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It is very rare that a brand launches and it is an instant hit but I guess it might help if the brand is created by Rihanna. Rihanna can do everything, she is one of the most well known stars in pop, has a super popular collaboration with Puma which features on the runway every season and now she has tried her hand at make up. After having some iconic looks over the last few years it only makes sense that she would branch out into such a lucrative market. Fenty Beauty was raved about before anyone had even tried the products and that hype only heightened when the products were launched. Bloggers fought to be the first to speak about the brand but I've waited, tested the products I've bought and I'm ready to give my full review.

The brand deserves recognition just for the fact it launched 40 shades of foundation straight away. Other brands do have extensive shade ranges with brands like Estee Lauder, MAC and Make Up For Ever all having over 30 different shades but they are huge brands all owned by large umbrella companies such as Estee Lauder Companies or LVMH and it has taken them years to get this amount. Fenty Beauty literally started with 40 foundations which is why the brand has been so popular. When discussing why she did this Rihanna said "that women everywhere would be included,” (Read more on Harvey Nichols) which has always been a problem within the beauty community. Brands only seem to launch foundations in a select few shades which can not possibly cater for the vast majority of women. The brand decided to focus on 'a wide range of traditionally hard-to-match skin tones, creating formulas that work for all skin types, and pinpointing universal shades.' read more here, Fenty Beauty

As a pale lady I have always struggled with foundation, especially when I used to buy drugstore foundations. A lot of brands create pale shades but they usually have a pink undertone which makes them wrong for me or they are too yellow. It is very rare that a brand gets it right. That is why I have worn Double Wear by Estee Lauder for so long. I had a shade which suited me and I liked the finish so I stuck with it. When I heard all of the fuss about the Fenty Beauty foundations and the amount of shades she was coming out with I knew I had to try one. When the brand was launched a lot of the shades sold out and most of those shades were the pale and the darker ones, I wonder why! Maybe because no one else caters for those people. As a lot of the paler shades sold out I wasn't able to get one to suit me so I had to wait but after a few weeks, I found a quiet time on the counter in Harvey Nichols Bristol and I managed to get colour matched and they even had my shade.

If you have tried to go to a counter, especially in the UK, you will know it is a struggle. Fenty Beauty is only available on counters in Harvey Nichols which are few and far between. There are only about 7 physical counters which if you don't live close to one can be a trek to get to. Not only can they be problematic to find but when you do, they are busy all the time. It is not the staff's fault, it just shows the popularity of the brand. Everyone wants to try it and there is nothing wrong with that. I went early on a Saturday morning, just after the store had opened so I managed to see a lady without having to join the waiting list. That's right, they have a waiting list for people who want to be foundation matched. That is how busy they are. I was sat down and the lady looked at me and just knew the sort of shade I would be. She tried two on me: 120 and 140. The lady asked how I felt about a warmer foundation and I usually go for a neutral/warm foundation anyway so she said she thought 140 was going to be my shade. Having tried them; 120 was a good match but it was slightly too cool toned/neutral whereas I prefer something warmer. I went outside to see the foundation in the day light and I hands down preferred 140 which was what I went for in the end. Whilst I was there I also picked up a highlight which was naughty as I am supposed to be a on a beauty cut down but everyone raved about the highlighters so much that I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

You know that feeling, when you buy new make up and you instantly want to put it on your face to see what it's like, well that was the feeling I had when I got home with my Fenty Beauty products. The following day I was popping out to get a coffee and to do a few odd jobs but I decided it was the perfect time to test the foundation. Foundation is a tricky product, once I've found one I like, I tend to stick to it as I know what I am getting. Whereas when I swap to something new, I have no idea if it is going oxidise, how long it will wear or if it will suit my skin type. Fenty Beauty have only launched one formula for the foundation and it is called the Soft Matte Longwear Foundation. Personally I prefer a more matte foundation as I get quite oily in my T-Zone so this helps to combat that problem area. For those of you with dry skin I'm not sure how you would find this foundation as it is rather matte and it can settle into any texture. I have a tenancy to frown a lot as people annoy me a lot and I do find this foundation can sit into my lines and exaggerate it. However other than that I have completely fallen in love with this foundation and I have been wearing it for the past couple of weeks instead of my Estee Lauder Double Wear. 

