Fashion Wishlist: A/W 2017

If you spend any time on the internet then you will undoubtedly see thousands of products being advertised whether it is through the ADs in the sidebar on a web page or through blog promotion. Every moment of everyday products are being sold to us. This means that as a culture we have become materialistic. Even though I complain about it, I know I am a part of the problem. That doesn't stop me from seeing things that I like and adding them my wishlist. If you don't have a wishlist a mile long then you have a lot more self control than I do.

At the moment my wishlist just keeps growing and I have my eye on quite a few different pieces that would be perfect for the Autumn season. I surprised myself by liking some of these pieces as they are very trend lead rather than being a classic item but I wanted to share with you the items I am currently loving. If I somehow won the lottery, even though I don't play, these are the items I would immediately go out and buy. 

Saint Laurent T-Shirt

At the moment I have a big love for everything that Saint Laurent have been doing and my fashion wishlists regularly feature at least one Saint Laurent item. However they have always been accessories, now it is the turn of their clothing. It is very rare that I would take a look at the clothing of a designer brand purely because I can not justify spending that much on clothes but I couldn't help myself when I saw this top. I originally saw Sam from Pixiwoo wear this in one of her live Instastories and I fell in love with it immediately. I took to the internet just to see how much it was and I was not surprised by the £215 price tag that awaited me.

The reason I loved this top so much is the fact that it is simple but it plays into the logo trend without being too over the top. I know everyone has been loving some of the Gucci and Dior tops which have the brand names in a massive logo but for me I like something more simple. After looking on Net-a-Porter I pretty much loved every piece of clothing Saint Laurent makes, Anthony Vaccarello has done such an amazing job of taking over the brand from Hedi Slimane and has taken the brand in a direction that I can appreciate. The brand has definitely marketed itself for younger clientele with stars being a common motif, a lot of leather and a lot of glitter.

Gucci Loafers

Picture from Pinterest 
Speaking of Gucci they are another fashion house who have done a successful reinvention of the brand, all thanks to Alessandro Michele who pretty much turned the brand around. With the simple change to the logo and some very clever bag designs Gucci has come back into the mainstream after dying off for a while. Like Saint Laurent, Gucci have featured a lot in my previous wishlists. The first item that went on my wishlist was the Gucci Blooms Dionysus Bag, at the time they were £990 but they have since gone up a lot in price due to the demand. 

Gucci are very well known for their Loafers and the brand can be thanked for bringing the trend back. For such a long time I never understood why they were loved by everyone and I especially did not understand the ones with the fur on the back but one day I looked at them and I just got it. Randomly I think I saw pictures of Louise Rednapp, who I must admit is not someone I often look to for fashion, but she had styled them very simply with jeans and a pull over and it just looked like something I would wear. After I had seen them styled like this I fell in love and I have been lusting after a pair ever since. Unfortunately I feel like the time to have a pair has past but I still love the look of them.

Balmain Dress

Picture from Net-A-Porter
The Christmas party has been announced in my work place and it is a black tie event so of course I have been searching the internet for something to wear. It is never too early to start looking and I need to make sure I won't be wearing the same as someone else. Just remember the closer you get, the more people start looking for a dress and you are more likely to be wearing the same dress as someone else. My dream dress for the party would be the Balmain x H&M Velvet Mini Dress which I was desperate to get at the time but could not battle my way through the online waiting system to get one. The best thing about that dress was that I could probably afford it but that has been and gone seasons ago. In a very unrealistic attempt to find a dress I found myself on Net-a-Porter looking at the dresses I wish I could be wearing. I found myself looking at the Balmain dresses and I found my perfect dress! Even though it might be a little much for the work Christmas party I am all about dressing up and being that little bit extra and this dress is extra and some. It is sexy, structured and smart which is everything I like in my evening wear plus it would pair perfectly with my Valentino Rockstuds. Now I guess I just need to find a casual £2200 to spend on it.

Kenzo Jumper

Picture from Selfridges
I think this jumper could possibly be one of the more practical items that will ever feature on my wishlist. Plus it is possibly one of the only items I could actually afford and justify buying on my wishlist. I've always wanted one and whenever I walk through Harvey Nichols I always take a look at the jumper selection. Once again this plays into the logo trend but this is a jumper style that Kenzo have been making for years. It was the one item I was hoping to get when Kenzo did a collection with H&M last year but I didn't like the design as much as I like the normal Kenzo jumpers. A good jumper is a staple in my wardrobe so this would be a solid purchase. I could pair it with a pair of jeans for a more casual look or tuck it into my leather skirt and look a little bit more dressed up. Now I just need to convince my bank balance to let me buy one.

Prada Cahier Bag

Picture from Net-A-Porter
This bag is sort of like the Gucci Loafers in the way, I saw them and at first I didn't like them. The first time I saw this bag was actually on Fleur De Force's Instagram. When I first saw it I couldn't understand how anyone could want it but the more I've seen it on social media the more I have fallen in love with it. Plus I saw this biscuit colour on Lydia Millen's Instagram and after seeing the way she styled it I thought it was one of the most beautiful bags I had ever seen. The design is basic but the little details are what makes it so special. I love the gold hard wear giving it the looks of being old, decadent and it has a very Italian look about it. The design looks like it has been taken off of an old painting or building. I have been loving this style of small, boxy, over the shoulder bags. Even though the Summer months are truly behind us now, I feel like it would be prefect for this time of year with a leather skirt and boots. I like two styles of this bag: I like the more classic beige/biscuit shade but I also love the Astrology version as well. I think the detail is beautiful and it reminds me of a Saint Laurent bag I loved around this time last year.

Coach x Selena Gomez Grace Bag

Picture from Harvey Nichols
Oh what a treat, the second bag of the post. What can I say I am most definitely a sucker for a good bag! I have completely fallen for this bag to the extent that I have been trying to find money to put towards it. When I went to Bristol Fashion Week a section they did was entitled 'Red' and as you can probably guess it included a lot of red. Red as a colour is something I shy away from. As a natural red head, it doesn't go with the copper tones within my hair but this seasons trend of having it as a pop of colour is something I can get behind. When I first saw this bag I loved it and the more I see it especially styled by people like In The Frow, the more I want it. I think it would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe and it is the exact style of bag I like. This did catch my attention because it is a collaboration with Selena Gomez who is one of my fashion icons but I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I would. 

If I like something I tend to like it straight away as I know the pieces I like for my wardrobe but some of these items have grown on me rather than being an instant hit. I have to say I do think the Coach x Selena Gomez bag has to be my favourite out of all of the items but do let me know what you are loving this month over on twitter @SophaaRambles

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