Sunday Facial: Skin Meltdown

Skincare is something that has previously been neglected in my life. I never really thought of it as important which could not be rather way from the truth. Don't get me wrong I've always used it but I didn't really consider what I was actually using. Recently I have been making a conscious effort to upgrade my skincare regime. As I am getting older it is something I am considering more and more as even though aging is something you can't stop it is something that you can aid. Additionally my favourite beauty editor, Alessandra Steinherr from Glamour Magazine is a skincare oracle and I love her weekly Sunday Facial. Inspired by her weekly posting on Instagram I have previously written a Sunday Facial post and I thought I would do a round 2. 

This time my Sunday Facial is dedicated to getting my skin back on track. On this particular Sunday I was having a bad hormonal breakout across my chin and I had lost luminosity which made me look worn out. This Sunday facial is dedicated to getting my skin back on track, these products are ones I use when my skin is having a meltdown. I like this routine as I find it helps to really clean my skin but then put moisture back in so my skin isn't left feeling dry. 

I started off by making sure that my skin was fully cleansed, getting rid of any dirt or oil which could have been lingering. It is rare I would need to take my make up off on a Sunday as I don't tend to wear any, therefore I did not need to factor in removing make up. The cleanser I used to start off my double cleanse was The Super Balm from The White Company. This is no where near my all time favourite cleanser, it is just the one I am using at the moment. The small skincare range The White Company have was created alongside Deciem who are currently skincare giants. They are a skincare mother brand who make good products for a low price, you have probably heard of The Ordinary which is one of their more well known brands. This cleanser is not cheap at £25 but it works so I continue to use it. It comes out like a lotion but once it has warmed up it melts into an oil. It takes off all of my make up but it also leaves your face feeling clean without feeling stripped. I like it but not enough to repurchase it after I've finished the tube. 

After removing The Super Balm with a hot cloth, I apply the Shu Uemera Cleansing Oil, I use three pumps and add a small amount of water just so there is movement in the oil. To fully cleanse I use the oil with my Foreo Play. I use the Foreo Play with the Shu Uemera oil as the Shu Uemera oil can be mixed with water so you can get quite a bit of movement from it which makes it better than cream cleanser.The Foreo Play is a sonic cleanser which has a limited life span of 100 uses. The sonic waves help to cleanse the skin without being as abrasive as a traditional brush cleanser like the Clarisonic. I do always notice the difference in my skin after using the Foreo Play and I'm contemplating buying the full size. I use the Foreo Play for 15 seconds moving it around the different parts of my face. I tend to start with my right cheek for 15 seconds and move around to my forehead for 15 seconds and so on. Once that's done I wash off all of the oil and my skin feels very soft and looks more glowy. 

Once my face has been cleansed I then apply my toner. I would potentially use an acid toner at this time but as we are still in the warmer months and the sun is still out I don't like to use acid toners as they make your skin more sensitive to UV Rays. In this case I used the Liz Earle Skin Tonic which I used last time. It refreshes the skin whilst soothing it which is what I need when my face is having a break out. 

If the rest of my skin is looking dull then my under eyes are even worse. I can end up looking like I haven't slept for months. I get dark circles and my eye area becomes quite dry. To combat this I use under eye masks when I'm not using a sheet mask. Usually I use the Soap and Glory Eye Patches as they are easily found in the UK but this particular time I thought I would treat myself to some of the Sephora Eye Masks which are my ultimate favourites. I used a packet of the Rose Eye Masks which are ultra moisturising and brightening. Unlike the Soap and Glory patches which are made of a jelly these Sephora ones are made of a Lyocell fibre which is covered in the rose serum. There isn't a specific side you have to use, you can apply an old side and leave them for 20 minutes. I find most of the serum has been absorbed and my eyes look brighter. Once I have applied the masks I apply my face mask around them. 

In my first Sunday Facial I used a sheet mask however as I am trying to ease a breakout the last thing I want to do is put a sheet mask over spots as a sheet mask is a breeding ground for bacteria. Instead I opt for a traditional clay mask and I love the L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks. I use all three on different areas of my face depending on what I need. I know L'Oreal have launched two new masks to the collection but I am yet to give them a try. Anyway I start with the Detox Mask on any areas where there is a spot (mostly my chin,) and a little bit on my forehead where I also have a few spots. The key ingredient in this mask is Charcoal which is why I use it on my more spotty areas as Charcoal helps to draw out impurities. Over the rest of my T-Zone and around the Detox mask I use the Purity Mask which is probably the mask I have used the most. It helps to draw out impurities which is the same as the Detox Mask but it is slightly kinder on the skin as it has Eucalyptus in it which helps to cleanse but soothe at the same time. Everywhere else I use the Glow mask which has exfoliating beads in it to help rejuvenate the skin and give it a glow which i always need one the outer parts of my face. Once applied, I leave it to dry for 15 minutes and wash it off ready for my next section.

Briefly I go back in with my Liz Earle Skin Tonic once I've removed the mask with water just to make sure every scrap of the mask has been removed and just to refresh my face. Once my face has dried I apply my beloved Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair which is a product I use religiously every night. I've been using it for so long that on a day-to-day basis I don't see a difference. The only time I really notice a difference is when I don't use it. I find this helps my moisturiser to do its job better and it is one of my hero products. For the most part I don't use this for its immediate effects I use this to help in the long run, this is an amazing anti-aging product so it is worth every penny.

Once I've applied my ANR it's time to get moisture back into my skin. I start with an eye cream and of course I am using my Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment which I've harped on about way too much recently but it works wonders. It is quite a thick cream but it really works to hydrate the eye area. I won't go on about this too much but I have been seriously impressed by this eye cream. To moisturise the rest of my face I use the Superfacialist by Una Brennan Rose Night Cream. Rose being a key ingredient in any of my skincare regimes as it is moisturising and hydrating. This isn't my favourite night cream but it is the one I have at the moment. It feels more like a gel formula rather than a cream. It has a cooling effect which is lovely when it is hot, like it was on the weekend I did this facial. As it feels more like a gel it isn't as thick as a cream so if you are someone how likes quite a light night cream this could be a good option. 

After all this, I go to bed in hopes that I am going to wake up with perfect skin. Obviously this doesn't happen but it certainly helps to get rid of those pesky spots. When fighting spots it is important to remember, some products designed to fight spots are drying so they get rid of the spot but it can cause dry skin and worsen any redness you already have. This means it is important to keep the rest of your skin hydrated. Unfortunately spots are something all of us have to deal with but this is a way of easing them for me. I hope you enjoyed this second Sunday Facial and let me know if you want another Sunday Facial @SophaaRambles 

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