Battle of the Brow Gels: Benefit Vs. Soap and Glory

A few weeks ago I misplaced my brow gel and prior to this I never realised how important it is to my untamed, bushy brows. Yes that's right, I haven't had my brows done in a while so they are looking a little bit like hairy caterpillars at the moment. Even though I hate when I haven't found the time to get them shaped, I have to say I am blessed with my brows. When I was younger my mother always told me not to touch my brows, at the time I couldn't understand why, but now I know. Thankfully due to my mothers instructions, I never went through the thin brow phase which has come in handy in recent years. However this has not come without its struggles. There is a fine line between a bushy brow and a untamed beast and my brows are definitely bordering on the latter. A brow gel is an essential for when it has been a while since I have visited Blink Brow Bar as it helps to shape my brows and keep them in place. 

Whenever anyone thinks of brows, the brand that springs to mind is Benefit. They have a very extensive brow range which covers every product you will ever need for your brows and for the most part they all come highly recommend from pretty much every beauty blogger. Benefit were always my brow brand of choice however it is crazy expensive. I've made no secret of my love for their Gimme Brow. I've used it for years and I never thought I would find anything that would compare. However Soap and Glory have been killing it with their brow products. I remember when they launched their make up range and it only consisted of a couple of brow pencils. Over the years as their make up range has expanded so has the brow collection and now they have pretty much everything you need to get your brows on fleek. (Yes I did just say fleek like it is 2015) I've spoken about the Archery Brow Pencils quite a few times over the years but when I was repurchasing the 2 in 1 Brow Filling Pencil and Brush I noticed that they do a Brow Gel. When I noticed the brow gel I immediately checked the brush and I was thrilled to find it was a small wand like Gimme Brow. The whole reason I love Gimme Brow so much is because of the small brush. After seeing the small wand I had high hopes for the Archery Volu-boost Gel and really wanted it to be a competitor for the title of my favourite brow gel. 

Last time I bought Gimme Brow I couldn't believe how much it was, £20 for a tiny brow gel! It does seem a little extreme especially when it is something you have to repurchase so often. I have been on the hunt for something cheaper for a while but all of the brow gels I looked at had larger wands resembling a mascara wand. Also It seems that a lot of brands would prefer a strange shaped wand rather than just going for a smaller wand. Anything bigger than Gimme Brow is going to be way to big for my small face and my brows which is why a small brush is so essential. 

Soap and Glory create some of my favourite brow products but how does the Volu-Boost compare to the Gimme Brow? At the end of the day a brow gel, is a brow gel. You can't really go wrong with any but that doesn't mean you can't like one more than another. The key differences between the two brow gels are: the wand, the colour and the actual formula, so basically everything. The most important component of a brow gel is the wand. Even though the Soap and Glory wand is fundamentally the same, there are subtle differences that make me prefer Gimme Brow. The wand is a tiny bit smaller which allows Gimme Brow to really get into the hairs and position them without leaving gel all over my face. As it is smaller, it also doesn't pick up quite as much product. The Soap and Glory wand picks up way too much so if you don't wipe off the excess, you end up with gel streaks through your brows. You never know streaky brows could become a trend but for my everyday look I would rather not. Basically you have to be more careful with the Volu-Boost gel as it can get everywhere and careful isn't something I consider myself whilst I am doing my brows. I like to be able to do them as quickly as I can before I leave the house as they are the last step in my make up routine. With Gimme Brow there is a sense of ease. 

Not only is the wand a bit of a problem but also the shade. I have shade 3 in Gimme Brow whilst my Volu-Boost is in the shade Talk of the Brownie. I usually go for the brunette shade as my brows are darker than my natural hair colour and I like to keep this darkness within my brows even if my hair is getting lighter every time I go to the hairdressers. Shade 3 in Gimme Brow is a cool toned brown. It's very simple and it matches my brows perfectly. For some reason Soap and Glory have created a brow gel which leans more towards a warm tone. Even though hardly anyone has warm toned brows naturally. I am a red head and even I don't have warm brows even though literally everything else about my complexion is warm. If I don't have warm brows then not many people can but you do this brow gel is perfect. For me, this just isn't a very good shade unfortunately. Especially in comparison to Gimme Brow. However with a deep brown pencil to counteract the warmth of the brow gel this is something that can be worked with.

After looking at the brush and the shade the only thing left to look at is the actual formula. It is hard to get a brow gel formula wrong. The only thing I don't like to happen with my brow gel is when they can sometimes make your brows feel crispy. No one wants to look like they are peeling or as if they have brow dandruff. That is more of a problem with clear brow gels but the Soap and Glory gel does have that crispy feeling when it has dried. Luckily unless someone starts rubbing your brows they would never know as it doesn't look crispy. The only problem with the gel is that if you apply too much product it is hard to brush out and once it has dried you've had it. You will have crispy, patchy brows for the rest of the day. You definitely need to be more careful when applying this. In comparison Gimme Brow doesn't make your brows crispy but you can feel it when you touch your brows. More product does come out when the tube is quite new so you do have to make sure to take any excess product off before applying it.

If you could not tell, I have a definite favourite between the two. There is a reason Gimme Brow costs so much more. I do have to stress the Soap and Glory brow gel isn't bad, it will keep your brows in place and it will make them look fuller. You just need to know how to work with it. I've always thought that high end products are easier to use and you don't have to know different techniques to apply them. Whereas with drugstore products, as the formulas aren't as good, some of the products can be harder to work with. If you are a genuine make up artist you could be fine but for newbies like me the struggle can be real. 

I guess for me it comes down to price. Would I be happy to spend £20 on a Gimme Brow for ease. Or am I so against spending that much that I would spend £10 and just have to work harder with the product? Really it depends on how much money I've already spent that month. If I've had bit of a wild one and all of my disposable income has gone, I'm obviously going to buy the Soap and Glory Brow Gel. It is not a bad product, it works perfectly fine it just takes that little bit more time to perfect. If it is the start of the month and my money has just come in, I'm going to be taking my ass to my closest Benefit counter and treating myself! If you are looking for an alternative to Gimme Brow then the Volu-Boost brow gel is the most comparable brow gel I've found. It works perfectly fine as long as you are happy to work with it a little bit more and as long as you can find a shade to suit you. 

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