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Fresh Beauty has been an elusive brand to anyone in the UK for many years, yet I have heard so much about it from American bloggers. For a long time if you weren't from America you were unable to get your hands on the coveted products but recently it finally made its way to the UK. As with all good beauty exclusives it was only available in Harrords at first but more recently John Lewis have started to stock it online. When I saw the brand on John Lewis I spent a lot of time browsing their entire range however I felt so overwhelmed by the choice of products. I had no idea where to start. This means that after all of these months I still haven't tried anything from the brand. Not only have I found it hard to find a product I want to try but the price point is enough to scare me off as I have no idea if I will like the products or if they are worth it. Fresh Beauty products aren't cheap with some of the face masks costing over £70.

A few weeks ago I received an email from the Glamour Beauty Club saying that they had a sample they thought I would be interested in and it was from Fresh Beauty. When I opened the email I was so excited, I think I might have jumped in my seat at work! I was finally going to try something from the brand, giving me the chance be able to tell whether I would like it or not. The sample they offered me was the Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm which I believe is a relatively new product. I follow Ingrid Nilsen on Instagram and she mentions Fresh a lot and has spoken about this lip balm. She has only ever said good things about the brand and after seeing her say such good things about the balm, I really wanted to try it. Having never tried any of the products from Fresh before I wasn't really sure if I wanted to spend £15 on a lip balm so I was thrilled to be able to try it for free. Previously it took a rather long time for the Lancome Genifique Serum samples to come so I assumed I would have to wait a long time for the lip balm. It took about 2 and a half weeks for the Lancome samples to arrive however this arrived about a week after I had requested the sample.

I really wasn't sure what to expect from the sample. The Chanel sample I had received previously came in a traditional perfume sample tube whereas I was given little sachets of the Lancome serum. How on Earth were they going to give me a sample of this lip balm? However when it arrived it made sense. It is a little plastic bubble packet and you peel off the backing to get to the product. I've had them before when I was very kindly bought the Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Palette for my birthday, it came with some tiny sample lipsticks in the same packaging as this sample. This one is quite big so you can put your finger in it if you want to however I use a cotton bud to take some out and apply it as it is more hygienic that way. The one pain, in terms of this packaging, is that it can't be sealed up so you do have to use it quickly and regularly which is good for testing a product but not if you want to keep it.

Like in the Lancome package I received, they now add some details about the product on the note you get, instead of just in the email you receive when they offer you the sample. This makes it easier to know what you are trying and a lot easier for people like me who write about it. The Fresh Lip Balm is supposed to be a 'rich, moisturising lip treatment for soft, supple, healthy-looking lips.' I can't say this premise is any different from any other lip balm but that is exactly what you would want a lip balm to do.

This particular lip balm is enriched with Apricot Kernel oil, blackcurrant seed oil, grapeseed oil and Vitamin E. I have to say I really do not know enough about each of these oils to be able to say how they contribute to the lip balm but I know Vitamin E is a wonder product for hydration. This hydration is backed by the sugar which acts as a barrier to seal in moisture. 

Not only does it help with hydration but it also claims to 'coat lips with a protective veil while delivering a velvety sheen and 24 hour hydration.' I tried this lip balm overnight as that tends to be the time that I would use a lip balm. I figure that at night there are no disruption from drink, food or lipstick so it would be the best time to test its longevity. Plus I like to wake up and see the difference in my lips. When you apply it, the balm feels quite thin compared to other lip balms I have tried but this isn't to say it doesn't work. I have really been enjoying using this balm as it doesn't feel too heavy on the lips. As it is quite light, it feels comfortable on the lips but it didn't feel like it would last for a very long time and it doesn't. I found it stayed on the lips for around 2 hours. Some of the previous lip balms I've used you can still feel on your lips when you wake up, this balm definitely wasn't one of those. Even when I woke up my lips didn't fell overly different but it was over the course of a few days that I saw the change and the improvement in the condition of my lips. As it has been really cold in the UK, this lip balm has had a lot to compete with but over a couple of days this balm had my lips in great condition. I could even wear a liquid lipstick without it looking like a cakey mess which is unheard of in the middle of Autumn/Winter. 

Not only does this lip balm have some wonderful ingredients and properties but I need to talk about the smell! The biggest benefit of using this lip balm is the scent. I would go as far as to say that this is one of the best smelling beauty products I have ever used. It smells heavenly, literally like you could eat it. One of my favourite desserts is from Marks and Spencer, they do a Salted Caramel Brownie and it is amazing. This lip balm reminds me of the caramel part of that dessert. If you like sweet, food scents you will love this balm but if you want something less foody this might not be for you. 

There really isn't that much to say about a lip balm, they either work or they don't. This one works but you need to give it time. It's not like the By Terry Baume De Rose where you wake up the next morning to completely renewed lips. This Fresh lip balm takes its time but after a few days of using it, you will notice a difference in your lips. At £15 I do not think this is a bad lip balm considering the By Terry lip balm is well over £35. The Fresh lip balm is just as much of a treat and I'm pretty sure most people would actually prefer the Caramel scent rather than the rose scent of Baume De Rose. As this is slightly lighter in texture than the By Terry lip balm, for me, it lends itself to being used in the morning underneath a lipstick opposed to at night to really rejuvenate my lips.

For me, this lip balm was a win and I have completely fallen for it, possibly because of the scent alone. When I run out of my current lip balms I will definitely be buying this. Once again the Glamour Beauty Club suggested a product that I have loved so they are currently on a winning streak. Since testing this sample, yesterday I received an email to ask whether I would like to try some Kat Von D products which is very exciting. I already know I love Kat Von D and the formula of Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks is my all time favourite. As I only got the email yesterday I am still waiting on the samples but be sure to look out for my future post on it. However I hope to try more Fresh Beauty in the future, if this lip balm is anything to go by then I will love their products. 

If you do have any recommendations of any Fresh products please let me know as I would love to try more from the brand but I want to know the product I am buying is worth it. Whilst looking at the John Lewis website I couldn't help but notice that Fresh are doing some incredible Christmas gift sets which could be great for anyone who is looking to try some of the products from the brand. Message me on my twitter @SophaaRambles with any product suggestions.

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