Lush: Winter Haul 2017

It is that time of year again, Lush Winter Haul time!! This has become an annual event on my blog and I don't see it stopping anything soon. The Lush Christmas products are always my favourites and I try and stock up so that I can use them all year round. This year I definitely succeeded at this, I still have so many products from Christmas last year that I thought I would spend a little less this year. This didn't happen as this has to be one of my favourite Winter ranges ever. For the first time ever I do seem to have bought more from the Halloween section opposed to the Christmas section. This is really odd as I hate Halloween but Lush have done an amazing job of the selection this year.

I only wanted to spend around £30 but I ended up doubling that and more. Compared to previous years this is hands down the most I've spent on any of my Lush Winter Hauls. I attribute this to an amazing combination of products and a sneaky price increase. In previous years there were cheaper bath bombs like Cinders or The Melting Snowman Bath Melt but this year those lower priced items seem to have been swapped for more expensive and more elaborate products. Of course the classic Butterbear is still available but other than that the average bath bomb is close to £4.25. Some of my favourites from last year did not return this year and some of them have seen a little bit of a face lift but I think we should get into the products because we could be here a while. 

Rose Jam Shower Gel

Lets start with a returning favourite which I stock up on every year. Rose Jam is easily one of my favourite scents ever. Anything with a rose scent can be very tricky as there is a fine line between being too sweet or too green/earthy. I think Rose Jam is the perfect balance. It contains Lemon and Vanilla which help to soften the rose so it isn't quite as grannyish and it gives it the feeling of being a more updated rose scent. I actually have a bottle left from last year, that is how much I stock up on this shower gel. There isn't really that much to say about the product itself; it is pink and works like every other shower gel. The one bonus of this shower gel opposed to some of the others in the Christmas range is that this does not contain glitter so you don't end up looking like a disco ball once you've used it. 

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

Once again Lord of Misrule is a product that I have loved for years and previously I have voted it my favourite Lush product for the year. I believe this is actually a Halloween bath bomb but it should be an all round Winter one. When it is a cold evening and I am craving a bath to warm me up this is the bath bomb I use. It has Patchouli in it which gives a very warming and rich feeling to the scent. It has vanilla in it which gives the scent the sweetness that I find necessary in any bath product and builds on that comforting feeling. This is a bath bomb for anyone who loves a colourful bath as it turns the bath the most beautiful colour. I won't ruin the colour for anyone who is yet to try this but it is beautiful. One little surprise I will ruin is the popping candy hidden inside which makes this one of the more playful bath bombs, perfect for anyone who wants their kids to be entertained whilst having a bath. 

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

I think Golden Wonder bath bomb has been featured the most throughout my annual Lush Hauls. They always bring this one back which suits me as once again it is one of my favourites. This is a proper Christmas bath bomb, from the glitter inside, to the fact that it looks like a present. This bath bomb sums up Christmas. It makes the most beautiful shimmer in the water and it makes a glittery mirage within deep blue waters. It is warming but it is also very citrus so it has quite a strong element of freshness. It contains lime oil and sweet orange oil. The orange oil keeps it festive but the lime gives it a bitter freshness, the scent reminds me of a Christmas cocktail. If you haven't tried Golden Wonder you have really missed out as it is one of my favourites.

Pumpkin Bath Bomb

I believe Pumpkin was a new bath bomb last year and it has returned this year. Last year I ended up going back to Lush to buy more after I had used my tester bath bomb and I completely fell in love with it. It is the perfect bath bomb for a cold winter evening when you need a little warming. It has the same effect as Lord of Misrule with an added spiciness. The scent is created through Cinnamon and Vanilla. So basically you smell like you have been swimming in a Starbucks seasonal Winter drink. If you like drinking them (like me) you will also like sitting in it. I can't tell if the face is meant to be cute or scary but I love the overall look of this bath bomb.  

Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb

Like Pumpkin, Monsters' Ball was a new one last year and was obviously liked enough to be brought back again. I remember I didn't like it when I first smelt it but when I put it in my bath it smelt amazing. This smells like sherbert so it is quite sweet but it is mostly citrus scents like Lime and Neroli. As you might be able to tell from the picture the face of my monster has started to fall apart meaning that this bath bomb is quite crumbly so I would go careful with this one. After buying one last year and only recently finding it in my Lush draw I used it and it just crumbled apart in the bath. I would recommend using this quickly as it does not age well. I don't know why but the face reminds me of Monsters INC. If you mixed the combination of the colour of Sullivan and the look of Mike, together you would have this bath bomb. 

Plum Snow Bubble Bar

When I first picked Plum Snow up it didn't feel as soft as other bubble bars. Unlike Monsters' Ball this does not feel like it is going to crumble apart easily. This bubble bar is huge so it is a little bit more expensive at £5.95 but this will do quite a few baths. If you are looking for a good value bubble bar this could be the one. This is a new one this year and if you are familiar with the shower gel Plum Rain, this has the same scent and I absolutely love plum scents so I was happy to see the addition of this scent. This has a bit of Osmanthus Absolute in it which is one of my favourite scents. I have a Jo Malone London Perfume which contains Osmanthus and it is one of my all time favourite perfumes so it makes me happy that it is now being included in more scents. I cannot wait to use this in my bath and I will keep you updated on twitter as to my thoughts on it.

