Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

Lipstick is easily one of the most spoken about products on my blog. I've always thought that lipstick can be used to complete your outfit and give you an extra boost of confidence. My lipstick collection has gotten out of hand but I just can't help myself. I've told myself I can only buy one lipstick a month but on average I probably buy around 3. There is one brand which stands out as one of my favourites. MAC lipsticks have always been iconic to me and when I first started reading blogs everyone had huge MAC lipstick collections and I always aspired to have a collection of my own. I think I am finally at the point where I can say I have my own collection.   

Previously I have spoken about my Top 5 nude lipsticks but I haven't focused on a specific brand. Really it is about time and I can't believe I haven't spoken about my Top 5 MAC lipsticks before. MAC have shades and finishes to suit everyone. They have over 200 lipsticks in their standard collection and pretty much all of their limited collections contain at least one lipstick. I really don't talk about MAC enough if it isn't a limited edition but they have some of my favourite lipsticks ever. 

MAC love a limited edition and put out something pretty much every month which can make it hard to get excited about each launch as there are so many. It can work against them as it can put people off of the brand. I don't know if any of you follow Wayne Goss on Youtube but he is a makeup guru and he hates how many limited products MAC put out. It can make it even more annoying when it is a 'limited edition' of shades they do permanently *coughs* Nicki Minaj collection*cough.* As there are so many limited editions I tend to buy them instead of the products from the standard MAC collection. Purely because I know I can only get them for a select time.  

For the most part the MAC lipsticks I have bought recently have all been limited edition however this does mean I haven't spoken enough about the ones you can buy more readily. Today I wanted to take you through my top lipsticks from MAC which you can actually buy. These lipsticks are staples in my collection and whenever I run out I go straight to MAC to buy a new one. I have also thrown in a few honourable mentions at the end because they would be some of my top lipsticks if they weren't limited. 

(L-R: Smoked Almond, Peach Blossom, Velvet Teddy, Diva, Honeylove, Fleur De Force, Nicki Minaj) 
Velvet Teddy

Velvet Teddy is a classic MAC shade. I'm pretty sure everyone must have this in their collection. Back in the day prior to Kylie Jenner owning her own make up brand she used to wear Velvet Teddy and when everyone found out this shade blew up. It was sold out for the longest time but I would still go to counters and ask for it. I finally bought my first tube in Reading a few years ago and ever since I have loved it. I'm actually on my second tube now. It is the perfect nude, not too light but it has a slight cool tone to it which is fine on me. However on one of my best friends it isn't warm enough and it looks like it has a grey/lilac tone so you do need to test it. On days when I don't know which lipstick to wear I just go with this one as it is easy to wear and goes with every make up look. It is a matte so it is relatively long lasting. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this lipstick and overall this has to be my favourite MAC lipstick. 


The next lipstick is similar to Velvet Teddy: it is a nude and it is matte. However it is much lighter and slightly more warm toned. It is a light beige with a slight rose undertone which makes it very wearable. If I am not in the mood to wear Velvet Teddy I usually wear Honeylove. Honeylove is a better matte shade for the Summer as it suits tanned skin so I have been wearing it more than Velvet Teddy over the past few months. This is a much newer addition to my collection and it is the newest non-limited edition lipstick I have bought. I was inspired by Lydia Millen who always seems to be wearing this lipstick. I like to use this lipstick when my eyes have a little bit of colour, like when I use a hint of purple as it allows my eyes to be the focus of the look. I worried it would make me look dead as I am pale but as it has a warmer tone it looks fine. If Velvet Teddy seems a bit dark, it might be worth braving Honeylove. 


The final matte shade I want to talk about is Diva. When I was a bit younger, I absolutely loved a red lip but as I've got older I now appreciate how tricky they can be to pull off. Plus if you don't get the right formula it can end up all over your face and teeth. One red that I know I can always rely on is Diva. Diva is my evening/winter red as it is a deep red with a burgundy tone which makes it look almost vampy but not over the top. The shade goes well with minimal eye shadow and big, bold lashes which is a look I go for when I am going out for drinks. As it is a matte there is a little bit of movement but it doesn't end up going everywhere. Additionally as it isn't a liquid lipstick it doesn't make your lips look like a dry butt hole and it is a lot more comfortable. Through Autumn/Winter I wear this lipstick constantly. It is hands down my favourite red from the MAC collection.

