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As Autumn moves in bringing with it rusted leaves and bitter weather, our perfume tastes change. For summer I love scents like Bronze Goddess from Estee Lauder or the sweet playful blooms in Jo Malone London's Nectarine Blossom and Honey. Summer scents lend themselves to being sweeter and fresher whilst Autumn moves into warmer, more heady notes. The weather is so dismal in the Autumn that I want to feel comforted and warm. Last year I was obsessed with My Burberry and Mimosa and Cardamom. Both quite unusual scents and very different however they both have a undeniable strength with floral elements. Additionally they tend to have more powdery florals which gives the perfume body. Even though I still have some of My Burberry left and I have just opened a new bottle of Mimosa and Cardamom, I am always on the look out for a new perfume to add to my ever growing collection.

Before buying a fragrance I like to give it a good test run, whether this is through samples or spraying it on myself a few times whenever I am in a store. It is always important to test a fragrance on yourself as your body chemistry can completely change a scent. Also if you spray it on a card, it has no warmth so it takes a lot longer for the alcohol within the fragrance to evaporate. When you smell a scent on a card you also do not get all of the notes because as I said there is nothing to heat up the scent. In a quick summary, a fragrance has three key notes; a top note, heart note and base note. What you smell immediately when you spray a perfume is the top note which lasts for around 15 minutes before the heart note starts to come through and mingles with the original top note. After 30-45 minutes the base notes come through which usually give the fragrance its depth and longevity. If you only smell a card for 5 minutes in a store, not only have you not warmed the alcohol off but you have only really smelt the top note and you might find after 30 minutes you really do not like the scent. If you want a more in-depth look at how fragrance works let me know and I can do a post on it but for now that sort of tells you why everyone always tells you to test a perfume before buying it.

Your environment is a huge factor in what sort of scents you like and how you perceive a scent when you smell it.  As the weather is becoming chilly, it is natural to gravitate towards comfort and this is what we do with our scents. The perfume industry seems to realise everyone's shift toward new scents as there are so many new launches this month. There are a couple of new launches that have got me excited this month so I went to my local shopping centre to sniff them out. With so many launches it is hard to pick out the ones you have an interest in but this month four really intrigued me.

Jo Malone London - English Oak and Redcurrant

I'll start with the one I didn't really test out but smelt and I knew it wasn't for me. This scent sadly comes from Jo Malone London who you should know I absolutely love as a brand. It is their new scent English Oak and Redcurrant. They launched two English Oak scents but this was the one I preferred out of the two but I didn't like it enough to even consider buying it. It is very fruity but you can really smell the woodiness which isn't something I like in a perfume. I was told this would pair well with my beloved Peony and Blush Suede but even that couldn't save the scent. Plus I most definitely could not justify buying a perfume just to wear with another one. I would need to be able to wear it as a singular scent as well. There is nothing wrong with the scent, it just wasn't for me unfortunately, I like something floral and for me this doesn't have enough floral notes.

Gucci - Bloom

Since I have started off as bit of a Negative Nancy I will continue in this manner and leave the success stories until the end. When I saw the bottle for the next perfume I was highly intrigued. A plain millennial pink bottle with a simple label, undeniably Gucci. Gucci have been creating perfume for years but this feels like the reinvention of the perfume to match the changes that have happened within the brand. Since Alessandro Michele took over from Tom Ford as the Creative Director, the brand has changed considerably. Arguably Tom Ford initiated this change and Alessandro took it over and made it the success story it currently is but this change had not been mirrored with the fragrances. The packaging alone fits within the new brand image and is geared more towards the new consumers of Gucci, the bloggers. Gucci is a brand who's popularity has grown astronomically over the past few years after going off the radar for a long time in the early '00s. The rise of the blogger has really helped to catapult this brand back into the mainstream and make it relevant again. It has also given the brand the injection of youth it so desperately needed. However when I smell this perfume, I do not think it matches the packaging with its younger vibe. Whenever I smell this fragrance I predominately only smell Tuberose. It is quite an expensive ingredient but like Gucci it fell out of fashion for a while. Brands seem to be bringing it back though. Tuberose is a key note in both Tuberose Angelica by Jo Malone London and Orchid Soleil by Tom Ford. Tuberose is a large white flower and it gives off a very powder, floral scent. In some cases I like it and in others it is far too strong and it will be the only thing I will smell for the rest of the day. For me within this scent it is too strong. After saying English Oak and Redcurrant didn't have enough florals, this has too much. I am a walking contradiction. 

Bloom is definitely the correct name for this scent with notes of; Jasmine and Tuberose which are both strong heady white florals and a deeper base note of Orris Root (root of the Iris plant) and Rangoon Creeper also known as Chinese Honeysuckle. I know I usually love floral scents but for me the Tuberose was way too strong and I like a citrus in my perfume to provide some clarity within the scent. A citrus helps to give it a burst of freshness which this perfume does not have. If you know you are a fan of white floral scents this could be a good one for you but for me this smells too much like something my nan would like. I'm not sure the packaging really matches the scent but I do love the update to the Gucci fragrances to match the changes within the brand.