Sherbert Dip Bath Bomb

Sherbert Dip one looked fun when I was in store, I hope that there is something in the middle so it isn't a yellow bath as then you can border on pee water. The colour of this reminds me of Fizz Banger which was discontinued earlier in the year, I was heartbroken but I am hoping this could be a potential replacement. This has a similar scent to Monsters' Ball and it smells like a Dib Dab. The scent is very citrus as you would expect from a bath bomb which is bright yellow. The idea is that this bath bomb is supposed to take you back to warm summer days. As much as I like summer, I am a Winter baby and much prefer warmer, cosy scents but at least they have thought about the people who love Summer during a time when they really don't get much attention. I don't really have much to say on this one as I am yet to use it but I can't wait to use it and see what happens. 

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar

Sparkly Pumpkin was also out last year however I did not buy it. I remember not liking the scent last year but this year I really loved it. I don't know why, maybe this year I am liking new things but it might actually be one of my favourite products this year. I was probably put off by the glitter as I'm not a massive fan of too much glitter. Just a word of warning for those of you who might not have used a Lush product with glitter before; it is a NIGHTMARE! It gets everywhere and it is hard to clean up. Even though the glitter isn't my favourite thing, I still think this looks beautiful and you can tell it is a Halloween product. There is an element to the scent I don't like and that would be the Juniper, Juniper is what gives Gin that sharp twang and personally I don't like Gin. In this scent it is mellowed by citrus notes which is what I love about it. I'm glad I bought this one as it is now an iconic bubble bar for Lush.

Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar

Building on the popularity of the Sparkly Pumpkin, Lush have created a pink version this year. Pink Pumpkin is one of the only products from the Winter range that has a strong floral scent (other than Rose Jam.) The florals are Geranium and Jasmine which are both strong white florals. The Geranium gives it a green note so it is more earthy rather than being sweet like Rose or Peony. Floral scents aren't really something that is associated with Winter but in this case I think this is the perfect Winter floral. The colour is cute and it covered in pink glitter which makes me very happy. Both Sparkly Pumpkin and Pink Pumpkin have to be my favourite looking bath products, they stick to the theme of Halloween and you can easily tell what they are supposed to be. 

Bucks Fizz Body Conditioner

In my household we always have Bucks Fizz on Christmas morning so the idea of this body conditioner made me very happy. I didn't go in with the intention of buying a body conditioner but when I saw it I knew i had to have it. I know I love the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner but I hardly ever buy it as it is quite expensive for what it is. This is only a 100g tub and it was £8.95, This tiny tub will probably do about two weeks of showers which when you look at it like that it is quite expensive. Even though this is super expensive, the body conditioners are a lovely product. You apply them after you have washed your skin, leave it on for a few moments and wash it off. It can feel a bit thick on the skin but once you have towel dried, you no longer feel it and your skin is left feeling soft and you smell incredible. If I hadn't tried the body conditioner before I probably wouldn't have bought this as the concept would have scared me but honestly they are a lovely product. This smells like the most heavenly citrus concoction. I can't wait to give this a go in my shower. I do think I'm going to save this one for the lead up to Christmas as I can think of nothing better than smelling like this on Christmas day.

Saucy Snowcake Soap

This is a product which for the second year in a row has had a face lift. Two years ago, it was called Snowcake which was the original of this product and last year they changed the name to Snow Castle Soap and it had a different formula. This year it is called Saucy Snowcake and that is because it has a layer of Cranberry soap on top of the traditional Almond scent that Snowcake is known for. When I first started looking for this in store I couldn't see it and I was ready to loose my shit as this is a product I have bought every single year for a long time. Then I noticed Saucy Snowcake and I assumed it must have been the same thing. This years change is quite a big one. Not only does it have the cranberry layer but it also has cashew nuts in it which provide an additional form of exfoliation as the cranberries are also designed to do this. As well as the Benzoin Absolute which gives it the Almond smell, it has Rose Absolute as well so it has my two favourite scents in it. I feel like they have put the price of this soap up quite a lot this year but I guess it mirrors the rise in all of the prices. 

I don't know what has come over me but if you couldn't tell I have been loving the citrus scents. It must be the change in the climate but there are hardly any floral scents in these products. As I said I think this is my favourite Winter range ever, not only are the scents incredible but all of the bath products look cute. Lush have such a wonderful Winter range and somehow they manage to improve it every year. There are a few products I am sad to see were not taken through to this years range like: So White, I thought it had the most stunning scent and even though it wasn't the most visually appealing I loved the scent! It is also missing Peeping Santa and The Christmas Penguin which were both super cute bubble bars which were released for a number of years. Additionally I think they have changed the scent of Never Mind The Ballistics as this year it is very citrusy and I remember it smelling more sherbert last year. The launch of the Lush Winter products symbolises the start of Winter for me and the start of Christmas so it's time to get excited! If you want to see how I get on with some of these products follow me on twitter as I often post about what I'm using in my bath @SophaaRambles

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