(L-R: Smoked Almond, Peach Blossom, Velvet Teddy, Diva, Honeylove, Fleur De Force, Nicki Minaj)
Peach Blossom

Peach Blossom is a lipstick that I always get compliments on when I wear it. For that reason alone it makes it into my favourites. Peach Blossom is the only Cremesheen to feature in this post. The Cremesheen formula is one of the only formulas I really like other than matte. They are more glossy and have less pigmentation but they have enough pigment that you can tell that you are wearing a lipstick. The reason I don't like other lipstick formulas is because of the wear time. A matte doesn't need as much topping up but even with a Cremesheen it needs reapplication after every cup of tea I drink (which is a lot of cups, I mean I am British.) However with the Cremesheen formula it seems worth it. They give your lips a glossy appearance with shimmer rather than glitter and they are a welcome break from the dry texture of a matte. Peach Blossom is a peachy pink shade, as the name would suggest. It is quite warm compared to something like Creme Cup by MAC and I just find it very flattering for my skin tone. I wear this all the way through Summer and as you can tell I've used this tube up and need to buy a new one which I will be doing.

Smoked Almond - Liptensity

Ok, I've kind of cheated, this isn't really part of their traditional lipsticks but it is a permanent lipstick. The Liptensity range was a big launch a few years ago. MAC worked with Maureen Seaburg who has a condition called Tetrachromacy. Tetrachromacy means that the retinas of the person who has it has four different types of higher intensity light receptors which means they see way more colours than your average person. The lipsticks have been created with multiple different undertones so each person brings out different properties. They will look unique on everyone. I bought the shade Smoked Almond and it is the lipstick I keep in my bag permanently as it is the perfect lipstick to go with any look. It is a deep brown which kind of looks like Lolita from Kat Von D but it is a more wearable formula. It has the pigmentation of a matte lipstick without the dry feeling, this feels more like a Cremesheen. This does mean it moves around a little bit which can be dangerous with such a high pigmentation but I find this lipstick just works. Even though this is a nude, it is a darker nude and it is quite different from the other two lipsticks I have included. 

That concludes my Top 5 lipsticks however there are two I would like to give an honourable mention to which are no longer available. I wanted my top 5 to be lipsticks you can go out and buy. I remember when I first got into beauty, people would always talk about limited editions I could no longer buy and I would feel disappointed. Even though I don't want to share my feeling of disappointment, I also want to be genuine so I have decided to mention two limited lipsticks which I love. The first limited lipstick was a limited edition back in May and it was part of the Influencer collaboration MAC did with 10 beauty influencers across the world. In the UK two lipsticks were launched; one with Fleur De Force and one with Alessandra Steinherr. I battled online to get one of the Fleur De Force lipsticks which sold out within a day online. It is a Cremesheen but it is more of a beige nude which I absolutely love. This would definitely be in my Top 5 if it were permanent but unfortunately you can no longer buy it.

The final lipstick is much newer and it was part of the collaboration MAC did with Nicki Minaj. This collaboration is their current launch until the Christmas items come out tomorrow. They created two lipsticks but I fell for Nicki's Nude which is a nude, coral pink shade in an Amplified finish. Prior to this lipstick I had never tried the amplified finish but I actually really like it. It has a stronger pigmentation than a Cremesheen but it is much more glossy compared to a matte. Having tried this lipstick I have been intrigued to find some more Amplified shades that I love. I wrote about this lipstick not too long ago so I will link it at the bottom of the post. 

If you couldn't tell by looking at the pictures, there is definitely a certain type of shade I like, I like them nudes! I like lipsticks which are easy to wear, don't need topping up every five seconds and most importantly which suit me. I am lucky as I have quite a neutral undertone so I can get away with most colours but I do have to say I am quite boring with my shade choices. In all my years of blogging I have never sat down and shared my top MAC lipsticks so I am pleased to have finally spoken about some of my favourite shades from one of my favourite lipstick brands. If you are new to make up these are some of the lipsticks I would recommend investing in. 

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