Glamglow: Powermud

Christmas brings out the best in the beauty industry. Companies release some of their best products and launch the most amazing Christmas sets to tempt us into parting way with our hard earned cash. Personally the temptation gets too much, far too often, meaning that I end up spending more on myself than I do on others. This year to combat this I have been doing my Christmas shopping over the course of a few months so that I could spend more on others before all of the gift sets came out. 

A product that has always escaped me during the Winter period is the beauty advent calendar. A few years ago companies started to add advent calendars into the beauty mix and since then the beauty community has rolled with it, this year seeing pretty much every brand creating a calendar. I have to say some of them have been complete duds but some have really have out shone the others. The reason they appeal so much is because you get the opportunity to try so many different products whether it is from one brand you love such as the Jo Malone London calendar or from multiple different companies which you potentially would not have tried before. Personally the ones I like are the ones with products from multiple brands. I love trying new products and with most beauty advent calendars being a full 25 days, that is a lot of new products to try. There are quite a few that I would have loved to have got my hands on like the; Estee Lauder Companies calendar and the John Lewis calendar. All of these advent calendars are over £100 which seems completely ridiculous to me. One thing to note is that most of these calendars are a rip off! They mostly contain deluxe samples which you can get from spending on counter so they never seem worth it to me. You definitely need to stop and take the time to work out whether the calendar is truly worth the money. I mean look at the back lash Zoella is now getting for her calendar. After looking at a lot of the calendars available and weighing up the cost per item, I finally decided to buy my first beauty advent calendar and it came from Marks and Spencer.

If you haven't seen the Marks and Spencer beauty hall then you are missing out on a seriously good range of products. They stock some of my skincare favourites like: Glamglow and Origins but they also have make up brands like Pixi and Stila which can be quite hard to find. The Marks and Spencer beauty hall really is a hidden gem. Last year they unveiled their first beauty advent calendar and it was very popular. I think the reason this calendar is so popular is because it works as a very fancy Gift with Purchase. All you have to do to qualify for one is spend £35 and then you can buy the calendar for £35 so in total the minimum spend is £70 but if you already need to buy something from Marks and Spencer (as long as it is clothing, home or beauty) the calendar is only an additional £35. I don't want to talk about the calendar too much as I am doing a separate post on it but I really wanted to get this years offering which meant I needed to spend £35. Now, the only department that I tend to spend a lot of money on in M&S is the food section as food is one of my main concerns in life but this is not included in the Advent Calendar offer.

In order to get my advent calendar I did have something in mind to buy. I had seen some Christmas bedding I wanted. It has Reindeers on it and more importantly it was brushed cotton which is the best feeling during Winter. However they had already sold out of it so that ended that plan. After this I was at a loss as to what to get so I ended up in the beauty hall. I am assuming you will have guessed what I bought by the title of this post. I treated myself to a new Glamglow Mask. I already know I like the Gravitymud and the Youthmud so I thought I would treat myself and try a new one.

I decided to try the Powermud mask as it is also referred to as the Detox mask and that is something that my skin desperately needs. I didn't really know anything about this mask before I bought it which in hindsight I wish I had done my research. I didn't even really read about it when I was in store, all I knew was that it was a detox mask and it was going to cover the £35 I needed to spend in order to get my advent calendar. It wasn't until I got home that I realised it is a mud to oil mask. If I had known this in store I probably would have picked a different mask but it was too late by that point. 

I actually couldn't wait to try this mask so a few days after I had bought it, I tried it for the first time. If I had written my review based on trying it that one time, it would not have been a very positive review. I had it on for approximately 30 seconds and then I had to take it off. For some reason my skin felt like it was burning. I've never used anything that has felt so uncomfortable in my life. It had a slightly similar feeling to the Youthmud mask but intensified by about 10. I thought my face was going to melt off so I took it off immediately. I had only managed to apply it to the bottom half of my face before the burning became too much. The moment I added water to the mix, the mask felt fine and the oil actually felt quite soothing but it was the initial mud mask that gave that burning sensation. Afterwards that part of my face felt very smooth but the feeling of using the mask was like nothing else.

