Monthly Favourites: October

October has never been my favourite month purely because it ends in Halloween. When I was a University student it meant finding a weeks worth of costumes and partying my arse off. Now I am an adult it involves being nervous that I am going to stumble upon a hoard of Zombies, which is my biggest fear in life. This month has been a been a particularly odd one for me and I haven't really felt like myself. Self doubt and anxiety have plagued me this month and it has put me off my A game. Hopefully next month will bring a better mental state as we approach Christmas.

October is a big month for SophaaRambles, if you haven't noticed I have changed the layout to the blog making it more colourful and making the pictures more dominant on the main pages. Not only has the layout changed but it marks a year since I really started to write frequently on the blog. Prior to October last year I had been writing the blog for around 2 years on and off but since October 2016 I have been dedicated to writing more frequently so I am quite proud that I've managed to keep it up for a whole year. Anyway lets get into the products.

Fenty Beauty

I have been working on my post about Fenty Beauty for quite a few weeks now. I have been testing it extensively to really form an opinion on the products and I have to say I love them. I only have the foundation and the highlight but they have been a pleasure to use all month. I am quite picky with my foundations but this one is a new love for me. It is quite different to my usual Estee Lauder Double Wear as it is quite matte to the point where it looks like you've powdered but it has a good coverage like Double Wear. I have the shade 140 which is near enough a perfect match. It covers any redness and it wears well, what more can you ask for from a foundation?

The highlighters have been raved about by pretty much everyone who have tried them and for good reason. I have the duo highlighter in the shade Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal. As it is a highlighting duo there is a lot of versatility. Lightning Dust (left) is a lot softer and it gives more of a glow whereas Fire Crystal (right) is more glittery and it has more of an impact on the cheeks. Depending on how strong you want your highlight you can wear one or you can build it up by using two. I will be doing a full review on both product which should be up in the next few weeks so keep your eye out if you are interested in Fenty Beauty.

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill 

This month I could not let this palette pass me by. I have been weighting up whether or not I needed this palette for a long time and after one of the girls I work with bought it, I decided it had to be part of my make up collection. I have to say I am not a massive Jaclyn Hill fan, I have nothing against her but at the same time she isn't one of my favourites. However the products she collaborates on are always amazing. This palette truly is outstanding! As it is made in collaboration with Morphe I did wonder how good the quality would be. Even though the packaging is not as high quality as you might like it to be considering the palette is £37, the shadows are wonderfully pigmented and they blend together seamlessly. Since this arrived closer to the start of the month I have used it literally everyday. I think this has actually sold out on Beauty Bay now but if you are thinking of getting it, I would highly recommend buying it. I will be doing a full review on this palette next month.

Kiko Tribal Soul Baked Blush

This is a very old blush that Kiko launched as part of the Modern Tribes collection back in 2015. I bought it when I was shopping in Reading because I remember so many people were talking about this collection. Really what I loved about this blush was the packaging. It is quite bulky which makes it a dressing table blush but I just loved the look of it. Over the years I have fallen in and out of love with this blush but at the moment my love for it is strong. It is in the shade Wild Mauve and it gives the perfect pink hue to the cheeks without being over the top. For Autumn it gives the perfect flushed look without being too over the top. Essentially it gives life to my otherwise deathly pale face. I have had this for so many years and I've still barely made a dent in it even though I use it quite often so it was well worth the £14.95 I spent on it back in the day. As you can probably guess this is of course no longer available but it shows how long a powder can last you so they are a wise investment.

My Burberry - Burberry

I've spoken about this perfume at least a thousand times and it is always around this time of year that I wear it the most. I don't know why because it is supposed to be a Spring scent but I love it for Autumn. It is has rich woodiness hidden in amongst green floral scents which provide a freshness but not an overly sweet scent. I still have my bottle from last year and as you can probably tell from the picture I am rapidly running out of it but I will definitely be buying a new bottle. This is now a staple in my fragrance wardrobe. The scent was inspired by the iconic Burberry Trench Coat and the fabric bow is made of the same fabric as their trench coats. Because of this the scent is very classic and sophisticated. If you haven't smelt this scent I recommend you give it a go. Every year Burberry launch a Christmas edition which has flakes of glitter in it and there is possibility that this year I might treat myself to it as I am running out of this bottle.

The White Company - Winter Candle

Sticking to the theme of scent, I have a candle favourite this month and it is a candle that I spoke about last year. The White Company create four different scents for each season of the year but Winter has always been my favourite. It embodies everything I like about a Winter candle. It is spicy with notes of Amber, Clove and Cinnamon but with Orange mixed in it has an underlying freshness. This is a Christmas candle but I have already started burning mine as it is perfect for a cooler night when I am wrapped up in a blanket with a Hot Chocolate. The only rubbish thing about White Company candles is that they don't come with a lid. I have a lid which I bought last year which I have put on top of this one but I do feel like they should just come with the candle considering they are £20 each. That's not exactly cheap for a candle.

The products I have been loving this month have definitely catered more towards the colder weather. In the UK we have had quite a lot of cold weather and with the start of November I am even more excited for Christmas, I've already bought my advent calendar!

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