The reason I have loved it so much is because of the finish. Soft Matte is definitely the correct name for it and it does exactly what it says on the tin (or bottle in this case.) The foundation doesn't look completely matte but it smooths over the skin, covering any colour variations whilst perfecting the overall look of the skin. When I first apply it, it almost looks like I've powdered as it has an almost suede finish but as it settles in, this foundation looks amazing. It does oxidise a little which is something to consider if you like to match your own foundation shade but for me I've found it looks better and slightly warmer once it has oxidised so I actually prefer the colour after about 10 minutes.

As I said I have been wearing this for the past couple weeks and I've been wearing it to work which is a true test of any foundation as it is quite a long day. I don't top it up and it still looks pretty good at the end of the day. The only place it starts to break up is around my T-Zone but I have that problem no matter what foundation I use. If you are normal/combination or even oily this foundation should work on you. If you are super oily you might need a primer underneath but you probably do with most foundations anyway. I honestly love this foundation and I am super impressed that this was one of the first products she launched.

The Killawatt Highlighters are some of the most visually stunning products I have ever seen. Not only is the packaging simple yet beautiful but the product itself gives the most stunning glow. The shade combination I have is Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal and this is perfect for anyone with fair skin like me. Both shades are a light pearlescent shade but they have different finishes. The one on the left (Lightning Dust) provides a very soft glow and I think it is perfect as an everyday highlighter. The one on the right (Fire Crystal) is a blinding beam of highlight which really packs a punch. If you want to be glowing for the gods then that is going to be your preferred side. For my average work day I wear Lightening Dust but build it up so that I have a gentle glow and I apply a tiny bit of Fire Crystal over the top just to give a more blinding effect. However I love that you have the option to decide how strong you want your highlight. It allows you to play around with intensity. They are both finely milled powders and they are beautiful. My one criticism is that it can be slightly powdery, you do need to make sure to blend it in quite well but overall I love this highlight.

I do have to say I am so gutted I can not get away with wearing Trophy Wife. It is such a beautiful highlight and seeing it on Rihanna, it complemented her skin tone so well! I just wish it looked like that on me! If you can get away with Trophy Wife, please wear it I think it looks absolutely stunning on darker skintones.

Both products were £26 and I have different views on the two prices. For the foundation I think £26 is a bargain. When you consider I spend £32.50 on my Double Wear foundation this is quite a bit cheaper. It is closer to MAC prices rather than full luxury brands. However in comparison to MAC I think this feels more like a luxury foundation. The packaging is cute but sophisticated and it is 32ml so you get 2ml more than your average foundation. On the other hand, the highlight seems quite expensive at £26. Don't get me wrong I think it is worth it but when you could spend the same amount of money and get a foundation I feel like that is a little bit wrong. Overall the prices do seem fair and would probably be more comparable to MAC rather than Chanel but I think that is part of what makes this brand so special. It doesn't seem ridiculously priced (which they could easily do as it is Rihanna and people will always buy it because of her.) They have placed it at a good price for such amazing products and they have included everyone when they have thought about the shade range. It is incredible when you think about it. It makes you wonder why it has taken so long for someone to do something so simple like launch foundation shades so everyone can use one. Surely a no brainer but kudos to Rihanna for taking charge of this market!

The collection is all about perfecting the skin and the two products I've used really do work to do this. I am surprised that I loved this range as much as I do as I always worry about celebrity backed brands. It is very easy for a celebrity to just put their name to it and not actually do any of the work. Even if that is the case (which I don't believe it is) this is a beautiful range and Rihanna has done herself proud. Kendo is the parent company and they also create Marc Jacobs Beauty and Kat Von D so they have some big brand working with them and all of them are brands I know and love. It is very rare that a Marc Jacobs or Kat Von D product is disappointing and that same feeling comes from Fenty Beauty. For me this brand is very full circle. The first ever MAC lipstick I bought was part of the collaboration they did with Rihanna, when I was first getting into make up and now I am writing a blog about her own make up brand which is equally as wonderful.

Can you see the purple iridescence in the packaging?
If you would like to see all of the products that Fenty Beauty have released to date or you are UK based and want to buy some Fenty Beauty, Harvey Nichols is the exclusive stockist Harvey Nichols - Fenty Beauty

P.s. Can I just take a moment to say how much I loved the Molly Goddard dress Rihanna wore to the London launch. It suited her perfectly and I wish I could get away with wearing something like that but I would literally look like a 12 year old having a princess party rather than a badass like Rihanna. I also loved how her make up matched the dress, everything tied together. She is a true queen!

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