After that initial trial I felt very disappointed and could not believe I had spent £42 on a mask that I couldn't even use. I thought it would be best if I took to the internet to see what everyone else said about this mask. I wanted to know if others had had the same problem with the mask that I had encountered. Most people only have good things to say about this mask which instantly left me disheartened. A handful of people had felt the same burning sensation that I had whilst using it but they all mention about sensitive skin. I have never struggled with sensitive skin, in fact my skin has always been quite resistant before so I wasn't sure what to think. Did I give this mask another go or did I accept that the mask just wasn't going to work for me? 

Usually anything that burns this bad I would not give a second go but as I had spent £42 on it, I felt I needed to make sure that this was no good before I gave it to one of my friends. However I left it about a week before I tried it again in case there was a problem after that initial use then it should have presented itself within that time. No problems, like redness or sensitivity, seemed to occur so I thought I would try it again and if it burned the same as last time I would just take it off instantly.

When I tried it the first time, I hadn't fully let my skin refresh after it had been cleansed so it was still red and slightly damp from washing off The White Company Super Balm, which is still my current cleanser. I think as my skin was already slightly red it made me panic more about the burning feeling so I worried that my skin would never recover and I was going to have a giant break out. After this I decided that the second time I tried it, I would leave my skin to recover from being cleansed, so it was fully dry and the redness has reduced. This must have worked as the second time I tried it there was hardly any burning. I just had the same sensation that I had when I tried the Youthmud mask which is more of a tingling. 

This mask is surprisingly thin for a mud mask so when I first applied it, I kept piling it on and I think that did not help the burning feeling. The second time I applied it, I used much less and it felt so much better. I used a brush to apply a thin layer of the mask which after 5-10 minutes dries and then it becomes detectable on the skin. The mask when it is first applied is hard to see but when it has dried, it dries matte and it starts to look more like mud. It does have a little bit of leaf in it, the same leaf that is in the Youthmud mask but not quite as large so it doesn't make as much mess in your sink. Once it has all dried you have to remove it with water and this is when it transforms into an oil. This oil gives the skin a good cleanse and leaves your skin feeling soft and looking clearer.

Once again this is a Glamglow mask that I rate highly. Even though we didn't initially see eye to eye, in the end I actually really like this mask and I have now used it quite a few times and I do not get that burning feeling. Now I know how to make it work for me, I have seen the difference in my skin since I started using this mask and I cannot believe how soft my skin is. It is all down to some of the ingredients used in this mask. There are four keys groups of ingredients in this mask:

-OILIXER™: Consists of prickly pear oil, pine oil, frankincense oil, and myrrh oil; hand harvested from cactus fruit, tree sap resin, and tree pine needle to enrich and deliver potent nourishing cleansing ingredients. 
-CLAYTOX™: A four-clay blend featuring rare Brazilian white clay; provides an ultragentle skin detoxification action for a maximum yet delicate cleanse.
-PUREIFIER™: Dramatically purifies and conditions the skin.
-Teaoxi Velvet Leaf: Nourishes while providing maximum cleansing benefits.

For the most part all of this means nothing to me but I understand that this mask is designed to cleanse the skin and to draw out impurities which is what I have needed recently. Even though I'm not even going to pretend that I know what all of these ingredients are, it makes the mask sound very nourishing and cleansing which is what it is designed to do. And it is, it has worked really well on my skin, leaving it looking fresher and clearer which is something I always want. I have quite an oily T-Zone and even though this is an oil, I still get on with it and it doesn't seem to exaggerate the oils. 

I am so glad I gave this mask a second chance because if I didn't I would have missed out on such a wonderful mask which honestly has improved my skin. Glamglow are quite a hyped brand but I feel like not enough people talk about their traditional masks, everyone always takes more interest in the Gravitymud mask as it looks so strange and looks good in pictures on social media. The Powermud mask doesn't look overly interesting but I think it works much better than the Gravitymud mask. Plus it does have a USP, it is a mud mask which turns into an oil, I can't say I've used a mask which has done that before. Glamglow masks are usually quite unusual and this is no exception. Obviously the Gravitymud is the most unusual looking but at the end of the day it is a peel off mask. If you were thinking about buying a Glamglow mask I would recommend going for one of their traditional mud masks. If you need a mask which is going to give your skin a good old cleanse, this is worth looking into. It will give your skin a bit of tingle but as long as it doesn't feel like it is burning, it is all good. 

On another note, I will be talking about the Marks and Spencer Advent Calendar but I want to give it the attention it deserves so I will be writing a full post on it in the next few weeks.

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