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There are lots of companies who do it, I remember as a student a way of earning a little bit more money was by answering surveys. Possibly one of the most boring ways of getting money but it is easy. If you did a few you could get an additional £10 for your budget which at the time would have covered my night out. A survey for money isn't something which happens in the beauty industry, instead of money you are rewarded with a product which you review and keep. The company gets feedback and therefore can find the best way to market a product. Basically this is how PR works but on a smaller scale. Plus PR is high stakes. Brands send out lots of products but there is no guarantee that the blogger is going to talk about it or say good things about it. The growth in PR has happened alongside the rise of the blogger. It is something we are all made more aware of now but magazines have been receiving products for years with companies hoping they will be featured. Obviously there can be a money incentive but that is a story for a different day.

For a long time the world of publishing felt very exclusive and more private. However as the world has changed so has the magazine industry. Gone are the days when people would buy subscriptions and wait eagerly for the months style/beauty tips as the internet has made everything much more immediate. Magazines do not have the authority they once had so they have had to adapt to stay relevant.  For most people there needed to be more transparency to the publishing industry and both Glamour and Vogue have embraced this move. Both magazines are commissioned by Conde Nast (Rory goes for an interview with them in the new Gilmore Girls.) Vogue allowed us access through the BBC Two documentary, Absolutely Fashion which focused on their experience of putting the centenary issue together. I found the insight into the magazine fascinating and I'm glad they didn't make it all seem frivolous and unnecessary but showed the hard work that goes into each Vogue edition. I did feel like some of the narrative was a little bit naive but for the most part I thought it was good for anyone interested in the publication. Not only was the documentary a look into Vogue but so was Inside Vogue composed by the previous Editor-in-Chief Alexandra Shulman. The book is written in a diary format once again covering Alex's year of the centenary issue and ultimately her final year at Vogue. Fashion is a main feature throughout the book but oddly enough it doesn't feel like the main focus. It is more about her job as editor and also her home life. Fashion never feels like her main priority which I love as it shows the human side of such a high powered role. Both of these were huge steps for Vogue which previously had only been portrayed by outsiders with shows like Ugly Betty and The Devil Wears Prada making it seem elitist and snobby. Not only has Vogue worked to change its image but Glamour has made huge changes over recent months to appeal to readers. 

Something very interesting happened last week as Glamour announced they would only be releasing a magazine bi-annually and the majority of the magazine would be moved online with a focus being on beauty. This is a massive change especially for such a well known magazine. It could go either way. Personally I love magazines and I continue to buy them sticking to Vogue, Glamour and Elle. With one less magazine the readership will go to another helping them out. The problem with going online is the question of whether or not it is a little bit too late. With the beauty market being very over saturated will there be space for a magazine to move its way in when the popularity of blogging has already started moving toward Youtube. Would a magazine have as much of a readership online when you can already get the content somewhere else? However this move allows them to respond more immediately to current trends which will work in their favour.

As well as moving the magazine online, Glamour have created the Glamour Beauty Club, where you can sign up to receive free samples. In a way it gives you the opportunity to live the life of an editor and receive your own little PR. My dream is to one day be a Beauty Editor and on a small scale I can now live that life through the Glamour Beauty Club and my blog. I've always wanted to sign up to one of these types of programmes however a lot of them are based on your social media and how much 'influence' you have. The Glamour Beauty Club has opened up to anyone and it is completely free. When you first sign up they say they are trying to create a community. I love this idea as it could make it an easy way to see reviews and to discuss beauty with like minded people.

How does the Glamour Beauty Club work? You sign up and when you sign up you fill out a questionnaire based on your beauty likes and dislikes and build your beauty profile. The questions range from what skin type you are to what you look for in products and so on. Once you've created your profile and filled everything out you get an email confirming you are a member. Then you wait! When they have a sample they think you will enjoy, based on your profile, they send you an email offering you the sample. The email also tells you a little bit about the product. I signed up back in July and I was offered my first sample in September so I had quite a long wait for something to come in that they thought I would like. However when I did get the email they completely nailed the product. They offered me a sample of the new Chanel Gabrielle Perfume. If you read my New Perfume Launches post you will know I had been testing this perfume out anyway and I completely fell in love with it but now I have been given the opportunity to have an actual sample! I mean Glamour must know I am a classy bitch so they offered me the ultimate in luxury, something from Chanel. 

