I do sort of wish I had one. Anyway the scent was launched as well and I liked it but I liked it more as a candle scent. Orange Bitters has made its return this year which is unusual for Jo Malone London, they do bring scents back but usually after a few years rather than the following year. However I understand why they have done it, because it pairs perfectly with this years scent which is Green Almond and Redcurrant. 

When I first saw the name I did not think I would like this scent and I even said that in my Christmas Launches Post. When I first sprayed this perfume I hated it and I couldn't believe that it was the Christmas scent. When I was in store, I had smelt the candle and I thought it smelt divine. It was soft, warm and almost vanilla like with a slight fruity twist whereas the perfume was very green and woody which is not what I like. It instantly reminded me of the English Oak perfumes they had launched earlier in the year. I sprayed it on myself to see what I thought but I still didn't like it. I left Jo Malone very disappointed and empty handed! I got in my car and went back to work smelling like a forest.

However when I got back to work after my lunch break something smelt amazing and I assumed it wasn't me as I had put this perfume on. After sniffing everything apart from my wrists I concluded it must have been me and it was. The perfume had completely changed within a matter of 20 minutes. Gone were the woody green notes and the sweetness from the Tonka bean had come through. The perfume had started to smell more like the candle which I completely loved. After smelling myself for the remainder of my time at work, I got home and made my mum smell me and she said she loved it. After that I very quickly decided it was going to be my new perfume. I went to my local counter and picked up a bottle the following day as I worried it would sell out quickly after people realised how beautiful and unique the scent is. I had a quick hand and arm massage, as once again I was on my lunch break and headed back to work. When I got back my manager pointed out how good I smelt and we ended up discussing the brand for ages. I have been wearing this perfume ever since and it is rare that I get this many compliments on a perfume! I still don't like it when I first spray it and it needs that 20 minutes to settle in but once it has, it smells amazing!

The problem for the first 20 minutes is that the top note and the heart note are not ones I usually like but the base note is where the fragrance comes into its own for me. The notes are:
  • Top notes: Green Almond
  • Heart Note: Cederwood
  • Base Note: Tonka
I wish I had more information than this as there are obviously other scents which come into this fragrance. For example it would be unlike Jo Malone London to put an ingredient in the title without it actually being in the scent so I imagine Redcurrant is a note somewhere. Tonka gives a perfume a vanilla softness crossed with the deep, smokiness of tobacco. It is very rich but a comforting scent none the less and that appeals to the Autumn/Winter side of me. It gives me the warmth I crave within a scent without being too masculine. It is also in Mimosa and Cardamom which is another Jo Malone London scent I love. Of course Jo Malone London scents are unisex and I can imagine this appealing to men as well as women in the same way that Pomegranate Noir works for both men and women. It has a depth, more woody opposed to spicy like Pomegranate Noir, but I think that depth would work on a man and the softer notes are not florals so it isn't overly feminine.

In terms of longevity I find this perfume lasts well on me. Obviously it depends on many properties within your skin as to whether or not a perfume will last but my skin is quite hydrated at the moment and I think it suits me in the same way Mimosa and Cardamom does. When I first tested this perfume I sprayed it at lunch time and when I got home from work a good 5 hours later my mum could still smell it so that is a pretty good sign. Jo Malone London scents are designed so you can layer the scents and also so that you can change your scent through the day so they are not designed to last all day. If you are lucky they might but if it doesn't suit you, you might find it will only last a couple of hours, it really does depend. 

Over the years of buying Jo Malone London scents there have been some amazing looking bottles from the pop art dots on the Nashi Blossom to the white ombre effect on Star Magnolia but hardly any have been as bright as the packaging for this bottle. This is a sort of millennial pink with green writing on a textured label. If two colours were not meant to go together it is pink and green but for some reason this packaging works. 

It is rare that I am completely taken by surprise by a perfume but this one really did confuse me. Having initially not liked this perfume I cannot believe how much it changes when it is given a little bit of time. However this is now one of my favourite scents. Plus if I would like to make it slightly more feminine it pairs well with my beloved Peony and Blush Suede which gives it a floral touch. If you love Jo Malone London or you are just looking for a new Autumn/Winter scent give this one a go. Just remember to give it a test run first. 

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