Estee Lauder: Skincare Haul

When you first enter the world of beauty, it is easy to be lured in by the instant appeal that makeup has. When you apply make up you see the results instantly and let's face it, make up is fun to play around with. Plus when you are younger you have a better canvas to work on. Before you start complaining and rolling your eyes, I know I am only 24 which isn't old but the reality is that I am starting to show signs of ageing and I'm seeing changes within my skin. I am more susceptible to dry skin and fine lines have started to emerge, mostly because I frown too much. These changes are a subtle signal for the start of ageing. Unfortunately ageing is something we cannot avoid. Even if you had all the fillers and botox in the world, there is nothing you can do about your hands nor your neck. Plus your hormone levels change so you eventually lose the elasticity and freshness within your face. All we can do is aid the ageing so it happens more gracefully and this is done through skincare.

Estee Lauder create some of the best skincare on the market and their Advanced Night Repair is now iconic. The range has grown quite a lot over the years but the Advanced Night Repair Serum is the best seller from the range. I've been using Advanced Night Repair for years and it is now a staple in my skincare routine. One thing that I think is unclear about this product is what the ingredients are and what it is specifically designed for. It is spoken about by a lot of people but no one really ever seems to pinpoint any real details. Advanced Night Repair is really an anti-ageing serum which as it says on the Estee Lauder website 'Reveals a smoother, more radiant, younger look. Wake up to more beautiful looking skin every day.' As it is used during the night when your skin is repairing and renewing it helps to prompt and maximise the skin renewal. I have to admit I consider my night time routine much more than I do my day time routine. This is because I know I am going to get the best results during the night as it gives longer for the product to sink in without being too disrupted. 

When I first bought Advanced Night Repair, I had heard so many wonderful things about it but I had no idea how to use it. At the time I didn't use a serum so I didn't know if it need to go before or after my moisturiser. I assumed it would be before my moisturiser but after I had cleansed, and it turns out that is exactly how you use it. I have since learnt that whatever goes onto your skin first after you have cleansed has the greatest effect to your skin as it is going directly onto the skin. This makes it important to use a good product if it is going to be the one that has the greatest effect and it also makes it important to pick one that is going to have the most benefit to your skin type. For example if you are dry it is worth using a hydrating serum as that is going to work the best on you. When I found this out, it gave me a little bit more knowledge about moisturisers as well. I always assumed a moisturiser was designed to penetrate the skin to hydrate it however it actually works as a barrier so that the moisturise in your skin doesn't come out. Who knew. After finding this out it made more sense that a serum would sink in to the skin rather than a moisturiser. As Advanced Night Repair is used closest to my skin, it will have the biggest effect and then anything I add on top will be diluted. I use this every night so I don't see a difference in my skin every night.

The only time I really see a difference is when I don't use it, like if I go on holiday. As the bottle isn't the most travel friendly I do not take it with me as I worry it will break and I do not want to waste £50 of serum. Therefore it does not come with me and by the time I am back in the UK I really do see a difference in the quality of my skin. The dry patches around the bottom of my nose seem to come back and my skin looks less radiant. However when I go on my holidays next year I will have a solution to this which I will tell you about later.

From a product which is a complete hero product, to something I have never tried before. I already know I love Estee Lauder skincare so I thought I would treat myself to some of their eye masks. I've heard so much about the Advanced Night Repair foil mask and the corresponding eye patches and I have been longing to try them but they are really expensive! Very kindly the sales assistant who was helping me suggested I tried the Stress Relief masks as they are cheaper and they would be better for what I need. My under eyes are always dry no matter what I do and I look permanently tired. I sleep loads but there is always the need for more! The stress relief masks are designed to combat the look of tiredness and dryness so they seemed perfect for what I need. A pack of 10 pairs was £29 which doesn't seem cheap but when you consider how much it is per pair that is only £2.90 which is a lot cheaper than any of the other eye masks I like. For example the Soap and Glory ones I like are £3.50 so the Estee Lauder ones are still cheaper.

Not only are they a good price when you really consider how much you get but I really enjoy using them. They contain ingredients like Aloe Vera and Cucumber which are known for soothing the skin and providing moisture to combat the fatigue. They come in a little plastic packet similar to the Soap and Glory masks so you just take them out and apply them. It doesn't matter which side you apply as it is made from fabric and both sides are soaked in what feels like a lotion rather than a serum. You leave them for 10 minutes and by then my under eyes have soaked up every ounce of moisture in the pad, that's how badly I need to use them. I tap in the little bit of remaining serum and my under eyes look less puffy but hydrated. When I wake up the next morning my concealer applies very smoothly. I was actually really impressed as I thought because they were a cheaper item maybe they wouldn't be as good but I really enjoy using them. If you are looking for some eye masks but nothing too heavy these are worth checking out. 

The whole reason I bought a second item was because Estee Lauder had a gift with purchase at the time. All you had to was buy two products and one has to be a foundation or a piece of skincare. As I was buying my Advanced Night Repair I had already qualified, all I needed was a second item. Lets face it, I wasn't short of products to choose from. However I am always on the hunt for good sheet masks so I wanted to try some of the Lauder ones. Estee Lauder always do good gift with purchase products so I didn't want to miss out and this time there was a choice between a make up set or a skincare set. There are pieces from the Estee Lauder make up collection that I absolutely love and swear by like the Little Black Primer but some of it doesn't really interest me. As you may have noticed by the growth in posts about skincare on my blog, I am trying to improve my regime so based on this I picked the skincare gift with purchase. Plus I had my eye on two items that I really wanted. 

The key items I wanted were the mini Advanced Night Repair products; both the serum and the eye cream. I think you can already tell how much I love the Advanced Night Repair Serum but I am unable to travel with it because I'm scared to break the bottle so the mini version in this set will be perfect for my holidays next year. I was also excited to see a sample size of the eye cream as have you ever looked for a mini eye cream to take on holiday with you? They are impossible to find so you end up taking a standard size which you most definitely do not need. Also I am beyond excited to try it, this has been on my product wishlist for a while and now I can try it before I buy it.

Other than the Advanced Night Repair products I haven't tried a massive amount of the Estee Lauder skincare. I am excited to try the Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam cleanser which comes in this set as I get through cleansers quite quickly and I am always looking for something that can revival my love of the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. The next item in the set is the Revitalizing Supreme Anti Aging Mask Boost. I have no idea what it is but you use it the same way as the Origins Ginzing Face Mask. You apply it to the skin and let it skin in and after a certain amount of time, you tissue the excess off. I haven't tried it yet but I will let you know how I get on with it.

There were two make up items in the skincare bag and one was a lipstick in the shade Never Enough. It is quite a bright pink so personally I won't use this one but the texture of the lipstick is nice which I would expect with any Estee Lauder product. The second item is one I have used before and it is the Sumptuous Extreme Mascara which when Estee Lauder first launched it everyone said it was the same as the Tom Ford Extreme Mascara. I used the Tom Ford mascara for years so I had high hopes that this would be similar but personally I think they are quite different. I can see why people would say they are the same as the wands are very similar but I find they give a different effect. The Estee Lauder mascara gives thinner, more extended lashes whereas the Tom Ford mascara gives bold, thick lashes. I will use this sample but it isn't my favourite mascara.

Overall I really love the products I have tried from the Estee Lauder skincare range and I look forward to trying more for their collection. If you are looking to try some products I cannot recommend the Advanced Night Repair range enough. They are some of my favourites and they truly do work.

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