When you get the email you have to order a sample, they don't automatically send one out and it does depend on whether or not they have stock left. I ordered mine the moment I got the email. I waited for some form of confirmation but I didn't receive any so I wasn't sure if I was going to get a sample. About a week later there was an envelope waiting for me and it was my sample! It felt like Christmas morning. I don't know why I felt so excited about a sample but I just love trying new products. I eagerly opened it to see what was inside and there was note from Alessandra and the sample. The sample is a standard Chanel sample which is 1.5ml which is actually bigger than the average samples you receive on counter for other brands. This allows you to really test the perfume and see if you like it.

I guess we should take a look at the perfume itself. As I said I already knew I loved this perfume but through using the sample I was able to wear it for a few days and really test it out to see if I want to buy it. The perfume itself is the first new launch from Chanel in 15 years. All of the perfumes they have released in this time have all been diffusion lines of perfumes they already make like No5 L'Eau which was supposed to be the younger, fresher version of No5; Or Chance Eau Vive which was part of the Chance range. Chanel fragrances are iconic, even if you haven't owned one I'm sure someone you know does. Both No5 and Coco Mademoiselle have become a right of passage for any woman. For me these scents symbolise the bolder women in my life and they give me something to aspire to. I don't feel quite ready to embody the power of either of these scents. Even though I have a bottle of Coco Mademoiselle as I love the scent, I don't wear it very often but I will on days I want to feel like a Girl Boss.

Gabrielle seems like a younger version of a classic Chanel scent. It has that rich base to the scent which makes it quintessentially Chanel but it has a softness and a liveliness which injects youth. The fragrance contains notes of:
  • Top note: Mandarin and Grapefruit
  • Heart note: Tuberose, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine and Orange Blossom
  • Base note: Sandalwood and Musk
The citrus top note keeps this perfume fresh and softens the very floral heart note. The heart note is made up of white florals which are all balanced so none of the notes are overly dominant which can happen with such heady florals, especially Tuberose. If you ask someone what sort of scents they do not like quite often they say musky scents. Usually it isn't actually the Musk they don't like as it doesn't have a strong scent, it provides an effect. Musks help to amplify the qualities of the notes which come before it so it is another note you don't like. When people say musk they usually mean a more woody, earthy note which in this fragrance would be the Sandalwood. Personally I like the Sandalwood in this scent as it gives a good amount of depth and it balances out the strong florals in the scent. This perfume is perfect for Autumn as it is not too sweet but it has floral elements. 

My only problem with the scent is how long it wears for. Some scents will last a long time as they suit your skin but others will be gone in an hour. This fragrance seems to only smell for a few hours but I can't tell if it is because I have gotten used to it or because it has worn off. Either way, I like to know I am wearing perfume so I like to know people can still smell it. 

After having the sample for just over a week an email popped into my inbox asking for my review of the product. I really didn't want it to be a long questionnaire and luckily it wasn't. There were only around 6 questions. Some of them were 'Out of 5 how much did I enjoy the fragrance,' 'Would I recommend it to a friend,' and 'Would I buy it?' I had a very positive experience with the fragrance so obviously I gave it a glowing review. If I didn't like the product I would be happy to say so as you can probably tell from some of my previous posts. After I submitted it, it said thanks and that was it. My Chanel sample experience was over. 

Overall I would highly recommend joining the Glamour Beauty Club if like me you are a beauty addict. If you enjoy trying new products this is perfect and it is super easy to do. I love that the service is tailor made so they only suggest samples they think you will like and it does give you the option of not ordering a sample. This is only a new set up so there are some minor issues which aren't really problems but they would make the user experience slightly better. I would have liked a confirmation email just to know I would be getting a sample. Also there is no platform to sign in to so you can see your details or see reviews and such so there is no real physical site for it. However as I say these are only minor details. One thing I do really love about it is that they email you about the samples which makes them easy to order and allows you to see them quickly if you get the emails to your phone. I did have a problem where I was given the option of ordering a sample and the email found its way to my junk email instead of my inbox so I didn't see it until the next day. That is something to be wary of. Either way this is a great service and something I am already really enjoying. It allows me to try more products and possibly ones I wouldn't have tried otherwise. A few days ago I was sent a email about ordering my second sample and it was a product that I had wanted to try but didn't want to spend a lot of money on it, just in case I ended up not liking it so I was very excited to see the email come through. Once again I will write a blog post on that one but it will be more about the product rather than my experience as I assume it will be the same every time.

I heard about this as I follow Alessandra Steinherr on pretty much every social media platform as I think she is goals! I would like to thank her and the team she works with for setting this up and promoting it as it has given me a tiny experience of being a beauty editor. Thanks and I'm now coming for your job! 

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