Sanctuary Spa: Wet Skin Moisture Miracle

There are two kinds of people in this world, some absolutely love applying a body lotion or cream and those who cannot think of a worse task. For me I fall into the first category. I am one of those weridos who makes the time to give myself a little moment of pampering everyday. I treasure the small amount of time as an occasion I can look after myself and not worry about others, even if my day is looking pretty hectic. I must admit some days the thought of putting a cream on and waiting for it to dry really puts me off but that is my own fault because I am using the wrong product. I am happy to spend a little bit more on a product that i know won't take as long to sink in. On work days I don't have as much time to apply a cream so I use a lotion as it takes less time to sink in and it is slightly thinner making it easier to work with. Over the weekends I use a butter or cream; they are a lot more nourishing, thicker and more luxurious. As the summer is slowing leaving us, I am of course still fake tanning and there is nothing more important than keeping your skin hydrated to help your tan last longer. I've had the same bottle of Peach Body Lotion from The Body Shop that I have been trying to use up for years which I am actually coming to the end of. Other than that I mainly have Body Cremes from Jo Malone London and a Cocoa Butter one from The Body Shop which I don't actually like. However recently I was given the opportunity to try a new product and I could not wait to put it to the test.

I was offered the opportunity to try some of the Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle. Someone in my office receives products to give out at events to help get feedback on new products and asked if we wanted to try some and all we had to do was let her know our thoughts. Of course I jumped at the chance. No one in my work knows that I write this blog so they don't know the full extend of my love of beauty. When I said yes I didn't know what the product was going to be, I only knew it was from Sanctuary Spa which is a brand I know and love. When the lady gave us the product I couldn't be more thrilled. I absolutely love any moisturising product and I was highly intrigued by the concept of this product.

How it works is; you take your shower as you normally would but rather than instantly drying yourself, you apply this lotion and then towel dry. This is something quite different from any other product I have tried. Previously I have used a Body Conditioner from Lush which is probably the closest you get to this product. However with that one you apply it in the shower and wash it off. When I first read that you DO NOT wash it off, a number of things worried me: would it be greasy, would it actually do anything and how would it settle on my skin?

When I first squeezed some of this into my hand, I couldn't believe how thin this lotion is. A typical lotion can hold its own shape for the most part however this has the consistency of the Super Balm Cleanser from The White Company opposed to a lotion. This means that it spreads out quite a lot. As it is not thick it sinks in quickly and even before you towel dry you can't really feel it on the skin. I apply this everywhere apart from my face and my naughty bits. Once I have applied it to my body, I just use my towel and dry off. Once you have finished drying your skin it doesn't feel sticky nor greasy and more importantly it feels nourished. The lotion does contain avocado oil and apricot oil which are both great moisturising ingredients which is why it leaves your skin feeling so soft. My skin feels soft but not as soft as it would if I used a tradition lotion or cream. 

However I found this much easier to use as once you have towel dried you do not have to wait for the product to sink in, you are ready to go. This is why I have enjoyed using this product so much. I can use it before I go to work and not have to wait around for it to dry so I can put my clothes on. Plus it smells absolutely amazing. If you have ever used any Sanctuary Spa products then you know they have a classic scent which all the products smell of.  Personally I love this scent, it does smell like a Spa and it is most definitely relaxing. Also it reminds me of home as my mother always used Sanctuary products when I was younger. It claims to have a long lasting fragrance and I have to say I would agree, the scent does hold well but this isn't unusual for a mositurising product. If you find your fragrance doesn't last, using a lotion or a creme underneath will help as moisturised skin gives a scent something to hold on to. The scent molecules aren't given anything to hold on to, nor are they warmed up if they are on dry, dead skin. If it is on healthy skin, it gets more of the heat from your veins and the scent is radiated from you. I found the scent lasted for a good couple of hours and then I stopped noticing it as much. 

On the Boots website it says "This unique way of moisturising capitalises on skin’s peak hydration moment (when it’s wet) & is clinically proven to lock in double the hydration for instantly softer & smoother skin." Link to the page (Boots Sanctuary Spa.) I suppose the idea around this product is that it helps to retain the moisture usually lost when you towel dry. Personally I completely agree with everything that it claims, It does help to keep the skin moisturised, it does have a good scent which lasts a long time and it isn't greasy. It is easy to use and I have enjoyed the ease of getting ready in the morning. If you don't like moisturising because you have to wait for the product to sink in this could be the product to finally get you moisturising. I was given a few tubes of this so I am slowly making my way through them all (I even managed to get a few more tubes from another girl in the office who didn't even want to try it.) I have seen this on offer where it has gone to around £5 and I do think it is worth spending £5 on. Normally it is around £8 which isn't unreasonable but Boots do offers so often I would just keep an eye out for the offer.

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