Chanel - Gabrielle

Gabrielle is a fragrance I didn't know I was excited for. I do like Chanel scents, I already own Chance Eau Fraiche which was one of my first perfumes and last year I bought myself a small bottle of Coco Madamioselle which is a classic fragrance. Gabrielle is the first fragrance which isn't a diffusion line in 15 years which is incredible and makes this a rather exciting launch. I had seen a few people talk about this scent, most people say it has that classic Chanel essence but younger which I completely agree with. Compared to Coco Madamioselle and No5, which are both classic Chanel scents, this is much fresher which injects it with youth. Plus pretty much every lady had a bottle of either No5 or Coco Madamioselle so this is something a little different.

It is a floral but it has a freshness to it which Gucci Bloom does not have. The notes are
  • Top note: Mandarin and Grapefruit
  • Heart note: Tuberose, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine and Orange Blossom
  • Base note: Sandalwood and Musk
As you can tell florals dominate this scent however it is very different from Gucci Bloom which does contain some of the same ingredients. The key difference is the sharpness from the citrus scents which helps to give the scent clarity and the Tuberose is definitely more balanced within this scent. You can pick up on the woody notes in the base but they are not overwhelming and they take away the sweetness from the florals. I've been into store to spray this a few times and I love how it smells on me. Not only have I been testing this out in store but I have also had a few samples come with my magazines so I have been able to test it out in my own environment which is a true test of any perfume. My only concern with this scent is that it doesn't seem to last very long which is unusual as I find my Chanel scents are some of the longest lasting on my skin. This wouldn't put me off buying the fragrance but it is definitely something to consider when thinking about buying it. 

Dior - Miss Dior Eau De Parfum

The floral scent which I have literally seen advertised everywhere is the relaunch of Miss Dior Eau De Parfum. They discontinued the previous one and have reformulated it. I have no idea why they have reformulated it as I wasn't overly familiar with the original scent. I have always loved Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet which I did consider buying and if you read my post all about samples I was trying then you will know Blooming Bouquet ended out being my favourite. In comparison Blooming Bouquet is a lot lighter than the new Eau De Parfum but I believe Blooming Bouquet is an Eau de Toilette which would make the strength weaker than a Parfum. However Blooming Bouquet 
embodies everything I like about a perfume; it is floral but not too sweet, it has a cirtus freshness which takes away the strength of the florals and it has Peony in which is my favourite perfume note. 

Out of the scents I have tried for this post, this is hands down the sweetest and that sweetness comes from the Damask Rose. Damask rose isn't as strong as a traditional English rose which has more of a green note to it (if the essence used isn't too synthetic) Damask Rose is a lot sweeter and almost smells honeyed so if you aren't a fan of rose you might like Damask Rose. However Damask Rose is not the only one used within this perfume they also use May Rose from Grasse which is where Christian Dior had a holiday home and grew flowers. It is now where they grow the May Rose and Green Jasmine used in Dior perfumes. This builds on the floral aspect of the scent and I must admit there is quite a strong rose smell from this perfume but it is more modern rather than smelling like your grandma. The rose notes are lightened by Lemon and Bergamot but deepened with Rosewood and Patchouli.

I was very kindly given two samples of this perfume when I was smelling it in store and I have used up one and I do really like this scent. It is quite a strong scent so you really do not need much of it and if you do spray too much you do threaten giving yourself a headache as you will be stuck with it all day. Also this can settle badly on the skin, I am lucky as I bring out the sweeter notes but when my mother tried it, for some reason it smelt off on her. I bought out the Rose and she bought out the woody base notes which made it smell bad on her. This is one to try in store if you were thinking about buying it. This is a very traditionally feminine scent and I felt very girly when I was wearing it however Peony and Blush Suede from Jo Malone London, which is my ride or die perfume, is very similar in its feminine attributes and the florals used so would I need another scent like it?

The Verdict

As you can probably guess Gucci Bloom and Jo Malone London English Oak and Redcurrant are not going to be my next perfume. They are nice scents but they would be nice on someone else. The strong woody notes that feature in both scents are notes which do not sit well on my skin. The perfumes I have to decided between are Gabrielle and Miss Dior. They are both scents I would wear and love. However I think I have settled on Gabrielle which sort of surprised me as I know I am a fan of Miss Dior scents already. As I said at the start I am looking for an Autumn fragrance and Miss Dior is something I would love during Spring/Summer I feel like the time for this perfume has just gone. Plus my mum wears the Eau De Toilette of this and even though they smell very different I couldn't know that I was matching my mother. Even though it is a sweet floral which is what I usually go for, during Autumn I like something a bit deeper and not quite as traditionally sweet. The Chanel scent is sort of like My Burberry but a lot lighter and without the strong green note as Gabrielle does not have Geranium in it.

I actually received an email from the Glamour Beauty Club the afternoon after I had finished writing this post and they have offered to send me a sample of Gabrielle to test which I was super stoked about, they obviously know I am a classy bitch. I'm waiting for it to come through but expect a blog post all about the perfume and my experience with the Glamour Beauty Club.

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