Sophdoesnails x Makeup Revolution

If there is one brand that I've never been sure of it is Makeup Revolution. I am not sure where I sit on their coping of other brands. Well I do know, I don't agree with it. I understand that yes, products can be similar and it isn't always on purpose as brands work for a long time behind the scenes to create something but Makeup Revolution are unapologetic in ripping off other brands. If a palette has similar shades then ok that could be a coincidence but creating a tacky, cheap obvious copy of a product, even down to the packaging does not sit well with me. For example the obvious copying of the Too Faced Palettes, I get that not everyone has the income to spend on a Too Faced palette which I do not argue with but you could buy a palette from another drugstore brand, you would be better getting a Morphe Palette over an imitation palette. One launch which got a lot of people talking was the Makeup Revolution lipstick launch which was a blatant copy of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and even the packaging was an attempted copy. This annoyed many people and got a discussion going about where people stand on the subject.

If Makeup Revolution was a brand like MUA or NYC which created budget friendly products then I would back them but as they copy so many other brands hard work I have been reluctant to buy their products. Yes you might not be the first to come up with a liquid lipstick but you could at least do different packaging to Kylie Cosmetics which is what most brands do. Nope Makeup Revolution have copied her as well. Kat Von D even called out Makeup Revolution for copying her eye shadow palette and they could not give shit. Their argument was that they are creating make up at an affordable price so everyone can have it. I have nothing against them making affordable make up but at least do your own packaging. This sort of imitation is like having a fake designer bag. You know it is fake, everyone else knows it is fake so what is the point? I've never bought a fake designer bag as I know the money is not going to a good quality product nor is it going to the people who deserve it, the people who worked hard to create the design for that product. I know not everyone will have the same opinion as me and that I sound like a snob but it is my opinion. Imagine if you had spend months working on something and within a few weeks someone had taken your idea and claimed it as their own. You wouldn't be happy with it and I most certainly wouldn't. I understand that not everyone can go out to buy a £40 palette but don't go out and buy a fake, buy a cheaper product from Rimmel or L'Oreal.

The question is where do you draw the line? What defines a product that has been imitated and a product created with a vision in mind. It is rare for a product to be truly revolutionary. I mean really aren't the Too Faced Palettes a copy of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes? For me, the differences lie in the packaging. Too Faced changed the way they place the shadows in the palette, they didn't copy the exact layout and they gave them different themes and a scent. Too Faced stuck to their branding, kitsch and cute which isn't Urban Decay. What is Makeup Revolution's brand other than copying other brands? Not much really, so what happens when they actually create something from scratch?

One item that is original to the Makeup Revolution line up is the collaboration they have done with Soph Does Nails, who is someone I watch and like on Youtube. She is a brand ambassador for TAM Beauty, the creators of Makeup Revolution, so she talks about their products a lot but she hadn't managed to convince me to buy anything previously. That was until I found out about the collaboration. As something she has created with Makeup Revolution, it is a product that has been made for the brand rather than something that the brand have copied. When I heard about the collaboration I hoped I wouldn't be sucked in as I didn't want to buy from the brand as I do not like what they stand for. However when I saw the highlighter palette I really considered my problem with the brand which isn't that they create make up but that they copy other brands. As I said I enjoy Soph's content so I do not mind supporting her. When she spoke about the palettes she described the effort she had gone to with both the eye shadow palette and the highlight palette and I really hope that much effort went into it because it would give Makeup Revolution some credibility for actually working on something. Reluctantly I bought the palette in hopes that it was going to be crap so I could complain about it but this isn't the case.

The highlighting palette was hard to track down. On the day it was launched I went into my local Superdrug but they did not have any and it kept selling out online. In the end I waited a few days and when I went back they finally had some. I am a sucker for a highlight and the variation of the shades looked perfect for me. Like Soph, I am also super pale (and called Sophie) so with her complexion in mind I knew a lot of these shades would work for me. I bought the highlighter palette over the eye shadow palette purely because I knew I would use it more. The colours in her palette are lovely but some are way to bright for me to work with.

One thing I was instantly not keen on was the cardboard sleeve and the packaging, I know Makeup Revolution is a cheap brand but do they have to make it look so cheap? Although I do have to say at least it is original and not an obvious copy of something else. This is the same layout as their highlight palettes so there is some consistency. One thing I do like is that this says Soph in big writing. Since Sophie is my name, it looks like it was a palette made for me which pleases me a lot as I love a little bit of monogramming. I do also like the colour scheme I think Sophie made a good choice with the colours. Even though the packaging isn't my favourite, you can see all of the colours without having to open the palette, as the testers tend to go missing in stores. If they had just combined the sleeve for the eye shadow palette with the plastic packaging of the highlighting palette I think it would have looked much better. 

The colour selection is wonderful with pretty much every single highlight you could wish for. You have a pale pearl/gold, pink, purple, plenty of golden tones. For someone who doesn't have a massive make up collection or someone who is on a budget this is a great palette for being able to match a highlighter to every look. I know the thing you all want me to talk about is the formula and I have to say I have left it until last for a reason. The formula is amazing, which is very annoying as I did not want to like this palette but I do. The baked highlighters are my favourite and they give a blinding highlight which blends in seamlessly. The standard powder highlighters don't give off such a blinding beam of light but rather give a soft glow which some people prefer. If you have tried the Fenty Beauty Duo Highlighters this formula is similar to the left hand side which is softer. Personally I think more is more so I like to pack it on and I find the best way to wear these highlighters is actually together. I did wear the third gold shade on the top row by itself and it was gorgeous but the others need a little bit of back up to give it the power I like. This makes it a palette for everyone; you can just wear one and create soft definition on the face or you can blind bitches by wearing multiple at a time. Literally everyone is catered for. 

The formula and the shade selection of this palette make it a wonderful product even if it is created by Makeup Revolution. After using this palette I can see why someone might be happy to buy the cheap knock off rather than spending more and getting the actual product. If all of their products are this good then I can see the appeal. This will not stop me from boycotting the the imitation products. I do not believe in encouraging something that I think is wrong. I believe it is important to give credit to those who have created something before you.

This is where my personal line is drawn. Will I ever buy the products that are clearly a copy, No I will not! Would I potentially buy something that has been collaborated on and created by the brand, yes I would consider it. I am happy to support cheaper brands but if they haven't created a product by themselves. You wouldn't support that in any other industry so why would you when it comes to make up? If you want to make products go ahead but do not take another brands hard work and fake it as your own. Not cool. The Sophdoesnails collaboration took work and time which is something I can appreciate and I am happy to support hard work. I know this is a much spoken about topic and I would like to say I can understand that not everyone can afford luxury make up, it is referred to as 'luxury' for a reason but these are my own views and my personal stance on the matter.

If you would like to read a post which sums up my thoughts on the brand quite well take a look at Beauty By The Bunny: Why I Won't Be Duped - Have Makeup Revolution Gone Too Far? I remember reading and thinking about how well it was written and how perfectly it summed up my thoughts.

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