Battle of the Lip Kits: Kylie Cosmetics vs. Barry M

This post has been a long time coming, I have been testing two Lip Kits for a long time judging every pro and con I could find. Not only is this a battle of two different brands but it is also a battle of high end vs. drugstore. It is a question I ask myself a lot, is luxury make up really worth it or does the mindset that I have spent more on it make the product seem better? The product in question is the humble lip kit, a product that at one point reached hysteria but the hype is starting to die down as people prefer something that doesn't make your lips super dry so they resemble a butt hole. Even though other people have been put off, I am still loving liquid lipsticks and I try pretty much every one I see. A while ago the Barry M Lip Kits were launched and I bought one. The whole time I was trying it, I couldn't help but wonder how it would compare to the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits which are really what made the lip kit trend so famous. A few months later I actually treated myself to 4 of the Kylie Cosmetics' lip kits and I am now finally ready to share my opinions and comparisons.

As I said when I bought the Kylie Lip Kits I bought 4 but for the sake of comparison I have decided to compare Candy K as it is the most similar shade to the Barry M Lip Kit in the shade Go To. There are many types of liquid lipsticks but the two in these lip kits are the standard definition; they both start quite liquid with a lot of movement but they both dry down completely matte so they are super dry. Not everyone loves this formula but I do as long as my lips have been prepped.

Let's not get too ahead of ourselves though, these lip kits aren't just made up of a liquid lipstick, they also contain a lip liner. The reason I love lip kits is because they eliminate the need to search for a matching lip liner to go with a lipstick which sometimes can be a struggle. The lip liner creates the base for the lipstick to sit on which is very important especially for a formula as dry as a liquid lipstick. It also allows you to create the size and shape of your lips which is amazing if you want them to look fuller. In addition I find my lipstick lasts better with a liner underneath. There are quite a few differences between the two lip liners in each kit but the key difference is the texture.

There are so many Kylie lip kit reviews in the world and there seems to be one thing that everyone can agree on, the lip liners are incredible. They are super creamy which makes them easy to use, they cover a large area and they are super pigmented. They are potentially some of my favourite liners. On the other hand you have the pencil which comes with the Barry M sets. The pencil is no comparison to the Kylie formula. It is very stiff but it is pigmented. The problem is you have to push down quite hard to get it to work and leave the pigment. As it is so hard to put the colour down it doesn't make a very good outer lip line and can end up looking uneven. Overall they are a bit like the MAC pencils but more tough which I don't really like. I use my Kylie lip pencils with other lipsticks because they are so good. I would honestly consider buying them on their own because they are so good.

There really isn't much to say about a lip liner so I'm going to move on to the liquid lipstick. Candy K is lighter than Go To so they are by no means a dupe but it is the closest colour I have. I know I said earlier that both of these are very liquid when you first apply them opposed to a more moussey texture like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks. However the Barry M liquid lipstick feels more liquid and it does feel as if it would bleed. It doesn't for the most part, only a little around the corner of your lips if you aren't careful. The Kylie version is only a tiny bit thicker but it is enough that it feels more secure once it has been applied. As the Barry M lip kit is more liquid it does take longer to dry down which isn't a problem but you have to make sure you don't smudge it.

Once they have dried down so they are completely matte, they both look dry which is the nature of a matte liquid lipstick. However the Barry M liquid lipstick looks more dry on the lips and it seems to be more exaggerated but I'm not sure if that is because it is slightly darker. Also I think the creaminess of the lip pencil in the Kylie kit helps it to not look as dry. Whereas with the Barry M kit, the pencil is already dry so when you apply the liquid lipstick over the top there is no buffer.

In terms of staying power I think they are pretty even. They both last a long time but both have different issues. The Kylie liquid lipstick does not reapply very well, the first time you reapply it, it looks fine but the second time sends you into cake territory and if you have any dry patches they start to flake off. I don't have the same problem with the Barry M liquid lipstick, I find I can apply it and it never feels cakey nor looks patchy. My problem with the Barry M lip kit is that if you eat or drink it doesn't look like a liquid lipstick, it ends up looking like more of a stain so the colour isn't as bold meaning you do have to reapply it. This isn't to say that the pigmentation is bad, the pigmentation of both lipsticks is really good. The formula of each lipstick just dries differently so you have to work out which you would prefer.

One thing that divides people about the Kylie lip kits is the smell. The smell is rather strong and it is super sweet so not everyone likes it. To me they smell like Strawberry shortcake/milkshake, I like the smell but I just wish it wasn't so strong. The Barry M kit does not have a sweet smell in fact the smell it has isn't overly strong. It has a slight chemical smell but you can't expect much else from a drugstore product.

Considering the Barry M lip kit is a fraction of the price, it is definitely worth the money which I can't say the same of in regards to the Kylie lip kits. I really like the Kylie lip kits but are they worth $29? They are good but not that good, you are paying for the name. Kylie does beat Barry M in terms of shade range. The shade range for the Barry M lip kits is shocking, currently there are only 6 shades which does not even compare to the amount that Kylie now makes. I do think in terms of formula that the Kylie lip kit is better so it does pay to spend a little bit more money. Even though I do prefer the Kylie lip kits, they are so hard to buy in the UK that I most definitely will not be buying anymore. The Barry M lip kit is a good alternative for any of you who struggle to get the Kylie Cosmetics lip kit, just bare in mind you do need to be slightly more careful with them and I would just bin that liner! 

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